7 April 2011   Channeler:  Deb Graves

April 6th 2011

The acceleration of energies for the coming months of 2011 are those of of compassion, Divine love and unconditional love, these are all aspects of the key to the higher . Fully opening your high chakra allows the incoming energies to assist in transforming your vibration to it's highest potential. There have been and will be triggers to establish group compassion, compassion for those that have written in their life plan to ascend through giving their physical lives in releases. Each of you agree to live out your divine plan before incarnation, setting aside exit points that are activated for your highest and greatest and the highest and greatest of all.

Many of you that are connected and grounded with the Gaia crystalline grid can sense these upcoming releases, you also feel the outpouring of compassion for all those who have been affected by such events. This connection and knowing is accessible to all if they so choose to remember and activate these areas of understanding. It is also possible to meditate and connect to the grid to send energies of calm, and ease to such areas, along with the of transmutation. When this group intention, meditation and focus is achieved the positive effects can be wondrous, assisting Gaia to shift with a renewed gentleness.
The image below can assist you to connect with the compassion vibration, it can also stimulate those high heart centers that you choose to activate. To utilize this healing and activation image sit quietly and gaze upon the heart in the middle of the picture, feel the golden pink and magenta rays flowing over and through you. Now sense the in your high heart area (the center of your chest above your human heart), allow the flood of emotions to flow, it may come in waves like a rolling ocean. We will assist all those that come with the intention of connecting with us through this image. All activations and alignments are to be delivered with grace and ease for your highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all.
Compassion channeled image from The Arcturians through Deb Graves "Araznu"
We are grateful to all those who are assisting to anchor these energies to Gaia/Earth Mother. You have been working diligently to bring about the shift of ages, we leave you now with compassion, much love and blessings, The Arcturians.

Deb Grave "Araznu"  www.bluerayhealing.com

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