God said:

It has been said that the meek shall inherit the Earth. By meek is meant those who are humble. The meek are those who can listen. The meek are open. They are open to hearing what I have to say. Their are open. Their are not made up ahead of time. They &;t decided that they know what the right answer is. They ’t decided that I must agree with them. They are not too proud to say, “God, I was mistaken. You are right.&; The meek do not have to be agreed with. It can be said that the meek have surrendered their opinions.

They let Me point the way. They will follow.

Do not think you are superior to the meek, that you have more intelligence, that you have a mind of your own, and that you must declare it – your mind – over Me.

Yes, there are those who would tell Me what I ought to think and what I ought to do, and what I ought to do is to do what they want.

Sometimes I can. Sometimes I do, and, yet, it has to be at My discretion. My discretion is directed to what is in your best interest. You are sure you know what is in your best interest. Getting what you want when you want the way you want is not always in your best interest.

The meek take responsibility for themselves. The proud, as it were, want Me to take responsibility for their happiness. If things are not as they wish, if things are not what everyone says they should be, they want me to be the fall guy. “Here, God,” the unmeek say, “this is for you to fix. You can fix anything, can’t You? So fix this for me. I put it into Your hands. Serve Me well, God. Show me what a God you are.”

Beloveds, God does not bribe. God does not take orders. God will fulfill requests when all factors come together. There are a million threads that the proud cannot see. The meek cannot see them either, yet the meek are willing to bet that I do. It is the meek who can say: “Thy Will, O Lord, .” The meek and I do not debate. The meek do not dispute. The meek do not feel a need to point out where I am in error. The meek are not arrogant. They do not presume.

Of course, proud and meek alike would wish that I save their loved ones from whatever it is they wish Me to save them from. There is no difference there. Yet the meek accept, and the proud argue.

Do not think that I serve the meek before I serve the proud. If you are proud rather than meek, do not think that you have to be grateful before I serve you. You simply have to listen. That is the advantage the meek have over you.

I know that in the world today, meek is not a good word. Humble probably isn’t that great a word either. Movable is a good word. You have to be movable. You have to be receptive. You have to be open to change. You have to have a willingness to depart from the position you have held onto. The meek are more secure than the proud. The proud who have a position to maintain can topple. The meek who bend cannot fall. Figuratively, the meek bow down. Their spine can bend. The proud seem to be unable to bend. The proud are sure they have backbone. They will stand up to God even when the stand they take holds them back and serves no one.

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