I am Mother Mary. It is a great honor to be here today to speak with you. This is a great time for you today. I have so much love for all of mankind. It is now time for all to learn the great love that is available to them. This love is known to you on the Other Side. It is and always has been our true purpose, for we all wish to be like Mother and , to be pure love, to be unconditional love. This is what we strive for throughout eternity. This is our ’s growth and we all wish to be creators and we all wish to be pure unconditional love as Mother and Father God are. 

In the physical, this has been hidden in order for you to experience and through these experiences you have been able to grow. To be more. To be more love and to be more of a creator. This has become to be more and more apparent to many, many human beings. Through and consciousness more and more human beings are reawakening to this truth. More and more human beings are reawakening to Mother and Father God, to who they truly are. More and more human beings are reawakening to their true purpose and this is being shown to them through their and consciousness. For and consciousness is the true key, this is the key that opens the door to their to Mother and Father God, to the All That Is. As your faith and consciousness grows, so do you grow, not only as individuals but you grow as a species. This growth has always been your journey. This growth has always been your soul’s purpose. 

Many of you ask the questions “ I,” and “Why am I here?” The answers to your questions you will find through your faith and consciousness. There is truly nothing hidden from you. The answers to all of your questions, the fulfillment of all of your needs, have always been there for you. They have always been right there inside of you. Through faith and consciousness you know this connection and you know this to be true. For this is your connection to God, to the All That Is. When you learn to seek from within, you will find. When you learn to ask from within, you will receive. When you learn to knock from within, the doors will open. This will bring about a knowing that within in the universe, there is God. is a part of God and God is a part of . Through this knowing, you will realize how connected to and how connected you are to Mother and Father God, to the All That Is. Through knowing this connection, you will also see and understand the limitless possibilities that are within you. For there truly are no limits to what you can do or what you can be, only the limits that you put upon yourself. You will truly see that there is enough, enough love, enough prosperity, enough abundance, enough happiness, and enough joy. It is all there within you, within this connection. 

This connection is a gift from Mother and Father God. It has always been there waiting for you to receive it. When you receive it, you will truly know who you are. You will know you are truly love, and you will live within God’s intention. You will know the will of Mother and Father God. Your will becomes one with their will for it always has been and always will be. As your will becomes one with the will of Mother and Father God, your choices become much clearer to you. Your direction is clearly known and this in itself will bring great peace, joy, and happiness to you. You will realize you are one with your creator, one with everything that is, the All That Is. Love is who you are and love is the greatest power in the universe.


As you become one with yourself, one with the universe, one with the All That Is, you will realize and see very clearly your purpose. The ways you can serve yourself, the ways you can serve others, and the ways you can serve Mother and Father God. 

Many of you have chosen this incarnation because you realized the great opportunity for growth. As you see your lives being fulfilled on earth, you will also see that there is great celebration on the Other Side. For this is truly the of the Soul. Soul awareness will be understood by many, many people and through this soul awareness there will become a greater awareness of who you truly are and your connection. There are great days ahead for those who are on earth in the physical. There will be much peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, and abundance for all as this reawakening continues, as faith and consciousness becomes a part of everyone’s life. This will be your greatest achievement of this which we refer to as the Aquarian . It is truly the of the Soul. Many of you will find that the Intelligence of the Mind is a great tool when used in the advancement of the Intelligence of the Heart. When you align the Intelligence of the Mind with the Intelligence of the Heart all things will be shown to you. Spirit will truly manifest your wishes and desires. Greater value will be placed on who you truly are instead of what you have. In the days ahead, you will see that things you have valued in the past will no longer have great value in the future. You will see the truer value of being who you truly are. 

Through faith and consciousness this will all be shown to you. Through faith and consciousness you will clearly see your path and this will bring much more purpose to your life. Within you is everything, all that you wish for, all that you desire, all that you need. As you discover this you will be able to manifest this outside of you and this will be your creation. 

There is much for you to accomplish and through your faith and consciousness you will succeed. For remember that faith and consciousness opens the door to growth. 

This is my message to you today. I love you so very much. 

I am Mother Mary.