23 April 2011  


This is the Call!

Greetings, welcome, I am – the Angelic presence that encompasses the Universe. We are here to help you move in your Spiritual development and with everything that is happening on the at the moment. Your material existence, as you understand it, is changing and everything is changing on your Planet for the better. It may seem as if it is not changing for the better for there are disasters, there are floods, Earthquakes, financial difficulties. There is Famine, Greed, corruption and negativity on the . And there are Power Players that are there who seem to be controlling everything. Your Conspiracy theories are not without foundation. However you must understand that although there is an organisation that is happening of the . Ultimately you will move forward towards freedom and not slavery. Therefore accept what is moving forward for yourselves and concentrate individually on your own vessel, on your own being, on your own spirituality. To do this is to do your part for . is the change of consciousness that you are all going through. From the lowest to the highest as far as you see it where your spirituality is concerned. Everyone is feeling the change, feeling a difference. Not everyone can understand it, not everybody can pinpoint it. But everybody is feeling it on the . You must relax, you must Love, for Love is the key to your transformation.

You are multidimensional beings and you have the potential to create Worlds, to create Universes, to create other Big Bangs. At the beginning of the creation of this Universe, yes, there was a physical big bang. Do you think there was nothing before creation, before the Big Bang. (Laughs) Love has always been here and there are many Universes happening simultaneously right now. That are being created, that are imploding, that are moving forward. Your Universe is just at the beginning. Although in your linear time it seems like a long time for it is millions and billions of years. It is merely a sniff in the understanding of time as far as Spirit, the Angels and your understanding of God is concerned. You must come to an acceptance of the concept that you are creator beings. You are creating this reality, you are moving this forward. This is a wonderful thing to comprehend for you are only now becoming conscious of your own consciousness – which is going to take this Planet to the next stage of your Evolution. This is a conscious spiritual Evolution and a technological evolution. All different areas must be moved forward. But now and for the next fifty years the concentration will be on your population becoming more spiritual and in becoming more spiritual it will be related and translated to a practical level where all the beings on your Earth are fed, watered, clothed, comforted and made to feel as one. You are coming together. There are still obstacles to overcome, of course, but you are going to move forward and transform.

We have great hope for the World. We have great Love for the World. And we are nurturing each and every one of you. Though you are in a diverse, leading edge creative experiment of consciousness. You must accept yourselves for this understanding that you are creating your own reality. There are certain things that are going to happen. That are meant to happen and that will always happen. If you understand the concept of an Acorn growing into a mighty Oak tree, you will understand that the Acorn always has the potential to grow into an Oak tree. And it will always grow into an Oak tree when it is planted and given the right nurturance from Mother Nature, the Earth. It will never grow into a Cherry bush. Therefore understand your design. As humans you are here as conscious Spiritual Beings. And it is your destiny, or your design, whichever way you can understand this concept. This is where you are heading. To hold yourselves back is not a good idea for you will only stunt your growth and bring unhappiness upon yourself.

The beginning of life is joyful and the ending of life is joyful because there is no true Death. Therefore at every stage of your growth from Baby through to Old age as you see it, rejoice in your being. For you will move forward and be reincarnated and reincarnated. Enjoy this happening. There is an understanding on the Earth Plane that it is a wonderful thing to come off the wheel of life and rebirth. However, once you merge into the oneness there is a longing to go back onto the wheel of life and death for it is a wonderful thing. Therefore understand that it is no better to be complete God, complete Love, complete Joy than to be in an understanding of your own creation as individualised beings. It is all one and you must start to enjoy this. You must start to rejoice within this. Of course there are material circumstances within your Earth Plane that you worry about and you think that you are not doing the right thing by or you move into a place of selfishness and only think about yourself. This is part of the human condition and something that you can overcome. Once you move into the next level of understanding of your consciousness you will Love all at all stages.

This is an important beginning to this book. This is an important understanding that you must comprehend in order to move forward. The majority that are reading this are light workers who wish to further their consciousness, who wish to open up and wish to understand how to open up. Understand that Love is the key to your multi-dimensionality; Love is the key to your moving on as far as your consciousness is concerned. We are here; supporting you, helping you and you will only rise to the higher consciousness of instant manifestation when you move your vessel forward to a point of purity. But the reward for this is bliss, is joy, is happiness, laughter and fun and lightness of being. We welcome you, we love you, this is the beginning, and this is the preparation. To walk forward as Spiritual Warriors, to help the Planet, to help yourselves, to help create everything that you desire, all your abundance, all your joy, all your happiness, all your relationships that will bring you forward through the next fifty years. We are here to support you and we Love you.

This is just the beginning. Rejoice; rejoice in yourselves, we are a higher part of your consciousness. But we are you and we are easily attainable, for that is part of your design, it is in your DNA, it is in your consciousness already. We will open you up; we will give you the tools to open yourselves up. And we will always be here for you. We have unconditional Love for you and the true unconditional Love is you. Therefore be brave, be ready to move forward as Warriors of light, of Love.

I am Metatron and I welcome you. I welcome you to your own being. You have come home. You are ready.

This is the intro to the book I channeled last year for Metatron. I had to fast for 20 days before he would give me one word! It is now on and I asked Metatron how I should go about spreading the word about it and within ten minutes I was on a meet up site and there was a chap from NYC who was ALREADY promoting it and arranging meetings to study/meditate from the book. I would appreciate you getting the book if you feel it resonating within you. I am quite excited about it and I send love to all the lightworkers on here.

In love and light

Robbie 🙂