J AN Ackerman 1-26-1984


Poem published in ’s book,




“The Great Sacred Force and you are ONE.

It has always been so and will forever be.

We are one in the same, for our union is law.

Our union is Truth and Love.


Do not be disheartened.

Stretch, reach and grasp the Light.

Embrace it within and let it flow outward

to all my people everywhere on the planet.


Release the old fears, welcome Love anew

and let the Great Plan unfold.

Share with one and all and remain at Peace,

for I honor your heart by conversing with it.


What a fine earthen vessel you are

as you acknowledge your daughtership.

Always keep the door ajar,

come within often and be consoled.


The messages are true and sound.

Oh, translucent ‘Faithful’,

at last you are found.

Sink your roots into the earth

and draw heaven down.


Artist unknown



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