~Love is the fixer..~

when i speak of love
i speak of the unseen love…

the that enfolds all things…

you are the "chooser" who has
the power to choose to
see what you perceive as a problem
and choose again…


there are no problems anywhere within
the kingdom of love…
there are only perfect moments…

why they are perfection you have no
of knowing……

that they ARE perfection'
is what you are in need of remembering…!!!

simply choose to value only love
and allow LOVE itself
to form the perfect tapestry…

Rest in the arms of love
and choose for them always..

this is what i meant when i said
you need do nothing…
you are not here to "fix" anything
for why would the perfection of
need a fixer………???

all is the perfection of god
no matter what perception you
may place upon love's perfect tapestry..

simply choose for love
and allow love to
work its magic…

each time you do this
you expand the edges of your soul
and dissolve more and more
into that which birthed you…

the Mystery that had a thought of love
and you were what was created…

now………ponder that deeply precious hearts…
for it speaks directly to that which
You Are…

You are the Grand Ones sent forth
to remember the truth of who you are
and bring that truth
into time …into that which speaks of duality..

You bring …you bring duality itself
to Love……
you bring Home to duality….
One Circle of Love….


in expression with

~to choose to love unconditionally
that which is
Is to build world upon world of fresh
and wondrous heavens.~..

this is the power that you have within you Now…

jeshua in expression with denisa


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be at peace and know you are loved…