Hello to you, it is I, here to speak to you in this way, as we must speak in this way at this time for it is the best way to speak to each of you, to hear our message.


At this time all is coming into a new feeling of and in this much is being dredged up from the bottom. Much is coming forth to be purged from the depths that we have hidden from ourselves and from the view of others as well.


In this there is much judgment that is coming forth from yourselves. Judgments of this darkness, as you see it in others and as you hide it from the depths of your soul.


We have to say that in truth nothing is hidden, all is known in truth, for to be in clarity we see all that is within and without.


We and others of the Ascended Masters who look upon this are not in judgments of this darkness, but in understanding of the lessons each of you have come to learn. Not only in learning, but also in revealing the truth to yourself and we ask you to reveal the truth to yourself first.


Go into the depths that you have hidden from yourself. To do this, yes it takes and yes you have all the in the universe to help you to be that now, here and in the glory that is your true nature.


We ask all upon the earth to listen to their hearts, to be not afraid of what you find within you for you have all the power to see, but we must remind you to see clearly you must release these judgments you have upon yourselves.


Know that yes this has been a process, and yet all the universe is here now for support, for in the revealing to yourself you create the room for growth, for acceptance and in that you will be healed from all troubles, even the ones you fear you don&;t even know yet!


We ask you to see fear clearly as what it is.. What is it?


Fear is the darkness, the unknown, in the unknown you falter for you all have been taught to fear the unknown, to pull away from it, to hide. We ask you with much grace and courage to fear not!


Fear not the beauty that lies hidden deep within you, the unknown beckons you to come into the darkness within yourself, so as to reveal the light, for in all darkness is the light as well. This is a truth that you will discover as you let go of the fear to reclaim who you are and the power within each of your beings..


You are the spark of Creator, you are the within everything and you have the courage to see clearly, use it now…


Go forth and be the witness to your secrets for they can no longer cause you to be in disregard of the wisdom within, no longer can you hide from yourselves and in this is the greatest !


We ask you to see clearly and be not afraid of what you see, see without judgments and you will see as we do, you will see the beauty in everything and it will bring such strength to you, such wisdom will pour forth from your being and balance this fear that has such a tight grip upon this system for eons, eons of your time…


Now is the time to gain all. Now is the time to be clear and now is the time to stand in your truth. To do this you must go within, so nothing can take you off balance again.


So again and again gain the wisdom by revealing the darkest layers to yourself and fear not what you find within you, you have all the power to do this now and it is your service to yourself and in that the greatest service to all that is.


Return to balance now, here upon this world and look not outside of yourself for the answers for each of you have the connection to all that is deep within you, turn inward to find this strength and courage and to find the center, your center of balance.


We leave with this to ponder, who created you? When do you want to know this? How shall you come to terms with all that is creation?


We ask this so you may find the answers within you and in this we can get this show on the road, so to speak!


Know that nothing out there will satisfy this urge and look to your power within you to be and provide for all your needs. As you reclaim this power you shall see and know how universes are created and we leave you with that.


Call to us to help hold the space with you so as you may go deeper still to reveal all the power within the universe and the order of that power as well.


Be kind to yourself and each other and just for today, release the judgments, for they serve you no longer, nor to where you are traveling, in this road to reclamation.


We love you endlessly and have such feelings of support and admiration at your strengths in this endeavor, we are on your side to bring peace, comfort, safety, joy and love, ask and it is given….


Be who you are,

We thank all of you….