31 March 2011     Channeler:  Ray Dawn

Hello to you, We are the .

We are here to speak to all of you in this way and in this moment of your time upon the Earth.

All is in unfoldment in this moment, in this allowing to be with us on this journey and rightly so we are upon this journey together.
We wish to speak to you of your fulfillment and of yourself as .

Upon your earth at this now moment, much is in flux. In a fluctuation, a sort of in-between a cosmic inhale and exhale. In this in-between there is stillness, a still point and we wish to bring you to this stillness so you allow yourself to receive the knowledge, the wisdom and the strength of all that you are…

Here in this moment of stillness is an opening, yes and it is an opening to a brightness of shining light, it beckons you forward into a field of expansion.

In this you are allowing yourself to expand your presence of who you think you are…

We and so many others of your star family, are here to be with you thru these times to remind you of your true nature.

We are here for support in these endeavors you so rightly came to facilitate!

You who are here and know this are now in the precise moments that you have been waiting for. In this, true change can occur, true openings to your divine powers that be, and rightly so you are grasping that at such a level!

This power that is yours to claim as your true nature will be allowing your fields to be in a power that is so different from all your Earthy knowledge of what power is.

For there is a hesitancy of power and that it is corruptive in its’ nature.
We want to reiterate that absolute power, in its divine nature is not about corruption, it is about empowerment!

You all came to be here upon this Earth to bring about a balance, this balance is from deep within you that it is claimed!

From this claiming and accepting from deep within allows this power, your empowerment to fill you fully. This power will cleanse you, will free you and will bring you much fulfillment in your daily life!

How does one claim this power from deep within?

You are here to remember this power that is your true nature. All it takes is an allowing of it, a remembrance of it that it exists within, it just does…

Open to this and know that this power connects you to everything, to all existence and with that it will balance this world!

We see each of you holding a bit of that power at bay for you know what happens when it is used for not the betterment of all.
In that knowledge you push your own empowerment away and give it to others for them to make those decisions for you, and you can see how that is done in many ways individually, within your families, within your governments and nations, on down the line.

So, where does that leave you? We want you to know fully and deeply that all the power of the universe lies within you, it is a golden nugget, a divine seed that grows within your heart space and as it is nurtured, it will bloom.

As it blooms and is allowed to bloom, very effortlessly it will come to fill you at all levels; it will fill all wounds and allow all obstructions to be removed from your form.

As you allow this transformation, completely and at first fully within you, it will then spread and radiate out from you to balance all upon this world.

We ask you to trust this process, to open to your golden seed and to know first that it is there; it connects you to all that is..

Open to this resonance and feel upon this seed within you in your daily moments, allow it to expand and fill every cell in your body. Only then can it be completed to balance your form!

As this happens, it is effortless that it radiates out from you and expands all in your presence; it touches all and helps others and all life to open to this as well.

That is a great service, and you all signed on to help facilitate this.
This will change this world!

Have trust and faith in this endeavor, remember that this process can be pleasant, can be filled with such wonderful moments of reclaiming what and who you divinely are, already!

Enjoy your moments, your breath, the day and be thankful for this experience for you are creating wonders that you have no idea how it effects the greater whole! We see it, as does all that is and we want to thank you for such courage you are!

We see you as us, we see you as in perfection of your nature which is love and all the rightly and justly causes you so wish to empower upon this earth, know that it is you who create this change here!
Claim your power and witness all that is to be with you in support as you begin to walk upon this earth as the gods that you are, as the complete balance of all that is within all that is you!

We send love and open hearted joy to each of your hearts and know that you are protected as you claim your empowerment for it is who you are, shine it forth here and watch all come to balance upon your dear world…

We are forever your friends,
We meet as One,
We Thank you….

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to the channel and her website is included, Blessings!