I am . It brings me great to bring this to my beloved today. This is one of great hope and one of great love. The Piscean is coming to an end very, very soon, and the of Aquarian will begin. This is a great time for you my brothers and sisters.

With the Aquarian Age will come great and consciousness to the earth. Many, many people are already reawakening and this will continue. There will be many changes in the Aquarian Age. As the and consciousness of human beings grows there will be much remembrance coming about for many human beings. This remembrance will be a remembrance of your Home, of who you truly are, and much more awareness of your soul will come to many.

You are all creators here on earth to create. This has always been known to you. No longer will you forget this fact. In the Piscean Age, there were a few who were able to remember this and were able to create beautiful things. As we move into the Aquarian Age, there will be many. Many will create beautiful things for the earth. This faith and consciousness, this reawakening, will move us into the Golden Age where earth and heaven are one. As creators you will clearly see the power of your creative abilities. Much knowledge is coming your way that will help you with this. Many have already begun to teach this. These teachers know their true purpose and they are working very hard to help as many people as they possibly can to begin to realize the truth.

I have told you the Kingdom is within and the Kingdom is outside of you. This is very true, for within you has always been this power to create; within you are all of the answers to all of the questions you will ever ask. Within you, you know the meaning and purpose of your life. Within you is your to God. Mother and Father God are just waiting for you to connect with them and this will happen as more and more of you learn that the is through the heart. More people will learn to align the intelligence of the mind with the seven dimensions of intelligence of the heart and that first dimension is unity and this is your to Mother and Father God. When you realize this is there and has always been there for you, much more consciousness will open up to you and you will see the true meaning of faith.

As the energies from spirit become stronger and stronger within you and when you can learn to meld the energies from spirit and the energies from the earth, you will see very clearly the power of creation. This power comes from love. This power comes from Mother and Father God. This is the Divine . More and more people are feeling this Divine . They are learning to use this Divine to create a better world for themselves and a better world for others. A better world for all of their brother and sisters.

The Christ Consciousness is known throughout the universe. This consciousness is a simple awareness and understanding that Mother and Father God are love and, because we are their children, we are love. This is, always has been, and always will be. It is time to no longer speak of fearing Mother and Father God for this has never been true. This is truly a paradox that human beings have created on earth. It is time now that you know Mother and Father God as your true Mother and Father, the All That Is that created you. When you know this, you will know that you are love. For you were created by love, and love is the in the universe. It is the everlasting, through eternity energy in the universe. So many of you are searching for this energy, and so many of you want to be loved and to love also. It is time now that you realize that you are loved and that you are love. There is enough, enough love for you and enough for you to love.

As human beings on earth, you have created many paradoxes. As you create now your future, you will see changes made in your past. The time that is important is the present, is right now, for this is the time that you are creating your future and your past. In this Aquarian Age, many events that happened in the past and are written historically in your books, you will find that there are many untruths. These are the paradoxes that you have created. You are now creating what is the truth and evidence will be shown to you. As you move into the Aquarian Age many past beliefs will be changed. There will be evidence come that will substantiate these untruths. This will help you to see and more clearly understand who you truly are.

One thing I want you to remember is, there is only one true time and that is right now. It is time to quit living in the past and to start living in the present to create your future. All that matters is right now. If you continually look to the past you will continually create that past over and over again. For this is the law of Cause and Effect. Know that you are a creator; know that right now is the time to start creating. This creation comes about through your thoughts, words, and feelings. It is time to forgive yourself for the past, for those thoughts, words, and feelings that have created your present. It is time to move forward with thoughts, words, and feelings of hope and of faith and consciousness. For this is your true destiny and the true destiny of the human experience.

As you move forward with faith and consciousness, all things will be shown to you. For this is our promise to you. Through faith and consciousness and knowing you are the children of Mother and Father God, you will see who you truly are and as you become more and more aware of who you truly are, the changes on earth will bring about great peace, joy, and happiness to many, many human beings. As more and more are shown this truth, more and more beliefs will change. It is truly Mother and Father God’s will for all human beings to have faith and consciousness. For this is where it all begins.

So my message to you today is to be the creator that you are. Start right now, for this is the time, the only time. By starting now with faith and consciousness, you will be shown the greatness of the All That Is of Mother and Father God, the love that they have for you, and the love that you have for them. It has always been so simple but yet so many on earth want to make it so difficult.

As I have always told my teachers here on earth today, work hard and have fun for life on earth is meant to be filled with peace, joy, and happiness. There is a great abundance and prosperity there for you, there for all of you. It is time that we learn to share and to take care of not only yourself but to help take care of your brothers and sisters. It is time that we raise all humans to a point of faith and consciousness. As more and more human beings receive this Divine Energy, more and more will begin to see that the path to the All That Is, to God, to Mother and Father God, is through faith and consciousness.

I am so happy to be here today to give you this message of hope. This message that will help lead you into your future. I love you all so very much my beloved.

I am Jesus of Nazareth.