4 April 2011, GODDESS-OF-LIGHT

Connecting with the people we have known and still know on a new level. We are vibrating at a higher level of love now and this will continue to increase as the next couple of years present themselves. This above all else triggers us to shake free of anything that would cause us to be separate. It is a time of allowing more love to be in our lives, transforming our relationships with ourselves and others.

We are also moving into a time of seeing things more clearly with out the dark foggy glasses of fear. Everything that You do can be from a place of love and inspired from spirit. It could look like anything from heading up a high powered company, writing a book at home or growing vegetables in your garden. The practice is and always has been to stay connected and come from a loving place with whatever You choose to do.

Your own personal life needs to be in alignment with forward movement. The support You need and the nurturance to fulfill this new level of being is your responsibility. When it is right for You it is right for You and You will find the ways to take responsibility for supporting and nurturing yourself.

We are breaking free from our past. We are no longer willing to stay in a position of holding because we have recognized our potential and are so ready to use it to create and expand into the world. These next weeks (and depending on who You are) maybe months this of expansion will be well used and expressed.

So much of what is happening, needs to happen, before You can attract or bring it out into experience. Remember that moving on something before You are fully aligned with it will cause You to expend more energy to bring it in to being. Being still allowing yourself to find peace in the non action will cause the energy of a thing to happen more easily and quicker.

The alignment within draws your desires to You versus you having to go out seeking and searching. By watching for the unexpected outcomes and meetings You can recognize how powerful being in alignment really is.

Get lined up energetically for yourself with who You are, then when You come together with another doing the same, magic ensues. This type of relationship, partnership or friendship creates something bigger than just two individuals and the possibilities are endless.

For so many it has been a long winter and indicators show that the sun is here and the glorious new growth of spring will be showing itself very soon.

Any of You that have recognized that the majority of what You do is to attain joy and peace and how You can go there without having to achieve anything, Hurrah!! Enjoy moving at your own pace and doing what gives You that feeling of enjoyment and serenity, right from the beginning.

Action: Allow Yourself to experience the sun everyday and let it recharge You. Take time everyday to slow down and breath more fully and deeply.