Dear Friends and Family of Gaia,

Long before planets were known to have specific orbits it was thought that they wandered the heavens; the last and lost remains of some great and powerful being. We know so much more than that , yet we still know very little about our solar system, our own , and ourselves. Gaia says that these days we look as if we are holding our breath, and wonders how long it will be before we let it out. There is no doubt that there is a lot going on in almost every pocket and corner of life — our physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and structural lives are changing.

About a year ago, Gaia commented that while we have never been more in of our lives, we have never felt less in . And she added that we had a few years left to reconcile this and other paradoxes. How can we do that, I asked? "By riding the paradox as if it were a wave," she said. "By accelerating to the of light." Thinking back to that moment, I recently asked how we were doing in our acceleration process. Gaia's reply was, "Fine. But it is difficult to accelerate to the of light while pausing to look behind you. No one is pursuing you and the past is already spent. It is time to look forward in earnest. The best way to catch the future is from the now. You can still get there from the past, but it is the longer way." I share these words with you now, because many of the letters I receive express a concern that we might not make it, or get there in time or from here, yet Gaia reminds us (as often as necessary) that time is made of flexible light and that we are the authors of our own journeys.

I am sometimes asked what it is like to see the world through Gaia's "eyes". Honestly, it is such a privilege! I actually experience the world through Gaia's very centered heart. It is a very balanced place, filled with unconditional love, compassion and grace. It is unhurried and has no agenda other than to help us progress if that is what we want to do. Gaia is not a foolish old planet, and if you have ever attended one of my seminars you would know that it's not easy to put something over on Gaia without getting tripped up in the process. So, maybe the way she sees us is how we really are – eager and inquisitive, creative and loving, and sometimes thoughtless, imprudent or arrogant. In spite of the dire predictions that abound these days, I continue to see a future for that includes source and resources. I'm still betting on us to get it, make it, learn it and fix it. Join me?

~ Pepper

Gaia's Message
"Humanity cannot (consciously or unconsciously) inflict lasting or permanent damage upon the earth. The earth is a self-learning, self-healing "system" and so is humanity. My sentience knows what humanity is capable of, from the best to the worst. You are not the first race to have thought of nuclear weapons or to have experimented with them. Longer ago than you can remember and several ages before this one the earth knew another nuclear age in which the surface exploded from nuclear blasts that had been launched from space. It should not be difficult to imagine that many of those who protect the earth today were perpetrators then, for life sees to such details. Of that time it was said that it would not, could not happen again, yet humanity once again holds its breath and contemplates its own destruction.
Humanity is capable of disabling life to the degree that life has evolved; yet to do so would set it back by a measure and a half. Humanity is capable of disfiguring the surface of the earth and the diversity of life. Even so, the earth would soon reveal a different face and "skin" to match.
Gaia is no stranger to the dangers whose play humanity enacts daily and not oblivious to the shadow thoughts that now and ever tempt humankind. It is the way of the corridors of the third dimension, particularly at the cusp of the dawn of a next/new age.
Know that there is an intelligence that surrounds and protects thoughts and things with both matter and might. This divine intelligence situated far and beyond the earth has outlived and outlasted all moments, precious and predatory alike. Shadow is its companion, light its reflection, and truth its .

Whether or not humankind harms another being or itself it will come to know the outcome of its expression. My words are not justifications for mankind to adjust its behavior. In fact, they are an invitation to do so swiftly, without guilt or prejudice. It is best for humanity to look at the future with hope and creativity, and to move quickly to repair and reinvent those things that do not support health and wellbeing. The longer that guilt and other densities are carried, the longer it will take to move into the places and spaces that have the knowledge to evolve and heal gracefully." ~ Gaia

Gaia through Pepper Lewis