This is Adama, in , beaming light and love to you, and honoring the sacred space that is within you. This is a time of love, of light and of great planetary healing. There is nothing in you that is wrong. There is only what God put there, in it's own place. And, coming from your own , your life is lived.

I AM Adama of Telos, speaking of beauty. Your hands, arms, legs, feet, toes, eyes, and the twinkle in your smile are all very beautiful. The drumming of your heart and the elegance through which you live your life to that , is music. As you mellow, and truly accept your oneness with Divinity, you are simply walking 'in step' with that drum of your heart. It is an eternal and God put it right inside you, so you could follow it's guidance every day.

Inside of your heart is a little space where the I AM Presence makes it's home.  This is where all of the Light comes from.  And this is how we communicate, across time and space – to find that spark of love that is the I AM Presence is a way to say 'hello', to communicate with someone regardless of time, space, or material circumstances – because it is always there.  You climb the ladder of , and the I AM Presence is always there, right with you, from the bottom up.  It is your constant Presence, your I AM, your beingness, and felt-self expressed.  It is never absent from you – that is the of life, the of the soul.  The I AM Presence is the light that lights up the world.

And it is eternally present within you.

I AM Adama.  Keep up the good work, and know that you are never alone when you are one in spirit, as you always are. Namaste.