What do you expect will happen in 2012?

It will be easier to ascend, but it’s an individual process

5       26.3%    


Nothing sudden, but improvements will be gradually manifested

4       21.1%    


We all will be ascended in a of an eye

2       10.5%    


Many people will be telepathic so the consciousness towards oneness is accelerated

2       10.5%    


People will act more from the heart

2       10.5%    


It’s a non event: everything will proceed as usual

1       5.3%      


It’s only the end of the reign of the dark cabal

1       5.3%      


It’s the end of the world

1       5.3%      


One world government will be implemented

1       5.3%      


Many people will be transformed into highly psychic beings

0       0%         


There will be mass ET landings and official first contact

0       0%         


will be officially introduced and deployed. Linear will end

0       0%         



Number of Voters

 :  19

First Vote

 :  Sunday, 17 2011 18:55

Last Vote

 :  Sunday, 24 April 2011 18:51


19 votes. That's not really much.

Clearly, most voters don't expect 2012 to be a spectacular event. Things will be better, but gradual.

Some voters (2) believe 2012 will be ascended in a .

The minority believes in the more negative .

I believe in a positive outcome, simply because I don't need more lessons of lower vibrational nature. I am done with them and am ready to forgive and forget. Whether the transformation is sudden or gradual is not important to me.

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