The time has now come for moving up the rung to the next step. It is time to turn the Inner Light switch on within you. You are each Luminous Beings and are now radiant with a glow which superimposes your physical and can be discerned by those who have the eyes to see. Many of you are beginning to experience the magic and wonder of wonderful synchronicities taking place in your daily lives and from the Source are coming into manifestation for you. This is a time of the manifestation of all that you have desired which is now flowing into your lives in wonderful ways.

Make a point of writing down each wonderful occurrence as it happens each day, each miracle, no matter how small it appears. At the end of one week, you will begin to see how many of these there actually are in your daily existence which you may have taken for granted. All around you, life is blossoming and flourishing with new potential and possibilities and Nature’s bounty is joyously bringing forth the miracles of the of new life and new growth to bless you with its beauty and goodness. Learn to become more attuned to the rhythms of Nature and give thanks each day for all Her blessings. At the beginning of a new of growth, giving gratitude and acknowledgement to the Elementals, the Devic and Nature spirits will attract these Beings to you and you will notice many wonderful improvements to your gardens of vegetables and flowers.

Lift your head to the Sun in acknowledgement for its life giving rays of golden light and warmth and honor the Moon as it shines its silvery feminine rays upon you in the night. Seek to listen and become aware of the playful energies of the wind and air as they kiss your forehead on their way to destinations unknown. New life is aborning in the cycles of change upon the Earth, all that was old is made new again and begins its dance of life. Breathe deeply and drink in the sweetness of the air as it fills your lungs and moves down all the way to your root chakra, hold this sweetness for as long as you can and then expel it vigorously through your mouth until you have emptied it all. This will invigorate your body elemental with new .

Dear Ones, as these days of great changes come upon the Earth, keep strongly connected to your innermost Being through your heart chakra, for your heart is the key. Align your emotional body with peace and love and maximize the natural ebb and flow of the Universe. Raise your and physical form to a higher vibration that aligns with well-being, joy and abundance and embrace Unity which is the of wholeness. Remember the vastness of who you are and shine your brilliance through the lens of your life. Align yourselves with Universal principles and embody in every cell of your Being.

You are made of wondrous stuff! Allow yourselves to experience and play in the energies that swirl and eddy through you as you move about, notice with awareness everything about you. Practice focusing in the now moment and live your life fully. Make it an adventure, Beloveds.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion


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