Because there is some catching up to do with these messages, I decided that I put some of the older messages today and the newer messages next week. Needless to say, these are very interesting messages, otherwise I would have skipped them.



April 3rd, 2011
Channeled by , M.A.

Preface by Jay concerning “time&; and predictability:
Channeling has been proven correct many times and in numerous ways, even on this very blog , but it has also proven incorrect a few times concerning time. I feel this may be due to the fact that time doesn’t exist in the 5th dimension and that life experience or Karma may be a better for the passing of events. Would it be better to provide predictions, not based on something like “within the next 24 hours”, which has turned out to be wrong, but rather as a comparison to other events, such as you will see the earthquake after the second full moon from now? Please answer on timing and the ways it can be incorrect – it is a major reason people do not trust channeling.
Also, most of the earthquakes that have happened around our globe in the last few months were successfully predicted by this blog (which has been amazing!). I’m curious that so many were mentioned but was not despite some pretty major activity there; did you know about , was it unexpected, or was it purposefully hidden for some reason.
SeRenShitha, and any others who hear me now, I am very thankful for this opportunity to share your words and wisdom for our world. Thank you!

I am SeRenShitha. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!
It is true concerning our immersion in time. It is as you say that we do not celebrate time as an outside influence, but as learning and experience. As the vast majority of humans cannot comprehend the knowledgeable pacification of Karma in comparison to the passage of time, this is why we attempt to convey messages in such style. It has been wrong sometimes for myriad reasons, some which you can understand, some which you can’t. Once an action is predicted and expected, it does not mean it will happen right away, and the will of a powerful being can extend the result for a very large amount of time as you comprehend it. It is rare but does happen. Heard [I (Jay) thought of day we will see them worldwide].
Chile earthquakes are indeed a part of the alignment of planet and is a direct focal point of three rods. There will be continued action. It was not mentioned because there was already ongoing activity and there will be the same to come; there are not to be any large and damaging earthquakes or tsunamis generated due to Chile area earthquakes to our knowledge at this junction.

I am SeRenShitha. It is a truly wondrous and glorious time for the peoples of your of Earth planet and your Gaia herself. The changes have been steadily moving, mostly by nature but with some tweaking on Our part. To allay your concern with time specific dates I will convey this message by experiences had and to be had. In the world of your economics, for millennia you have been controlled, so much that you perceive money as the only viable means of life interaction for balance. This combined with your very nature of perceived individuality makes it wondrously difficult to change this system. However, it is time and your planet has undergone significant changes to your higher bodies; your purpose for living is becoming more understood on a planetary level rather than intricately as individual choice-makers. As this is becoming the normal modus operandi of humanity in many factions it is nearing time to allow the works of our and your efforts to meet fruition.

What you will soon see, as the American government fails to ratify an acceptable budget – around April 8th as planned – and as the Chinese come to life after a long wise slumber – happening now – and as forces of Socialism bring forth an economic plan for humanity which will allow fairness for all citizens – April 8th to 10th as expected – we will see the corroboration of a trifold set of a singular event in massive change, overnight as it were, and your Gaia will take its first steps as a child of the . I cannot say we will be seen by all on those exact circumstances, but the time is indeed coming in very short order.

We from Sirius, and many, many other non-Earth planet groupings have had a large impact on not letting from your nuclear plant in Japan endanger your humanity. There is obviously the potential for an earth near-extinction scenario as the reactors in Japan are set to explode with full upward force. This is a god war level of explosion and is simply not fathomable or comprehendible to the citizenry of your earth Gaia. As this is so, there are people beginning to know that there simply must be some outside influence because given the situation with your plutonium, the rods would have already had an catastrophic event. We do not expect a significant explosion. There are however very powerful forces pushing and betting on the further damage possibility and these Dark Ones are not completely subdued in there horrific efforts for control. They will grasp at any straw to avoid their belief their time is done in the ruling menagerie.

Central Europe is the next fore in the changing of dimensional channels. Expect earthquakes from , through , to the seas in the . It will not likely be a significant newsworthy set of events but it will surely be an increase. The set of events will be noticed but not fear-focusing.

I sense questions about Agartha but admit your Agarthan friends will better answer those for you.

I am SeRenShitha. I found one question particularly worth answering – do we enjoy arts and mathematics here. It is a part of our very Essence and we do enjoy them so. We feel the breath of the creator in constant flow and although our music is not what you experience it as, we do feel the same effects as you when you listen. It is immersed into our soul. It is the same with mathematics although it is not appreciated in the same manner – it is only on occasion that an outside source performs some action of immense mathematical quickness that we take pleasure. For mathematics it would be comparison to you enjoying your breath coming into and out of your bodies.

There will be more very soon and I wish to address some further questions. I also gain from your questions as it allows me to embrace the lived understanding of separateness which I cannot currently do and have not for many a century in your time.
End. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! I am pleased we have these exchanges.

Source: Intuitive Choice