Life as a human is strange. You are born helpless in a tiny body, totally dependent on your mother for the first few years of human life, but you are constantly encouraged to develop an individual personality leading to personal competence that will enable you to live independently, as a being totally separate from your parents. You could not have a better demonstration of the insanity of the you built to play in and hide from God. You are all one with each other and with God because God contains all that exists, and in that all that you could ever desire or need is provided instantly. Yet you chose the impossible. You attempted to separate yourself from Him and from the infinite joy of that , to experiment with insane ideas that you thought would prove you had no need of Him.

He had given you everything, which meant that you were completely free to imagine and experience anything that appealed to you. With this freedom you built an environment where it was possible for you to dream into apparent existence anything you chose to imagine . Your first action was to block out your awareness of God, so that your environment would seem to be totally real, and the consequent apparent separation from your Source of being inevitably filled you with confusion, fear, and pain. Ever since you made that decision you have been struggling to convince yourselves that you are real individual beings absolutely separate from your heavenly Father. But you have been unsuccessful, because He implanted within you the inextinguishable flame of His Love for you.

To awaken into full consciousness is to release the illusion and the dream-like reality in which it envelops you. To help you do this you are able to call on limitless spiritual assistance and guidance from your eternal heavenly Home. Multitudes of guides and angelic beings are available 24/7 to respond instantly to any call you make for help. Because of your separated state it seems that you have hurt, and been hurt by, others, but this is truly an illusory perception, and the most basic step you can take is to release yourselves from any of guilt for anything you seem to have done to another, and then forgive yourselves. Once you have truly forgiven yourselves it becomes impossible for you to judge or condemn others; but to really forgive yourselves you do have to look at your apparent misdemeanors and the circumstances in which they occurred, so that you can understand why you took those actions – there are always reasons that at the time made some some sort of – and then let go of the resultant rationalizing and self-judgment.

Once you have done that all you have left is everything – Love – which you hold within yourself, and which you intensely desire to share with everyone, indiscriminately, like your Father. You will find yourselves unable to bear grudges or hold onto resentments as your heart fills with love, and forgiveness flows abundantly through you to all with whom you interact. You will realize that loving acceptance of everyone is your natural mode of being, and one you share with God. No other behavior makes any sense at all and will simply cease to occur as you come to recognize your oneness with Him, from Whom infinite Love flows constantly into His beloved creation.

There is no shortage of Love, the infinite divine energy; there is only an unwillingness to accept It unconditionally and be a part of It. That unwillingness is also part of the illusory reality to which you cling, attempting to negate or block the warmth and Love that is permanently being offered to you. However, you will succumb to that Love, and you will share it with everyone, because it is your will and the divine Will that you do so. Doing this will move you inexorably forward toward the state of awakening in which all becomes crystal clear and you see your present environment for what it is – non-existent. Your release of guilt and its inevitable falling-away is a sure sign that you are moving forward, and as you do so you will notice your anxiety and skepticism dissolving as you approach the moment of awakening.

You are on your path to Heaven – God’s divine Reality – in which all life and existence is. Your attitudes directly affect your progress, and once your only attitude – the philosophy you live and demonstrate – is unconditional love and forgiveness, peace will envelop you as recognition of your oneness with your divine Father becomes real for you. When that happens all your fears will drop away – what is there to fear when you know that you are One with God? – and unconditional acceptance of yourself and others will replace all your doubt and skepticism. You will see that your life in the illusion is a fantastic opportunity to assist in humanity’s awakening, an event of unprecedented wonder, that will bring Light to the illusion dissolving it completely. Knowing that this is to occur will give you absolute confidence in God’s constant and unchanging Love and acceptance of you in every moment of your existence. All is well because All is God, and you will awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.