Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 14 March, 2011  (posted 19 April, 2011)  

The wisdom of the Universe is contained within each of you. All knowledge and knowing, all truths and understandings are held within your consciousness. If you already know then what is the purpose of your journey? Why do you have to experience karma, lessons, pain, fear and suffering and the knowledge you gain from them if you already know they have to teach you? But your knowing is in the higher planes and vibrations and without awareness you cannot bring it to your third .

You connect to your knowing when you have reached its level of awareness and are at its vibration to allow connection to occur. There is a flow to this process that occurs when you begin to see a pattern or a specific truth, which opens your awareness to a new level of understanding and then you connect to the knowledge. It is your for healing, for example, that allows you to be open to this information. It is your for a greater truth that allows you to explore new levels of understanding.

Each in your reality exists at a specific level of awareness that supports your beliefs and thoughts. A shift in your awareness, which arrives with a desire to know a different reality, allows you to open yourself to an outpouring of knowledge which is your guidance and expand into a new and greater understanding  of yourself and your potential. That is why each is important and powerful within itself, because each one represents your level of awareness and from that point, the steps for the next levels of understanding to connect with you.

There can be no other moment besides the one you are in at this moment. There is no truth greater than that which you can be aware of in any moment. You cannot be, have or know more until you allow your awareness to expand into a greater understanding of yourself, your power, your potential and the truth that you allow to be true for you in any moment. Where you are is your most powerful place and when you wish to know more, you will begin from where you are and move into the awareness that allows greater knowing to be revealed.

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