This is an important message to all Star Seeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Shamans, Light warriors, and all people of Love. The time has come for us to unite our hearts and create one rhythmic frequency that activates the 144,000 crystalline grid. It started today April 26 and will run until May 26. This activation is not about receiving, it is about BEING and through this BEING you assist in facilitating another level of the planetary .

There are more than enough mental distractions on at this time. Many are formulated to do just that, distract us from the at hand. What is this you may ask? The answer is simple, it is to BE OURSELVES. To BE our true identity beyond the illusion created by the ego. WE are the individual sparks of Light that creates the flame of transformation and brings forth change.

Expand, expand, expand your hearts. Let go of all thoughts which focus on a specific outcome. Just BE love without conditions! Be it, see it and live it without fear or judgment in ALL aspects of your Being. BE the living, walking essence of what love “without&; conditions is all about. BE it not just in meditation, but also in your daily walking meditation. Be it not as a part time , but as the you sent yourself here to do. Dig deep within yourself and BE a greater degree of the love that you already are. If there were already 144,000 of our hearts beating at the frequency that is needed to activate this level of , we would not have to be doing this activation. So it is time for everyone to get focused in LOVE, and BE IT, now!

The training wheels have come off, and it’s time for us to ride the bike. We have ALL the tools we need and we have plenty of assistance on other levels as well. It is up to us the “ground crew” to fulfill this part of the ascension and ground a higher frequency of love on Earth. When enough of us do this collectively it will raise the collective frequency to meet the specific Light quota for this leg of the ascension.

Even if you do not know all the details of who, why, what, and how. Your participation in opening your heart to a greater degree is all that is needed. What matters is that we unite in being the frequency of love, which has no details, IT JUST IS! Let us be ONE and radiate the love of 144,000 drums.

So, as I mentioned we will be doing this through the 26th of May. I ask everyone to please join in and spread the word through your networks, email lists, web sites, facebook accounts, and all other outlets. Do what ever you have to do to stay focused in living the love. State to yourselves that you wish to participate, but always remember it is not just about intention it is about LIVING!

BE the love, live the love, see the love, we are the change, we are the love, we are forever one. Let our hearts unite!

All we need is 144,000 hearts beating as one in love!

Love to all,
from one heart named Joe

144,000 love activation created by Hari Baba

Sent to you by Joe Weaver of