Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 11 April, 2011  (posted 26 April, 2011)

What you know of the physical aspect that you define as your humanity is one aspect of the multi-dimensional, limitless being that you are. And when you limit the knowing of yourself to the your gifts and abilities, multiple and life paths are restricted to what the ego is able to accept. The ego is the first level of the self and beyond that are multiple levels that encompass dimensions of being, expanding levels of energetic vibration and the to know and express your mastery at all levels.

The self beyond the ego is not accessible because your aspects are grounded in the physical so you can function in the third dimension. A strong ego was required to help you manage polarity, fear and the energies that are present on earth. But the ego was not intended to become the dominant aspect, to the exclusion of the others, as it has become. And the ego limits the expression of the self to what the ego is able to know, understand and relate to in its limited view of the self. The ego believes it is the only aspect of the self but there are many others it can work with.

The aspects of your self beyond the ego include the Higher Self, which is your source as well as access to lifetimes that have been lived at other times and places. The multi-dimensional aspects are those that co-exist with you, that you are experiencing on a soul level in conjunction with the lifetime that you know through the ego. These life experiences are energetic and include multiple gifts and abilities. You have access to these other aspects through your dream time, when your physical body and ego are resting and release their to the third dimension.

Without the ego's grounded presence in the third dimension you access these other aspects by releasing your grounding and this puts you in energetic spaces where you can no longer function in the physical. A balanced partnership between ego and your multi-dimensional being will allow you to access these energetic places and acknowledge the gifts you have with them, gifts that you are now ready to use and that the energies on earth have expanded enough to accept. Be patient with this process but be open to allowing your multi-dimensional aspects to connect with you and create the miracles, peace, joy and fulfillment that the earth can know through you and the gifts you have to offer through all of your aspects.

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