God said:

The world you live in is a dream. Make it a good dream. Your dreams are coming true. You are your own dream coming true.

I see such a panorama before Me. It is whirling fast.

You have been feeling the whirling, the spinning, the helixes of life on the move.

The world is not staying the same, nor are you. The world is flowering right before your eyes, and you are flowering right before My eyes. You may not have kept up with yourself yet. You may be seeing yourself falling apart rather than coming together, but you are not broken. You are a new design being put together. Whirling in space, you are coming into your own. You may be feeling that you are being whipped into shape and perhaps roughly. Never mind. The centrifugal force will slow down and you will be stepping out of the time travel car you have been riding in.

You are entering a new dimension of life right where you belong. It may take some getting used to. When Cinderella moved into the palace, she had to learn her way around. At first it was strange. She had a lot to get used to. It took a while before she knew in her bones that she was a real and no longer had to think about it.

As for you, you have entered the vast Universe. The boundaries have faded. Yet you are not lost. You are found. You are finding your true nature and the nature of the world. You have entered the Promised . You are here. You have passed Go.

You made a voyage, and you have reached the New Land. You have lived in it before, so it is not really new. You have rediscovered it. Beloveds, today you are new on the Planet . All the bulwarks which previous bolstered you have floated away. You have been feeling the ocean waves, and yet you are not floating. It may seem so, yet it is the other train that is moving away. You only feel that you are. Nothing is really topsy-turvy now. Everything is right-side-up.

You are not floundering. You are getting your bearings. You will begin to feel a balance, a taller balance, let’s say. You are feeling taller. That is how rising makes you feel. It is as though you have been in a whirlwind, and now you find yourself in a tree. How did you get here? You are still you, and yet you are you who has opened your eyes wide. You see better, all the better to love what you see. Your vision is better. You can throw away your old glasses now. You don’t need them. You are a new you looming over the horizon. You are entering the other side of the horizon, the horizon that you have always wanted to peek over.

The distance between has shortened. You are taller, and you are just in reach of . yourself, that’s all it takes. your and your hand. You have been hiking to Heaven for a long time, and now Heaven has come to you. It has landed on you. It has reached your awareness. With new eyes, you see. You see what has always been, only hidden, only disguised from you.

And you, yourself, are no longer in disguise. You have bared your heart to Me and to the world. You have taken off that big cloak, and you have bowed down to the Sun of Life. As you bowed, so have you risen. Welcome to Heaven. Welcome.

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