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Ken Adachi, Educate Yourself

['s Note: This article is being updated daily, so please check back often for new additional info being added at the bottom under reader Comments. The evidence is mounting quickly that not only the mega-earthquke and resultant Japanese tsunami were artificially manufactured, but the so-called nuclear power plant explosions in are also due to sabotage, and were not accidental. Both mainstream and leftist like Pacifica radio are HYPING the -release story through the roof and painting a very dangerous and panicky scenario WHEN THERE IS NO PROOF that such a danger presently exists or WILL exist in the near future from these nucelar power plants. The only genuine radiation concern is for people in the immediate vicinity of the Daiichi plant in Fukushima. and certainly not for the people in , despite the breathless reports (from KPFK radio on 3/16/11) that "radiation levels have risen 22% from normal in the Tokyo area". These media outlets are following a SCRIPT to instill fear and panic among the general public who know next to nothing about the nature of nuclear radiation and the "dangers' being presented here. This is an Illuminati fear mongering psyops on an unprecendented scale.

Update March 17, 2011: ZS Livingstone and Don Nicoloff examine the manufactured March 11 Japan earthquke and the mined nuclear energy plants in Japan which exploded DUE TO SABOTAGE, in this March 16 radio interview on .


The parallels to the artificially created Dec. 26, 2004 Boxer Day Sumatra tsunami, exposed by Joe Vialls in January of 2005, are stunning. Read the two part expose from the late Joe Vialls about the totally MANUFACTURED Sumatra tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004 and you will see the parallels to the Japan set up:

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami? by Joe Vialls, Part1 (Jan. 5, 2005)

Part 2

Sumatra Earthquke

OSS developed tsunami technology against Japan near end of World War II ]

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 12, 2011

Japan's 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production? (Mar. 12, 2011)


The date is the first tip off: March 11, 2011 (3/11/11). Like September 11, 2001 (9/11/01) or November 22, 1963 (11/22/63), it's a powerful, ritualistic, OCCULT date which the Illuminati ALWAYS employ when orchestrating one of their front-page killing operations masquerading as a 'natural' disaster (or a 'terrorist attack').

Understanding the numerology is essential if you hope to understand how the Illuminati, who are Satanists (Luciferians, if you prefer), think and plan. The numbers which hold the greatest power for satanists are 3, 6, 9, 11, and 13. The doubling of ANY single number holds power for them (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, etc) and the tripling of any single number is even more powerful (333, 666, etc.). Date, time, and are always of paramount importance to the Illuminati who routinely use black magic to call upon the demonic realm to assist them in their endeavors. In fact, they are absolutely BOUND by occult ritualistic protocol

This knowledge could be parlayed into an advantage since it allows us to PREDICT, to a certain extent, the possible dates of their manufactured events. For example, the 11th or the 22nd of any month in the year 2011 has occult signifigance, but November 11, 2011 {11/11/11} is one of the most powerful occult dates to come down the pike for the satanic crowd and we should anticipate the liklihood of some major false flag event or 'natural' disaster planned for that date. Of course, knowing this, might help to avert the event since unexpectedness and surprise seem to a necessary element for the Illuminati.

Numerologically speaking, March 11, 2011 breaks down to 3 + 1 + 1 = 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 9

The WTC date of 9/11/2001 breaks down to 14 = 1+4 = 5. Five is the occultist number for death as in (or Pentagram)

The Seismogram

John from The sent me this link for the Hokaido seismograph stations recorded on March 11, 2011. =20110311_054623.7.spyder&st=ERM.II&c=irNtV9g8Ju2uI

This seismogram is the top graph seen at the above link from Station: ERM – Erimo, Hokkaido Island, Japan, "BHN" monitor.

Japan 9.1 earthquake on March 11 2011


Natural quakes tend to show a GRADUAL build up of slippage that works up to a maximum displacement, while artificially created quakes typically shows a SUDDEN spike to maximum or near maximum displacement. In this graph, we see just a little movement at the beginning followed by a massive spike displacement. Did this start out as a natural quake, but was suddenly piggy-backed by artificial energy? Or did the manipulators precipitate the entire event? In either case, this mega-quake was ARTIFICIALLY created.

Another serious, and fear-producing development were the two nuclear power plant explosions in Japan in the past 48 hours. According to intuitive and psychic insights, ZS Livingstone told me that both explosions were due to pre-planted explosive devices and not accidental. He saw evidence that led him to believe that one of the devices may have been a mini suitcase nuke.

Please use the power of prayer and focused intent to send strength and protection to all who are fighting the Dark Side from behind the scenes and have done MUCH to thwart far more serious calamities than what is being discussed in the news.

Final thought: Please, please please, do NOT send any sort of donation to the Illuminated Red Cross who, as usual, are using the Illuminati-created catastrophies to line their pockets while pleading for donations to help the victims of their games. I can only hope that after 9/11, Katrina, , etc. that more people are waking up to the foolishness of contributing to the con artists of the Red Cross. Find organization within Japan that are helping and contribute there.

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