God said:

You may think that to have in Me means that you are sure of a certain outcome. , outcomes are not the of Me. It is not that you are to Me Who is measureless. I am beyond . You have one or two desired outcomes, and you count on them. Better that you count on Me. Do you see the difference? Trust in God, and do not insist on certain outcomes. Thy will or My Will. Yet do not think that My Will is opposed to yours. There are many factors at play. You do not see them all. You may not see them at all.

You want your young child to have all the sweetness in the world, and yet you do not keep piling on him the candy he wants.

Of course, in your case, We are talking about far greater than candy. The sweetness you desire may be that a continues to live on Earth or becomes happy and that you become happy. You want your wishes to come true, who doesn’t?

Naturally, you and I see your wishes from a different . I see the whole range. You see a small portion.

In some cases, you see Me, not as your servant, but as your slave. You feel I owe you. You feel I must do your bidding or? Or what, beloveds? That I have let you down? That I have reneged on a deal? I say I am with you always, and you may say, “You are only with me when You do as I say.”

You may see Me as obstinate. It may be you who is obstinate. Even long after your will was not followed, you may, in your thoughts, not be able to let go of that which does not serve you and never did serve you.

My Will is not antagonistic to yours. I have no ego that says: “It’s got to be My way.” That is your ego’s way, beloveds. You see one way. I see another. I see your evolution, yet what falls in place is not confined only to your evolution, yet you can know that results are in line with your evolution no how it seems to you.

You may ask Me to fix this and that. Sometimes the fixing is up to you and this is hard to accept. To your mind, the God you like does not say to you, “Now, it’s your turn.” You may want to be the receiver always and you cannot see that taking your turn is a blessing. It is not a disservice to you when I say to you, for example: “Now it is for you to take responsibility and change the configuration of a situation that is not happy for you.”

When a loved one leaves his body behind and you are bereft, you have a job to do. You have to get up. You have your grief to get up from. Beloveds, it may not be your grief that keeps you where you are. It may be your obstinacy. It certainly is your holding on to that which must be let go of. Not your love. No, love stays. It is grief that has to go. Grieving is centered on you.

Whatever your unwieldy situation, beloveds, it is for you to address it. No matter how grievous a situation you find yourself in, in a marriage, for example, it is not a question of who is at fault or more at fault. Blame is not the issue. No matter how innocent you are, you had some contribution to the situation. In any case, you have to take responsibility now. To take responsibility may be a big step for you.

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