God said:

There are many messages I give to you time and time again.

Here are two:

Remember you are a human being. Remember you are more than a human being.

Do these two messages sound contradictory? Be humble. Know your Greatness.

How can you know your Greatness and remain humble? When you know the Greatness that exists within you and every human being, you can only be humble. You are a carrier of God as simply and as innocently as your carries your DNA. You are humble to be a carrier of God. You are glad and you are gracious, and you are the humblest of all in service to God.

The Great Ones were the humblest of all. It went without saying for them that it was God Who spoke through them. Their eyes were on Me and where I dwell. Their eyes were on the stars. Their eyes were on the of Heaven and the of . Their humility was part of their Greatness. Imagine stars within stars, galaxies within galaxies, and God within the human beings who populate the . Imagine greater than these, and what can you be but humble before the Majesty of God&;s where you dwell. And yet their attention was higher than that. Their vision was higher than that. And yet they never thought about higher and lower.

Aware that they are expressions of God’s Divine Will, the Great Ones felt humble to be so honored, and so they honored, and so they were humble. No one humbled them. They were humble. No one humbled them, you understand. They had no consideration of being anything but simple and Divine. This was natural and normal. Their attention was on Me and not on themselves. Their attention was on what they could do to serve. Their attention was not on what they had done. They wore no medals. The privilege to serve was their medal, and it was their mettle.

Rags and riches were the same to them, for they had their eye on higher than the physical world and did not think of themselves as higher. They dwelled in the physical world. Their bodies lived in the physical world, and their hearts and souls served in the physical world. Their service was a of their awareness of God and their connection to God and God’s connection to them. Their hearts did hand-stands in their service to Me. They could do no less. They knew who they were, and so they could be what they were, and yet they did not think about who they were. Their thoughts were not on themselves. Their thoughts were on God and how to serve God and God’s Creation.

They wanted to further God’s thought. They knew of My happiness, and that service was My happiness, and they were emboldened to serve My happiness for it was theirs. One with Me, they were not separate. They lived with a body just as you live with a body, and yet they lived far beyond the physical. They strode across Earth, and they strode across Heaven and the stars, and they were Creation in motion, and they were Creation in Stillness. They were not Godly. They did not think of themselves as Godly. They were not in the habit of thinking of themselves. They were in the habit of thinking of Me and My Will. They served well.

They thought of how to give you the happiness that was theirs. They shared Me with you. They raised you from the bowels of the Earth. They gave you the stars and beyond the stars. They gave you My love. They lit the world. And so they were humble, and so they were graced with the light that they lit.