God said:

It is a good to listen to God. You want God to listen to you. When you can’t listen, when you have your predetermined of what God must do for you, you have opened your and closed your ears. You are still looking for proof of love. Then be the love you are looking for. You are looking for acceptance. In that case, accept.

You want God to understand. God wants you to understand.

You cannot impose your will upon God. Certainly, understandably, you desire what you desire. Desire is one thing. Insisting that God do as you desire is another.

God wants you to take responsibility. You want God to be responsible. You want to be right, and God wrong. You want to be all powerful and lecture to God on the wisdom of your ways.

I speak of Myself in the third person because I don't want you to think that I take anything personally. This is not a question of pique on My part. It is a question of your inability to listen and move forward. If you have spilled milk, don’t stand there, demanding that I clean it up. If you have tripped, don’t lie there demanding that I pick you up. Don’t stand there, with your hands on your hips, insisting on My doing your will. Don’t just stand there, insisting that if I am a good God, I must do as you say. Don’t just stand there, telling Me what I should do. If you know better than I, then you are capable of fixing your situation. Your situation is that you have made up your mind about what I must do, and you cannot hear what I say to you. You are unwilling to hear. You cover your ears.

I tell you often to surrender to your own . carries with it. Surrender your ego. Walk with Me. Do not push Me. Do not shove. Must you kid yourself that you know better than I do?

Is it too much for you to bear to take responsibility? To take responsibility does not mean that you take on the mantle of a bad guy. We are not talking about right and wrong. We are talking about what you can do. The first thing you can do is listen. Take down the barriers that keep you from listening. You are like Johnny One Note. You play the same chord over and over again. You want to call all the shots. You put the ball in My court, as though you were a referee. Sometimes I think you want to be My .

Of course, you want what you want. You are a human being, and human beings want what they want. It would seem, however, that you are putting the cart before the horse.

Beloved, you cannot train Me. You cannot give Me commandments. You cannot show Me the error of My ways.

You may have hard choices to make. And yet they are your choices to make. It does not avail you to throw your hot potatoes at Me to catch.

You have decisions to make that are yours to make. You have to budge. Change one thread in the fabric you weave, and the whole pattern of your life will change. Stubbornly refuse, and where are you? Right where you started. The changes are yours to make. It behooves you to make them. You can’t just sit there, complaining or waiting for the other shoe to fall. You are up at bat. It is your turn to make a difference. You can do it.

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