Interesting channel. I don't know how true it is. Please use your discernment.



19 April, 2011
Channeled by , M.A.
Sirian visitation by Jay Bland, M.A. Psychology (channeled title)

I am here. Selamat Ja! We are more alike than ever, you and I, and these changes will keep on through week after week. More changes for more “individuals” of your Earth Gaia will recognize the change and take steps to change it and elevate it him- or herself.

It is I, SeRenShitha. Let it flow, I know you are hesitant, but understand, as we always said, that what is communicated through you will find its way to the correct voices and minds. Even if what we say through you is false, it will reach the right minds – this is not a forthright task in every instance.

The changes to the economic gristmill have already happened in the world-mind but are being held back as long as is possible. There is a man in who you will need to listen to. He is and has always been an agent of the Dark Ones and will not be changing anytime soon. However, He has been chosen to be a spokesman for the stalemate turned demise of the economic system – it is His words that will cause the collapse, and he takes this as quite the honor!

> this is a minor interjection, but why did you transmit his named pronoun in capital letters?

Timothy Geithner has been raised for generation after generation to become the figurehead he is now, a powerful figurehead despite the mixed terminology. He has been elevated to the status of 33rd degree and always with this status comes the capitalization. He is a god among men to many of his peers.

I am SeRenShitha and this day is a grand day, by proclamation. Your sense is correct that I am building a transmission body, just as your 5th body is being built. It is very short order before all will see my face and my body in physical form. We, the , The Galactic Brotherhood of Light, the Masters Ascended, the , and numerous, numerous other groups have set a final date and deadline for the Ascension. It has always been of Divine Decree but there have always been too many variables to make the decree for your Earth Sphere and Core as a specific Galactic timestamp. Various groups have predicted chorrectly (her spelling, specifically) and have earned their place on the , Higher. We value the input of so, so many groups of individuals and Spiritual Leaders living and passed in the Earth Sphere. You will before long be involved in the very same accordance from our perspective – each of you, for other planetary cultures around the galaxies are approaching the same jump of light which your Earth planet has accomplished. Yes it is indeed accomplished! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! There is no turning back now and nothing in-carnation that the Evil Ones can do. It has been long, sad centuries watching the mind-light going on false (unfertile) grounds. Yes, unfertile, grounds.

I am SeRenShitha. Take this note of advice for all who read and listen. Know that your bodies are but a crispy hard that has been a home for your Essence. It is not needed, just as a snail builds onto his old but eventually cannot build any longer, it is time for you all to celebrate the butterfly apocalypse and spread your lovely white wings. You will have fear, like jumping afar into a cold river or your first scalpel cut in a live surgery. You must recognize that those pale in comparison and this leap of light faith you are taking is similar to only the breakthrough of enlightenment, which many of you have not yet accomplished. Love and gratitude are amongst your greatest gifts through this time – they should be brought into conscious awareness dozens of times each and every single day! Selamat Gajun will not wait for you – it is Here, Now. It is time!

I wish to share some specifics, at my channel’s request, for how to enbirth your higher 5th body core. Some of you will sense nothing, some will sense a wisp of zeth (silver-yellow body), some will know the whole higher Essential body, and some will have already metamorphed and begun shedding your cocoon. Each of the forms and stages mentioned will be visible at the crown chakra area above each of your heads. Zeth is the substance which is a combinatorial structure between Divine and the mundane physical shell you believe to be your home. It is what leaves when you travel and it is what communes when you distance heal; it is the Essence of natural light and love. When you see or sense your 5th body above you, take time to recognize it, build it, fill the heart.

You, each of you, will be blossoming and birthing this zethwisp come , come Essential conduit. I ask that you drink energy-infused clean, fresh water many, many times each . You will find that your perceived body now is but a shell as I discussed, it will be a natural interconnection and accomplishment when you recognize you no longer need it and can create at will.

There will be numerous world changes and energy biddings before the end of the physical. Take these, pass them on, share them with anyone who will listen! You are being offered a worldload of new technologies and ideas now because you, in America, have been suffered as slaves for nye that long and it is time to release your bondage chains. Other countries have been in the dark for much longer. We like America’s role in the Lightform, even though it has been a work of Dark since the colonization began.

*** half asleep and don’t want to take the following paragraph as properly channeled, however I didn’t want to delete it, so it’s here, with a preface. I’ll channel for earthquake data very soon ***
There is but one last earthquake description, the predictions have been serving their purpose. Along the Western coast of Northern America there is a caldera of lava; it extends out past the coast line of . It is known by some of your famed Geologists. This area is in danger. Twenty miles off the shore, forty south of the bordergate of the Oregon border will see a very large earthquake which will down forests (pictured fire and some from earthquakes) – it is forecasted but not yet released as with fire or other disasters. Consider this statement your warning. A 7.9 earthquake off the coast of .



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