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Friday, 8 April, 2011  (posted 11 April, 2011)

Pluto turns retrograde @ 7°30′ Capricorn on April 9th, 2011 and remains retrograde until September 16th, 2011 when direct station occurs at 4°53′ Capricorn.

Transformational Pluto seeks to empower individual and societal entities through the eradication of that which is non-beneficial and incongruous to the future well-being of said entity. Pluto assists us in reinventing portions of our lives that we were previously unable, or unwilling, to adapt on our own so that we might move forward on our path unencumbered by previous obstacles or outworn patterns/programs.

Governmental structures and large business institutions are beholden to Capricorn and while Pluto transits this sign these area’s are being continually, if seemingly at times slowly, purified to the core. As of the current time that I am penning this post, we in the U.S. are just a few short hours away from finding out if the “threat”(as termed by some mainstream media venues) of a Governmental Shutdown of “non-essential departments and programs” becomes a reality.

If this shutdown occurs it will be just hours before Pluto officially turns retrograde. Regardless if the shutdown takes place or no, the next weeks that Pluto remains on this retrograde degree will likely churn up previously “hidden” information related to this situation. As Uranus and Pluto tighten their square in the forthcoming weeks agitation in the U.S.  over this situation will likely be strongly present within public sentiment and may be the impetus for much larger changes occurring in 2012 and onward when the Uranus-Pluto squares come exact. Of course since September of 2010 while Pluto has been traveling direct numerous significant global events have occurred that relate directly to the transformation of Capricorn structures and those events too shall be revisited at another level if Pluto deems it necessary.

Pluto is non-discriminatory, and while transiting Capricorn which is ruled by , we are all being brought to accountability() for the manners in which we lend our power(pluto) to Capricorn structures and are urged to redefine or better develop our personal authority() in regards to the usage of our power(pluto). It is my opinion that individuals and collective agencies that exemplify true authority in regards to their personal power never seek to garner the power of others via threats of any nature or course.

“Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.”
Blaise Pascal

Pluto in Capricorn insists that individuals acknowledge the reality(saturn) of these larger structures so that effective changes can occur that will foster the institution of future agencies and structures that do not seek to garner the power of many for the benefit of a few. With Capricorn’s Saturn transiting Libra, the sign of justice, balance and equalities, we are receiving many lessons that will no doubt be applied more thoroughly to our individual and collective Capricorn affairs as time goes on.

On the personal level, while Pluto energies have a stronger inner-presence during retrograde it’s a great time to find clarity in where one stands on these these collective issues. Inner-directed Pluto is also fabulous for receiving direction on where one might want to implement changes that will allow for a greater sense of self-empowerment.

Keep in mind while working towards reinvention of self-concerns, or when observing the reworking of collective area’s, that Pluto preforms deep clearings on a slower time scale than other astral energies. This may help to reduce any frustration arising from feeling as if some things will never change for all things are continually changing. Patience(saturn) and endurance(capricorn) are necessary during these years of transformation(pluto). {{and that is mostly a reminder for myself for patience has never been one of my better developed attributes!!}}

Blessings~Kachina Houska

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