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Please meet Drekx Omega, a ground crew member of the
Posted on March 31, 2011

Salutations dear fellow Lightbearers! I wanted to share some information that Commander Omega has posted on another site in regards to preparations for disclosure. No, lol, there has been no date given… but for those of you allied with the GFL it may make your heart feel better to hear what Drekx has to say about this matter. He is a wonderful person who is very patient and knowledgeable about the GFL as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascended Masters. The diligent student of esotericism would do well to look up his previous postings, there is a gold mine of research there lol. And I may add too that even thought Drekx is a telepath, this is not "channelled" information, it is straight from the horses mouth, as it were.…

Dearly beloved souls (“dratzo” in the Sirian language,)

Blessings of light to all here.

I have necessarily been absent from these boards for the past few days, engaged in important and difficult GFL preparatory work, relating to the possible worse case scenario of an emergency First Contact, expedited in the event of our Earth Ally’s failure to neutralise the dark governments (UK, US, etc,) within the necessary planetary ascension timeframe…And thus was rapidly activated, specifically in connection with our Sirian project, under the umbrella codename of “Decra Zau,” which was originally created in January 2006 (1 Cauac, 2 Yax, 1 Caban) to speed up First Contact, by removing all barriers to it’s divinely decreed manifestation. This project now includes the option of enabling emergency mass landings of our fleet scout ships, making physical terran touchdowns upon vast swathes of rural farmland, greens, fields, parks and assorted open spaces, in my allocated landings sector and jointly co-ordinated with GFL Ground Crew, in other European and American sectors too…

My command sector for the landings (emergency scenario) plan encompasses responsibility for south east England (East Anglia and Kent,) so Movella and I scouted ahead, preparing the possible locations for the sites, on the 27th March…we had a comprehensive Atar security brief, that included Federation technical details that I’m not allowed to divulge, currently. So I cannot describe our special aetheric devices and the detailed technical specs associated with our defence systems, in this article…as hostiles may be reading. But I can say that only the very basics will be covered here, which nevertheless, may be of interest to you..

I spent the whole of Tuesday 29th March, with Commander Vashtar, setting defence beacons on the perimeters of specially selected landing grids, within the beautiful green countryside of the English county of Suffolk, including our well visited and somewhat better known sector area at Capal Green, near Rendlesham forest…the nearby military base now usefully vacated by the USAF.

On Wednesday 30th March, I worked that wet day with Sandara and when we arrived at the scheduled anchoring phase, she cheerfully instructed me to relay her aetherically beamed energies, with me painfully grounding them (“ouch….I’ll wear my jumpsuit next time..!”) at numerous geomantically selected co-ordinate points, on open fields in the Walderingfield area, usually four or five per vertical landing strip… and they have invisibly remained there in readiness, in the event that they will be needed..This exercise was repeated in the Newbourne area and surrounding countryside…and maybe dowsers will notice something strange in those fields, now…??

After several time-compressed “odurs” (hours) of work, (a day is one “musal”) we had established potential force-field protected defence grids, designed for multiple scoutship landings, that cannot be attacked by the RAF from the air, nor special forces (SAS) from the ground..Even so, it is planned that our Atar defence ships (those famous triangular craft) will accompany all landings, to deter any government aggression….Landed craft are always more vulnerable to attack, as we deactivate the implosion reactors when in readiness for the embarkation and disembarkation of crew and passengers.

Further joint operational Ground Crew/Flight Crew teams (psi, sigma and epsilon) had been working in my expanded sector areas also, instructed to repeat the same processes as described, in rural locations, always away from population centres, the personnel involved to remain incognito, for the time being. The whole of my landings command sector completed within two “musals,” which was pleasing, as I enjoy a good challenge, as does my Crew.

This required emergency preparedness is not an ideal situation, but will be activated in the event that our Earth Allies fail in their difficult mission to topple the dark governments, who remain fixed upon a deadly outcome for all…and are currently in the process of trying to start WW3, with David Cameron at the front of the “charge of the dark brigade,” in .

Yet, in spite of appearances to the contrary and all the things not being reported to you in the , we are confident that the preferred option will prevail and had prior received instructions from the akanowai , to make such contingency planning objective, so that failure to instigate a first contact would not be allowed to develop, unchecked. Our Sirian strategy has always possessed multiple facets of variable factors, covering all contingencies and projected permutations, as events our engineered to play out upon the timeline.

Now that this landing grid contingency planning and execution has been rendered complete, at least for my sector of responsibility, I can happily describe it to you in my deliberately peripheral way on a public forum, as this constructed work cannot realistically be nullified now, using earth technologies, including some of those more exotic devices still in the Illuminoid’s rapidly shrinking arsenal, which we still have a joyous habit of destroying for them, prior to any effective deployment by their dark forces…. Yet, still we like to maintain some caution when describing recent events, to protect the crew personnel involved and the technical aspects of the advanced technologies utilised….Technologies that the dark have long coveted.

Dear friends, the Sirians are lovingly and dutifully here, but would surely prefer to be more open with you, less covert, yet, for the moment, must remain hidden from official (if not always from plain) sight, in order to protect you from the reactions of your own dark governments, who have stubbornly demonstrated much determination to take their pathway to hell…and to vindictively take you along with them. Yet plans are being prepared to thwart their insanely nefarious machinations, by secret forces within our own Lighted Federation…the GFL.

So be joyfully focussed upon a desirable reunion with our star family, for that blessed time has arrived for some and is rapidly approaching the lives and reality matrices of many others. Remember the power of your thoughts and energies of hopeful loving expectancy? Starseeds, with your open willingness, dedication and preparatory hard work, you may also serve within our GFL Ground Crew cause, but you will be selected at the right time and will be activated when the circumstances require your particular skill-sets to be utilised…..many will be called to serve then in a more active way. Those dear Souls upon the 3rd, 5th and 7th rays, being of particular applicable service to the aims of “Decra Zau,” as they fall within the line of power and thus, are of objective usefullness to the Plan, in these historical times of planetary transition. Note that under the Plan of the Logos, 1st ray souls are not currently incarnated upon the earth, as their work was completed in an earlier phase of the cycle.

1-3-5-7 = line of power (objective application of spiritual service)

2-4-6 = line of love (subjective application of spiritual service)

And let nobody assume that because our revolution is a quite one, that it is not achieving the desired results..

We are the workers of white magic and have prepared miracles for the world, as the planet passes ever more completely into the age of Aquarius and the incoming seventh ray increases in potency, allowing for a of cultural synthesis to occur between terrestrial and celestial humans.

Selamat Kasijaram Zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”)

Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

March 31, 2011

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