2 Famous Cases

ufologist Antonio Ribera

People vanishing into thin air in front of witnesses, never to be seen again, does it really happen?. There are countless stories from around the world of this incredibly weird phenomena. The most famous of these disappearing stories is of David Lang, who supposedly disappeared from his farm one day in full view of his wife, his two children, and two visiting friends, one of which was a well respected . It seems that David Lang suddenly dropped off the face of the earth mid step in the middle of his field.

I like to present the following story and this information is from veteran Spanish ufologist Antonio Ribera’s Secuestrados por Extraterrestres “Abducted by Extraterrestrials” – Planeta, 1981.



The Nanny and the daughter:

In Barcelona, 1976 a well-to-do couple were at the airport about to embark on a holiday with their Nanny and young daughter. The husband left the family for a short while to collect his plane tickets. Upon returning to his great horror his wife was the only one there. The Nanny and the daughter had mysteriously disappeared. The wife was not concerned as she though that the Nanny had merely taken the daughter to the bathroom. As time passed the Nanny and daughter were nowhere to be found. Security was alerted, and the airport checked. No trace of either of the missing persons was found. A humble old woman supposedly approached the distraught mother, advising her to pray for the return of her daughter, at which point two amazing things happened; the elderly woman vanished into the encircling crowd of onlookers and the Nanny appeared holding the child sitting right next to the mother.

The Nanny was quizzed on where she was and where she had taken the child. She replied that she had been sitting in that position with the child all along and had never moved. Another incredible thing was that the child was physically stuck to the Nanny, as if glued to her. The husband literally had to tear his daughter from the Nanny’s arms to free her. He noticed that her arms were turning an unusual shade of red. The family still boarded a flight to their holiday destination with the Nanny who then proceeded to have hysterics and had to be restrained half way through the flight. The family could no longer take their holiday due to the deteriorating condition of the Nanny and returned home immediately. The Nanny was then admitted to hospital and heavily sedated. Clinical Hypnotist Francisco Rovatti later on hypnotized the Nanny in an effort to reveal what had really happened at the airport. It was claimed that the Nanny had heard “an unpleasant sounding male voice” summoning her as she sat next to the mother at the airport. Efforts to go beyond that point would send the Nanny into uncontrollable hysterics. Rovatti observed that the Nanny had a tremendously powerful post-hypnotic block that had been put in place from the moment that she had seen a red light on the floor. It was decided that to push the Nanny further would jeopardize her life and so no further investigations were made.

A very strange “lost in time” story!

Flight 19:

Flt19 bermuda

2:10 p.m. on the afternoon of 5 December 1945 five Avenger torpedo bombers (TBM’s) left the Naval Air Station at . They never returned home.

5 Navy TBM Avenger torpedo bombers left Ft Lauderdale on a training mission. They were to fly to several points in the Atlantic and return to the base in , covering a distance of 320 miles. Radio conversations between the pilots were detectable by base and other aircraft in the area. It was known that the practice bombing operation was completed successfully. The first sign of trouble came with the transmission, “I don’t know where we are. We must have got lost after that last turn.” The transmission was heard by another flight instructor, Lieutenant Robert F. Fox in FT-74, who tried to help the lost flight regain their bearings. Lieutenant Charles Carroll Taylor, the flight leader of the lost squadron, transmitted, “Both of my compasses are out and I am trying to find Fort Lauderdale, . I am over land but it’s broken. I am sure I’m in the Keys but I don’t know how far down and I don’t know how to get to Fort Lauderdale.” Lt. Fox then advised them to put the sun on his port wing and fly north up the coast to Fort Lauderdale.


FT – 28: piloted by the Flight Leader, Navy Liutenant Charles Carroll Taylor. It was a TBM-3 – BuNo 23307.
Crew: AOM 3rd class George F. Devlin was gunner and Walter R. Parpart RMC3c was radioman.

FT – 36: piloted by Marine Captain Edward Joseph Powers. It was a TBM-1E – BuNo 46094.
Crew: Howell O. Thompson was gunner and George R. Paonessa was radioman.

FT – 81: piloted by Marine 2nd Liutenant Forrest J. Gerber. It was a TBM-1C. BuNo 46325.
Crew: Only one, Pfc. William Lightfoot. Corporal Allen Kosner had asked to be excused from the exercise.

FT- 3: piloted by Navy Ensign Joseph T. Bossi. It was a TBM-1C. BuNo 45714.
Crew: S1c Herman A. Thelander was gunner and  S1c Burt E. Baluk was radioman.

FT- 117: piloted by Captain George W. Stivers. BuNo 73209.
Crew: Sgt. Robert F. Gallivan and Pvt. Robert F. Gruebel.

At 15:45 the Fort Lauderdale tower received a call but instead of requesting landing instructions, the flight leader Charles Carroll Taylor sounded confused and worried.

Lt Charles Carroll Taylor

“Cannot see land, we seem to be off course.”  —he informed the tower.

“What is your position?” —the tower asked. There were several moments of silence.

“We cannot be sure where we are,” —the flight leader announced. “Repeat: Cannot see land.”

Several transmissions were passed back and forth between the flight leader and the other four bombers. They headed one way, and then the next, trying to find anything familiar, any place to land. The last transmission heard from Lt. Taylor was “All planes close up tight.

. . .we’ll have to ditch unless landfall . . .when the first plane drops below 10 gallons, we all go down together.” It soon became apparent that Lt. Taylor, for some unknown reason, turned his command over to another pilot who anxiously transmits: “We can’t tell where we are . . .everything is . . .can’t make out anything. We think we may be about 225 miles northeast of base . . .” For a few moments the pilot rambles incoherently before saying the last words ever heard from Flight 19: “It looks like we are entering white water . . .We’re completely lost…completely…”  The 5 Naval bombers were never seen again.

Minutes after the last transmission, a Mariner flying boat with rescue equipment is sent towards the area of Flight 19′s transmission. Ten minutes after take-off, the pilot of the Mariner checks in with the tower and is never heard from again. The Coast Guard, Navy ships and aircraft search 250,000 square miles for the next 5 days, hoping to find some sign of the 5 Avengers or the Mariner, but saw neither oil slick nor wreckage in fact they didn’t find anything at all. Feeling of hope went up in 1990, wreckage of an Avenger was raised from the ocean floor, but was later positively identified as, NOT one of the missing planes. A curious footnote to this story is that one of the planes of Flight 19 was missing a crew member. Marine Corporal Allan Kosner was given special permission to stay on land that day because he had an unshakeable preminition of danger.

No trace of the Mariner or Avengers have ever been found, not to this present date!

Rescue Plane : Mariner Navy flying boat

Every year, several authors, documentary writers and producers get together with Allan to research and do stories about Flight 19, such as the , , the National Geographic, Sci-Fi Channel, and the , as well as people from other countries. They have all turned to McElhiney, who has become a gatekeeper for facts surrounding the event. The mystique and intrigue over what really happened to the airmen, has kept interest high about the men lost on that fateful day.  A detailed account can be found in Richard Winer’s book “The Devil’s Triangle”, and in his documentary movie of the same name, narrated by Vincent Price.

In 1989, Allan and Frank Hill were brought into the Everglades to investigate a TBM Avenger crash site which was revealed after a fire. This plane was determined NOT to be part of Flight 19.

Fantastic authentic photos of Flight 19, and the in 1945.


Source: Ray Alex Website