God said:

I have a picture of you that I ask you to follow. I have an accurate picture of you. The picture you have of yourself is not yet accurate. You have perhaps harkened too well to the past, and your impressions of it. Others stamped their impressions onto you. Others did not think well enough of themselves, so how could they think well enough of you?

I do not come with baggage. I come with clear vision, and I see you without all the fluff and bluster of the world. Whether I look with a magnifying glass or a telescope, I see the beauty and integrity of My beautiful child. I look at you, and I see a towering force of love. I look into you as a mirror, and it is My clear reflection that I see.

You have perhaps been looking into a marred mirror, and you have a marred image. Unless you know yourself in your full glory, you have been looking into a marred mirror. The marred lines in the mirror you attribute to yourself, and you take them as gospel. You believe in bad marks about you. You see lack rather than abundance. You look at fault rather than . You have been blind-sided. You have taken yourself as damaged goods, and that&;s how you carry yourself.

This is reason enough to let go of the past, for your image of it is distorted. Something may have been the matter, yet it wasn’t with you. It may have been placed on your shoulders, and you took it on.

Are mistakes made in the world? They most certainly are, and, yet, you are not a . That is the greatest of all, to diminish yourself because of others’ faulty vision. You have been wearing else’s glasses. You are not damaged goods. stuck a price-tag on you, a low price tag on you that had nothing to do with the Reality of you. You bought their assessment. Now I ask you to append the price I put on you. No longer sell yourself short.

As a child, you took everything at face value. Now, I ask you to be a child again, and take what I say at full value. I say you are My magnificent creation. I do not speak to your ego. Why would I do that? I am speaking to the truth of you. I am asking you to toss away any demerits that have been given you and which you accepted on faith. The demerits are outdated. They were never true. They were false. You are My being. You are on . is fraught with ambiguity, yet you are a pure soul visiting from . You have gotten into the Earth mode of thinking. Get out of it, and restore yourself to ’s way. Accept the appraisal I put upon you. You are pure gold, I say. You are Mine, I say. You are gold to the core.

You, who have been belittled, have belittled yourself.

You are the throb of My heart. You are My heartthrob. I honor you, and I ask you to honor yourself. I ask you to honor everyone the same. I ask you to look for Me everywhere. Look for Me everywhere, and you will see Me everywhere. What do you see when you see Me? I am the mirror for you to look into. Look into My eyes and see yourself. This is a clear mirror I hold up to you.

Whatever you have done in the past, whatever has been done to you in the past, it is over.

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