14 April 2011  

I follow a living enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. His ashram- a Vedic learning center- is located in the tropical South Indian state of Karnataka. Since it's not always possible for His followers to be there with Him, He has found unconventional, but beautiful, ways to stay in touch in this technological age. In much the same way that we, here on Lightworkers, stay in touch online, so, too, does Swamiji (as we call Him) keep in touch with His followers online. He does this particularly through YouTube videos (He's the most watched spiritual guru on the site) and also, through live discourses called eN TV. (For Enlightened Nithyananda Television.) Of course, it's wonderful to have your master a mere click of the mouse away, but sometimes, we yearn for His physical presense, and the beautiful ambiance of the ashram, famous for it's thousand year old banyan tree, and huggable deity, Dakshinamoorthy- in His embodiment as the young enlightened sage. (In many Vedic ashrams and temples, the deities can only be touched by the pundits. In Swamiji's ashram, anybody who visits is welcome to hug Danshinamoorthy, who radiates a very powerful .)

Swamiji is shaking things up in the world of Indian spirituality by going beyond out-moded conventions. His ashram welcomes both male and female seekers, and offers equal rights. He allows women to train to do the same duties as the temple priests, and has even declared that one day, He will have an enlightened woman from within His organization sit as His equal on a golden throne. (These have historically been reserved for male gurus.) He may converse with disciples on skype, and order for His senior swamis… but in some regards, He is a traditionalist. Especially when it comes to meditation, reverence for the sacred Hindu scriptures, and the intense practices that lead to enlightenment.

One of the blessings He is giving us at this moment in His mission, is the activation of various 'siddhis.' (In Sanscrit, the word 'siddhi' has two meanings- one, a siddha is someone who has realized their Self as God; two- a siddhi is a miraculous power that develops in someone as they seek God Realization. There are eight major siddhis, including teleportation, bi-location, levitation, telepathy, etc.) As a blessing to His devotees, Swamiji is transfering His siddhis to us, as markers, or sign-posts, along the road to enlightenment. For one- He is teleporting vibhooti- sacred white ash worn by Lord Shiva to go beyond the ego- to various meditation centers around the world. To receive this sacred ash is to have a direct connection with His ashram in Bidadi.

But, while Swamiji was busy teleporting vibhooti out of the ashram, Vibhooti was busy teleporting me into it! 

Yes, you read that correctly.

I'd like to share a wild experience with all of you. It has completely blown my mind. (And Ma Nthya Vibhooti's mind, too!) It seems worth sharing, because it's proof that We are all One- a belief that is dear to my Arcturian starseed heart (hence the title of my public blogspot blog- "We Are All One.")

Ma Nithya Vibhooti is a dear friend of mine, who I met through Swamiji's organization. We've been to together twice, and really bonded both there, and in Vancouver. She's like my spiritual sister- she helped me get to when I was unsure of myself for a powerful program called Living Enlightenment Process, and I've guided her through the Tarot and work that I do. Right now, she's back at the Bidadi ashram, providing Slovakian translations for a group of seekers taking a program called Inner Awakening. Like all of us Nithyanandites do when a close friend is going to Bidadi, I asked Vibhooti if she would hug the Banyan Tree for me, and tell Dakshinamoorthi that I love Him.

About two nights after making this request, while doing a 'Beam of Light' meditation process Swamiji initiated us into, something very unusual happened. Normally, when I do this (or any other meditation) I keep my eyes closed; but this time, I heard an inner voice say, "Open your eyes." 

When I opened them, I saw the most beautiful being of golden light standing at the foot of my bead. As if transfixed, I watched the magnificent presence of this golden light being, until the same inner voice said, "Now, close your eyes."

I closed them, and fell back into my meditative space. The inner voice said, 'Watch."

Since the voice didn't specify for me to open my eyes, I 'watched' my closed eyelids. My inner space started to expand, until I was not just watching my eyelids, but simultaneously seeing every direction. The inner world continued growing and growing, until it had enlarged itself to include the outer world, also. I could see through my eyelids, and also, see the full range of the inner planes. Next, the being of golden light merged into me. He seemed to come in through my eyelids, which were like smokescreens separating two forms of reality. In time, the golden being spread through my entire system until it had evenly permeated not only my entire body, but also, the entirety of my expanded awareness, for which I couldn't determine a starting point or end; I felt it had become a part of me, and that we were Infinite.

"Now, open your eyes again," the inner voice said.

I obeyed, and instantly returned to my usual state, and my bedroom was back to normal. ('Normal' meaning, there weren't any celestial golden light-beings! At least, not that I could see…) Just to test myself, I closed my eyes again, but this time, I couldn't see through the eyelids, and the vision was only singularly focused. Since the experience had 'ended' I took my legs out of padmasana, lay back, and went to sleep.

All that night (April 7th) I had the most incredible dreams. All of them took place in the Bidadi Ashram. 

In the first , I was sitting in the front seat of a . 'We' (me and one of Swamiji's main disciples, who was driving) were idling in front of the Manasa Sarovar. I felt extreme bliss, and told him to just keep the there. My gaze was transfixed on the island in the middle of the Sarovar, where I could simultaneously see multiple 'other realities' super-imposed, one on top of another. 

(The Manasa Sarovar is the small in the Bidadi ashram named after a the sacred Manasasarovar of Lord Shiva at Kailash in the Himalayas. It's next to the Vaidya Sarovar- a tank of healing waters surrounded by 1008 Shiva Lingams, with one large 21 foot Ananda Lingam in the center. The Shiva Lingam is a sacred symbol that represents the yogic merge of Shiva and Devi- the primordial Twin Flame couple of ancient India! Shiva is the God, Devi is the goddess.)
The 'scenes' that were super-imposed on top of this view were very mystical. You can imagine it like this: If you've ever looked at a scene through s 'view finder' toy, you know that what you're looking at is a holographic image. Now, imagine looking at that kind of a holographic image, and behind the holographic image, is another holographic image, and behind that, another, and another, and another. It seems impossible, but somehow, there were multiple realities, but each one was distinguishable from each other one. For example, in one 'scene' a giant tree grew out from the central island; in another simultaneous scene, the same island was bare. In one scene, a group of 'water spirits' were playing in the lake, but simultaneously, the lake was empty. Along with this, there was a hazy memory of a past life that's too complex to even try to describe. 

After a while, we drove a few feet, and stopped again in front of the Vaidya Sarovar. After looking joyfully at the Ananda Lingam, I rested my head on the car window, and positioned myself to see the clouds in the sky. It was twilight, and though the sky was gray, I thought, very deliberately, "This is really happening. You can't judge the reality of a vision based on colour while looking at a gray sky." The thought came as a joke, as if I was making fun of myself on the grounds that later, I might wake up and assume it was only a dream, since the clouds were gray.

(Swamiji has told us that when we see Him in a dream, if He appears before us in full colour, then it's not just an ordinary dream, it's a vision. It seems, through my own thoughts, I was telling myself that I was having a vision, not just a dream. It's funny, because all of the various 'scenes' that I had seen over the Manasa Sarovar were full colour, but only while looking at the sky, the thought came up that it was happening in sleep state. Along with that, came a very, very intense realization that this is how Masters sees the world as a multi-dimensional happening. It wasn't verbalized, it was more of an 'ah-ha' moment. Like, if you hear someone describe snow, but you've never seen it, you might imagine little ice pellets, until one day, you see flakes, and realize, "Oh- so this is snow.") 

Then the dream changed. In an instant, like the snap of a finger, I went from being inside the car, to being outside in the open air, by the Banyan Tree. I walked around the tree, hugged it, connected with it, and simply enjoyed it's presence. I heard 'myself' speaking to it, but paid no attention to anything 'I' was saying. Next, I climbed up to Dakshinamoorthi, took His blessing, and said, "Sudevi loves you." After that, I sat down to meditate.

This is where the dream gets very ephemeral: from within 'myself,' I jumped out, and rushed back to Dakshinamoorthi. I hugged Him tightly and felt intense ecstasy! I was suddenly so thrilled to be there that I can't even describe it in words. It was like my being found fulfillment, knowing that I was really there once again, at the ashram. After hugging Dakshinamoorthi, I prostrated to Him, and went back into myself under the Banyan tree. From then, I had no more dreams.

The next morning, a message came from Vibhooti. She told me that she had visited the Banyan Tree and Dakshinamoorthi for me, and asked me to watch for a sign to make sure they got my message! 

Without hesitation, I wrote her a detailed description of my ashram dreams. 

What she wrote back about this was simply amazing: at exactly the same time I had these dreams, she was there! Not only that, she had done exactly what I had dreamed and in the same order I had dreamed it! (Meaning, first she went around the banyan tree, then to Dakshinamoorthi, then to sit under the tree.) In the note I sent her, I said that when I woke up, I thought it was odd to have said, "Sudevi loves you," instead of "." Of course, that's was because Vibhooti had said, "Sudevi loves you." 

As if that's not enough, it gets even more amazing: when she sat down to meditate, she had a thought that instead of just giving a message to Dakshinamoorthi for me, it would be better if I told Him that I love Him for myself. So, she set a strong intention for me to come through her body, and go to Him. This part, I'll let you read in her own words:

"I decided to close my eyes, and let your being come out of my being and do what it wants. What you did is you were dressed in a white gown, and a white shawl, just like the one you are on the picture with Dakshinamurty during LBE. You were not wasting your time, you walked out of my soul, came up to Dakshinamurty, hugged him, you were not very decent, you were very touchy and huggy, you hugged him tightly. You weren't speaking, you were expressing everything through your movements and only. I know you bowed down to him in you heart, said you loved him, thanked him for his presence in your life. Then you came back and settled inside my body again.

"It was an amazing experience for me. Of course, at that time I had no idea how real it was, but now I know.

In the mean time when I was there the evening arti started. So I went to the temple and sat at the side of the main sancti sanctorum, on the left side of Anandeshwara and Anandeshwari. 
I then asked him for a special sign for Sudevi in any form that you would be able to recognize to prove his presence in Vancouver with you. I said that you are a very special person to me and that I really want you to have this experience."

There is no question in my mind that all this really happened, since my 'dream' exactly matched Vibhooti's experience. (And, for the record, I'm a little bit embarrassed that she says I wasn't very decent with Dakshinamoorthi, lol. I don't think I did anything inappropriate, though- nothing we don't all do when we hug a beloved one after a long time apart!)

I am so, so, so grateful to Vibhooti for giving me this beautiful gift, of allowing me to come to Bidadi through her body. I don't even know what kind of a siddhi she has (or we have together?) to do this, but no doubt, it comes from Swamiji. Thank you, my Nithya Sister Vibhooti, and thank you Gurudeva Nithyananda!

(Of course, one of the siddhis is astral travel- the ability to leave the body at will. This would be what happened in my dream state, but clearly, it had as much to do with Vibhooti awakening her siddhis of channeling, and until I have a chance to ask Swamiji about this experience, it will just have to remain as one of those little miraculous encounters we enjoy en-route to Enlightenment.)


What I find most astounding about this phenomenon between Vibhooti and me is that in my dream, I didn't feel, 'Vibhooti is walking around the tree; Vibhooti is telling Dakshinamoorthi I love Him; I'm walking out of Vibhooti's body;" I felt as if I myself was doing all those things. Similarly, in her experience, she did all those things naturally. She walked around the tree, hugged Dakshinamoorthi, then sat down. She didn't feel 'my' presence in her, until she willed for me to come through her; only then she felt me as seperate, when I came out from within her soul. 

This really confirms something the Masters have been telling us for ages- We Are All One! There was no "Vibhooti" and "Sudevi," there was just awareness walking around the Banyan Tree, hugging the Deity, sitting… 

When I shared this experience with another Nithyananda sister, Bhakthiroopini, over the phone, she told me that during the Himalaya Yatra, a special trip Swamiji led to the Himalayas, a lady named Debbie looked at another lady, named Raquel, and was amazed, because for a moment, she felt she was looking at herself. At another point in time, Raquel looked at Bhakthiroopini, and felt, Bhakthiroopini was herself. (The two of them had a beautiful exchange after that. Raquel called Bhakthiroopini "Raquel" and Bhakthiroopini called Raquel "Abirami"- which was then her name, before Swamiji blessed her with Bhakthiroopini.) Another time, I was walking with Bhakthiroopini, and a friend of ours called Mahima looked at us, and for a moment saw us as identical.

Somehow, through the power of Swamiji's grace, it seems our sangha (community of spiritual seekers) is not only merging into the divine, but also, into each other!

We've reached a point in our spiritual love that the disciple-disciple relationship is Heaven! We are truly Family! We are Love! We are One! 

In the early days of His mission, Swamiji said that the connection we have must be with Him, and only with Him. That Master-Disciple relationship is Heaven, but Disciple-Disciple relationship is hell. He said, we should be careful with whom we share our spiritual experiences, because some will judge or hurt us if they don't understand, others may try to take away our deep connection out of jealousy, and others still will try to drag us into worldly affairs if we speak about only spirituality. 

How blessed are we to now be at a place where there seems to be no distinction between the Master -Disciple relationship, and the Disciple-Disciple one! All those whom I am blessed to know through Swamiji are embodying Him in different ways, and We are All able to see one another as Divine! 

This is the highest Prema Bhakthi! (Devotion to the Divine.) For me, this is the ultimate proof that Swamiji's grace is really landing on us, and that His teachings are really working. Only a true Incarnation can create a sangha who love each other so deeply as to see themselves in one- another. (And not in the sense that we see our faults reflected back at us, but that we see our divinity in a myriad of other shining faces!) 

He once said that it's easy to love Masters- like Babaji, Jesus, St. Francis, Kuthumi, Ramakrishna, Nithyananda, Yogananda, etc, because they are perfected beings. Even if they scold us, we know they scoldings will help us to awaken. It's easy to love Masters, but hard to love other disciples. So, I know that only a very rare and divine master can create a space within the hearts of all His dicsiples to love one another as deeply as we love Him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Nithyananda family, for proving that we can love each other!

If anyone out there reading this would like to know more about this Loving, Graceful, Enlightened Master, please send me a message, or check out www.dhyanapeetam.org

Namaste, Nithyanandam, Blessings,

Ma Nithya Sudevi