22 April 2011

Brian Baruch: The Family of Jacob / Elohei Yaakov

It is the premise of the Law of One that chords of in are playing integral roles towards a single benevolent narrative that eventuality leads all back into an expanded oneness. And so, all chords of are working in a harmonious orchestration from the perspective of the eye of eternity.

This means that although the worldly consciousness resides continuously confronts jostling polarities, where we witness expressions of pain, suffering and the of needs juxtaposed against backdrop of thriving chords of pleasure, happiness and bountifulness, still it is all one construct driving creation towards a common actualized theme. To the linear minded, these expressions are processed as being polar opposite chords of creation, and from this perspective it can be difficult to envision how a benevolent singular intelligent force would allow chords of dominion, and confusion to ever confound well meaning souls.

To see beyond the polarities and chaos it is essential to take possession of the creative premise behind this singular True Love narrative progression of the Law of One. This is that prior to the existence of mankind, creation reached a state of polarized discord and chaos. This disunity was a byproduct of the different expressions of resonant becoming increasingly concentrated and unyielding in their respective trajectories. Increasingly, these polarized streams of existence moved forcefully towards opposing ends. The objective premise behind mankind's creation is the solution for a reunification of the energetic streams of all. The full spectrum of creative energies are again able to partake in a unified ascent through man's progression towards an expanded love consciousness by playing roles of guidance, partnership, or by exerting inertia that magnifies the poignancy of man's actualized expression.

Earthly consciousness is not a space where love is abound, and from this vantage point it is not evident that a higher love is at the very crux to the gradual reunification of all. Rather, earthly consciousness is teeming with seeming contradictions, where one witnesses those that are benevolent that benefit and there are those that are benevolent that suffer. Similarly, one witnesses those who act selfishly that benefit, and and those that act selfishly that meet their end. This is because the earthly consciousness construct was created for man to enter a tier of consciousness teeming with potentials, entrusted with the ability to create poignantly and abundantly through inspired actions of love. Through such higher expressions, all energies that filter through the collective consciousness of mankind are elevated in their key roles for this thematic narrative of progression.

Even expressions of malevolent energy that govern through streams of chaos, dominion and oppression are also partaking in vital roles of a narrative for man's progression by rendering prevailing inertia and momentum for regression (away from a expanded higher love consciousness). In this way, should man choose to engage in an expanded freedom to love consciousness these baser streams are as well partnered in their progression, having provided the necessary contrasting backdrop to make the attainment of the actualized loving expression free, real and actualized.

The emphasis here is not on any one part of the journey, but the cadence of the eventual destination. This means that should mankind eventually help propel all beyond primitive reactive reverberations of the past and back into a true expanded unity, then the music of this feat is playing always (transcending the linear veils of time and the prevailing polarities, as there is forever the sacred music of a space when all has been reunified through the eternal sanctity and splendour of all). Should mankind increasingly align themselves in accordance with this vital chord of truth, and actively engage in a narrative of progression then this music of the illuminated future will increasingly seep into the very fabric of consciousness within all things.

Part of understanding the sanctity and the vitality of all is understanding that there are no problems, only challenges, marker points, set forth through co-creative contracts to help expand our perception to far more intimate pathways of progress. As you process these ideas, a pivotal technique for traversing the confounding dualistic torrents driving earthly consciousness will become increasingly apparent.

Take the following example; an individual who is so saturated in the stresses of earthly consciousness that he finds himself feeling "stuck" with few options. His spark and creative fervor are extinguished by his resentments. Such an individual can marinate in regressive streams to the point of completely disconnecting from his soul's innocence and his sacred chord of truth, his sacred song. He will approach his life like it is the very longest day, exhausted and disillusioned, and he will no longer be able to summon inspiration to dance to the music of what his soul is truly about, or summon the courage to actualize the theme of truth he came to exude.

When you begin to meditate upon the previous coordinates of perception, you will begin to recognize that all the energies working to manifest one's reality are playing a sacred and benevolent role from the perspective of the eventual outcome. Some energies have partnered in sacred contracts to allure you to where you belong to help maximize your song of ruth, while other energies are fulfilling their contracts by repelling you to where you belong for journeying in alignment with the integrity of your core song. One's job is to master the lesson from each energy, and take possession of the truth it was sent to impart ,and thus breaking the cycle by finding grace and letting it go.

Once the energy has imparted to you your next lesson in expanded consciousness and in recovering your truth, that energy will graduate from the field of your perception, and is then needed to play a sacred role in the expansion of another. Still, many spiritually dynamic individuals hold on tightly to to feelings of trauma, injustice and neglect. Even those that are quite advanced along their spiritual path very often hold on tightly to these feelings as an expression of the truth (/achievement) of their present journey. This kind of holding on, is as well a spiritual deficit, that disconnects spiritually dynamic individuals from optimizing upon the core flow of active connectivity to all throughout eternity.

The spiritually dynamic individual has to instead become cognizant and recognize that they are constantly drawing co-creative partnerships with energetic chords. These partnerships entail energetic role playing that help prompt an individual's perception to still greater truths, and actualizing still more poignant chords of love, so that all may access insight that will expand their consciousness to a greater appreciation of the fundamental necessity of all.

These energies will at times present great inertia that alerts the spiritually dynamic individual to emotional and spiritual "blind spots". Gradually, the spiritually dynamic individual transcends their previous paradigm of perception to a more expansive and benevolently inclusive one. They then can then recast the narrative of what had transpired to them through the benevolent lens of grace.

As one achieves a poignant pitch of grace that echoes through sacred recesses of their heart, the individual will celebrate the lesson learned and allow the energy to depart completely. Having been freed from the soul contract, the energy is then free to then teach the same lesson to another, but this time through the indelible chord of grace imparted through it.

In this way, the spiritually dynamic individual can once again get back to the business of shedding the filters of their perception to better commune with the benevolent music of the future filtering into their every now. Allowing events past to become catalysts for imbuing their next co-creative partnerships and invite their lessons through the resonance of the soft kiss of intimacy becoming.

Far to many individuals languish with lessons that were imparted long ago to repel to their truth from the perspective of "without". By holding on to resentments of these, the individual is fortifying a domain of "void" and "oppression" that permeates the very music of their heart to broadcast discordantly through their circle of influence (as they have not yet connected to a true recognition of the latent sanctity within all things). These individuals are perpetually stuck in the music of judgments and conditions of who is worthy of benevolence and who is not. These individual must master reclaiming grace for the lessons imparted, let it go to better welcome their next lesson of ascended perception.

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