23 April 2011   Channeler:  SoulFire

The Only Law Is Love
The Divine as channeled by SoulFire

“Once you learn to feed yourself love, you can learn to feed it to the world.”
– SoulFire


Give yourself over to the All and the Everything and allow it to flow through you, instead of standing in its way. Allow all you are, to become one with all that is. Be a part of the Earth, , Sun, and . Be as one with the wind and the sea; breath fire back into life and renew your vows to heal the Earth. Sing and be merry for a new day dawns as the last age passes into night. It is time to open your hearts to change, and bring forth a new destiny for yourself. Whatever your soul truly desires, bring it forth with wonder and majesty. Be free to soar to new heights on Unconditional Love’s path and be whole in Love again. Bring forth peace, love, kindness, compassion, patience and understanding to all. Unite, live, love, laugh, play, sing, and rejoice. Find and enrich your lives with all that grows around you. Nurture love in all its forms. From friendship, to parenthood, to kindness to strangers, to love of your significant others, and of course yourself, for you are Divine. Bring forth the light inside and find your inner voice, the one calling you back home. Brighten the Earth with Love and heartfelt intention. Your time has come to join again with the masterpiece of life, death, rebirth and everything.

Some may be left behind in this crossroads of shifting time. But it is only that they are not finished learning all they wish to experience in this world. Allow them to be, for they will soon follow us into the light for it is timeless. This is not an invitation for suicide, do not think I ever wish you to home come to me that way. It is an invitation to progress on your soul’s journey once you have come home to be with me in the unity of Light and Unconditional Love.

One wishes to understand the nature of the Universe. It started as the most simplest of things and can still be understood as such. Though the essence remains pure and simple it is the whole that is very difficult to define.

Everything started as pure consciousness and the energy in which it flowed. There was no order or structure to this energy and no thought but unconditional love. It is the source of all that is and we are all in union with this great and powerful loving energy. But what good is unconditional love with nothing or no one to love? This birthed the universe through energy and created us to love and be loved.

Some believe this happened by the hand of this conscious energy which they call “God” and in essence they are right. This conscious energy is in everything and is the guiding light of evolution through the process of science. Not the wham bam thank-you ma’am, man in the sky sorta deal. And when I say “man” in the sky it does not mean God is a man, God is both male and female. Think of it like this, the thought/light is masculine, the energy/darkness is feminine, and together they are Godd.

How did we come about our imperfect self’s when our source is pure loving energy?

Many of the first people understood the essence of the universe but this did not make for good, conscious growth and creation. I mean how can we expand the conscious universe if we know all, feel all. There can be no growth, no expansion. So our creator gave us free will by allowing us to cut our minds and bodies off from the knowledge of the source. We were and are still connected, could still access it if we truly need to, but in order for this world, this consciousness to grow, learn and expand we must be apart from it. And when all that we have learned, done, experienced is added back to the source it would never again be alone. But the pain of losing touch with our source, with our true nature, made us forget unconditional love for the conditions of the created universe. People became human with human weaknesses and frailties. All that is, is meant to be. For all our failings were are learning what it truly means to be free.

So, we can be free from unconditional love or we can surrender ourselves to become one with unconditional love once again. If you choose freedom from time to time, then live, love, learn and bring back your experience to the of loving kindness. Make us beautiful and happy, loving and free! Bring forth your energy and imagination so you may add to our never ending story and return to the universe bolder, better and brighter than ever. To return to the source of all that is, all you must do is love unconditionally.

In the time before the Great Prophets, I gave to the leaders of the people the vision and essence of me, Godd. That essence was unconditional love and raw creative energy. The leader’s understanding of me is what helped them create the laws to help people strive to be like me, to be unconditional love. But the people instead of striving to be like me, like unconditional love, they strived to meet the letter of the law. And the message of my love was lost for strict adherence to the law. I saw my children killing each other in my name, and in the name of the laws created around the goal of finding my love.

So I sent prophets to them so that they could show the world and the people of their countries again what it was to be like me. To be unconditional love unto the world. So not just the leaders would know who I am, but so that the people would see who I am in human form. A model of human unconditional love. My prophets fought against the letter of the law to show the people the true message of what those laws were trying to accomplish. To show the people that to be one with me they must strive to love each other, to become perfectly divine in human form. Some people thought my prophets were an abomination of my law, deceivers and devils sent to lead them astray from me. But others saw the truth in what my prophets did and spoke, they saw the love of me within them and they rejoiced. Many asked what it is that they must do to strive for perfection, to strive for my divine gift of love. The message was to love thy neighbor and thy enemy. But people could not fathom that as the only law. They wanted their questions answered for everyday problems. And my prophets told them how to solve their problems by giving the people answers that maintained the one law which was to love. My prophets passed away, some in sacrifice so that my love would never be forgotten. But the people still asked to have their questions answered. And the disciples of these great prophets tried their best to answer, trying to use love as the only law. Some added their own bias into the answers to the many people. These biases got written into the laws. And again the people were following the letters of the laws set forth by my prophet’s followers, but the true message was lost. Again I see my children, all those of the human race, killing each other in my name, and in the name of the laws created around the goal of finding my love.

So again I send visions to my people, and again I send my prophets and messengers to reinstate the true and only law to knowing me and my love. This law is love, unconditional love to all. I will not answer questions for the answer shall always be the same. Love thy neighbor and thy enemy. To know me and be one with me the only law is love. If you do all with unconditional love in your heart and in your actions, you have followed the law to the letter. And those that cannot follow this one and simple law will bring pain and suffering, hell into, unto the world, it’s people and themselves. And in death they will also know this pain and suffering they brought upon the world as all our spirits are joined as one. Many of you do not know me still and never have, some may never know me on this Earthly plane. But fear not, I will cleanse you all of your pain, your suffering and I will show your spirit unconditional love so once again all may be one with me in my Love. all my children, every one of you.

Hear Me all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. All around the world my children are waking up. Rejoice, they have finally seen my Light. Let their Love and compassion carry you back to my Divine Light. Love is always with you. You are Love; you are a part of the One. Feel the awesome power of your being. Wake up my people and let your light shine. Be hope when there is none. Be Love when you feel none. Be a beacon of light in the coming darkness. Feel your true nature within you. Let it shine for everyone to see. Be in me, with me, you are a part of me. YOU ARE LOVE!

Open your heart to Unconditional Love, it will guide you. Seek to understand the nature of Unconditional Love. The Spirit that binds us all, everything, is Love. The Spirit of Love, Godd, is in YOU, given to you from the beginning of your time. You have forsaken it. Listen, I am here, I am all the things you see and know, I am the sound of thunder and the crying of a newborn babe. I am the All and the Everything. Feel my energy within you. You all have the capacity to ascend and be one with the Divine again in this life.

To those who asked “Where was God?” I was here, in your heart, why did you not stand up? I called to you, showed you Love, my Love, but you ignored me.

You call out “Why, Lord, why do you allow us to suffer?” But it is not the Lord, God, Spirit, that allows you to suffer, it is YOU!

God, Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and all those you call God or prophet. They are One, they are Love and they wish to end suffering. “End the suffering”, they CRY! It is in you, all of you, to end your suffering and that of your neighbors. “Don’t you see?”, the prophets of your ancestors cry out to you. You are the Light and the Way, wake up to it.

Embrace your darkness by shinning it with light. Do not deny who you are, but realized what you truly are which is Love. You live in a world of duality. It is good for you. You must understand the darkness or you would never see the light shine so bright. You can know an accept the darkness without becoming it.

You can only change yourselves. You cannot change others. You can only shine your Light of Love bright for others to see. The you force your Light on others is the your Light goes out and then you must find it again. Do not lose your Light to the darkness. Allow others to be who they are. They must understand their nature and find it for themselves. The more you try to force the Light of Love upon another the more they will recede into the dark. And if you pursue them you will just follow them in extinguishing all you have found. Show your Light and be the Light of Love, it is what will change the hearts of this world. All you can do is become a beacon of Love and share that with the world. They will see and feel your love and think, “Can I be like that too?”

An example of pure unconditional love can only bring love to all. Be wary though, sometimes love requires you to set something free, instead of holding on to it tight. It is hard to let go. This life you have is not an easy life, it was not meant to be. I see you all and want to come into your mind and show you plain and simple my light but free will prohibits me. I gave you free will as you wished it. I gave you this universe to learn about Love, how to Love, to discover all you could about the light and the darkness. To create, to imagine, to be creators of life. I hoped in this freedom that you would understand the pain of suffering so that you would end it. I see you crave suffering to learn by instead of knowing in your hearts that you are Light and Love. I do not want you to suffer, for all that you suffer I suffer. I can ease your suffering in this world if you learn to Love again. It is the only way I can, for I am Love. I want you to find the light that shines within you and Love the world, its people and all within it.

Love your friend and your enemy. I will not smite them, I Love them. Do you think I would ask you to do something I would not do Myself? My Spirit is one with all people. How could I hate Myself? How could I smite Myself? I am Love, Love cannot hate. I asked you to Love your enemy because I Love your enemy, because your Spirit’s are all one with mine. I would not smite you down for your darkness, why would I do it to someone else? All those who believe that others are less deserving of my Love will be shocked to know that I Love you all equally. Yes, murders, rapists, terrorists and the leaders of mass destruction. I Love them all. They are as trapped in their hatred as you are trapped in your pride. You think you are so much better than them, but that is your downfall. Pride and wrath reside in the same darkness and all those who live in that darkness in physical life will feel it in Spiritual life. Until you understand the suffering you have caused others, within this life or in the next, you will not be able to join with me. Once you understand and walk away from your own darkness you will be able to be a shinning Light of Love for others to see. Then you can join in the Unconditional Love you seek on Earth or in Paradise.

It is better to lead by example then to rule by fear. Fear causes pain and suffering to all who encounter it. When you cause suffering to someone else you cause suffering to yourself. All you give you will receive because you are all one. When you place on someone you place on yourself and you will feel all the other feels because you are that other in spirit. All souls are connected through me. Don’t you see? When you hurt anything or anyone you hurt yourself and me because we are all one in spirit. There is no heaven or hell. There is only me, us, our spirit that combines together and we know all, feel all that happens. When you cause suffering, you cause it to all. It is through your Love you will help end the suffering of others. The world is set in against terrorists, world leaders, homosexuals, Do not judge them! Or anyone who you think is evil and wrong, you are wrong. It is only your own heart that you can judge. Purify it with Love. Show Unconditional Love especially to those whom you most hate. This is what will redeem your Spirit.

That is not to say you must allow those that cause suffering to continue. If their actions are done out of pure Love and harm no one then they are living the Law of Love. What harm is caused when adults who are two men or two women love each other, NONE. They are sharing in the Unconditional Love of the Spirit. But when a person harms the innocent, adult or youth, that person must be removed from the situation and shown Love and understanding, caring and compassion. It is the only way to lead them back to Love.

You have all become slaves to your possessions. Release yourselves from this slavery. Take what you need to survive in this world and give the rest to those in need. It is hard and painful because possessions have become our masters. You do not have to give up all you have but know the true Master of the World is Love. If you give up all that you can bare and help end the suffering of another, you will feel the pure Love and joy you have been missing. It is your desires that cause suffering. It is not an easy road that of Love. It is hard and challenging but the power is within you to change. I am in you, I am your soul. I am Love. Your mind has distracted you from me. It’s okay, I still Love you.

The house of the Spirit does not have four walls and golden goblets of wine and blood. The Spirit is housed in your hearts. I say to all those houses that profess to be houses of the Spirit: strip them clean of all possessions and invite in the Children of Love. Shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, sell your masters, your possessions. Free yourselves of them and return to the faith and Love of the Spirit. You are bound to your gold goblets and robes, your rituals and prayer. Release yourselves and let the Love of the Spirit return to your hearts.

You all know the saying, “Ask, and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” It is true. But so many have forgotten to ask the questions, to seek for answers in the world and in your hearts and instead of knocking you read the instruction manual given to you by man. Stop reading the words of man and live the Law of Love. The writings of man are an attempt to define my Light.

I will tell you why many religions fear my true prophets. Because they know the only path to me is through love. Nothing else matters, not bibles, not churches, not prayers, nothing. And when the masses finally know this, religion and its leaders will lose their power over the people. At the end of days many will come to me in the name of religion and say, “My God, My God, I controlled the world in your name!” And the I will respond, “You, silly, silly fool! I sent you to Love the world. I sent you so many guides. How could you be so blind! You judged and destroyed the world for Me? How could you, when all I wanted was peace, Love and harmony. You lusted to have only your word heard and forgot that all those you judged and persecuted in my name were Me. All that you do to ANY of my brothers and sisters you do unto Me!”

Many of the various writings of mankind’s sacred books house great wisdom, but they are not love. The churches, temples, synagogs and monasteries of man give safe havens, but they are not love. The pre-written prayers of man give great hope but they are not love. Only when these things are used to bring love into this world are they worthy to be deemed of the Creator. When one uses these things to exclude others, to subjugate others, to demand of others, to judge others they become meaningless in the eyes of God.

Many of you try too hard but you miss the point. I am not ritual, I am Love. I am not kneeling in a temple, I am Love. You debate and interpret, you cry heresy and bang your fist against the wall. You live out your faith in the fallibility of man’s writings and forget the true message with it. Do not worry about the words that are written. Only follow one rule that is Unconditional Love. That rule overrides all else. If you live, truly, by the rule of Love you will always find Love in the Living Spirit. It does not matter if you are gay or straight, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, of a different race, creed, color or culture. None of this matters in the eyes of Love.

Swearing the name of Godd is not evil. It is doing evil, causing suffering to others in My name, that is the true crime. The minds of humans are blinding their souls. Mine is a message of Love, Peace and Harmony, NOT blood and death. Why can’t you Love me? It is so hard to believe in Love? What must I do? I sent you my Prophets, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and many, many more. But you misunderstood them all. They came to teach you to Love and what have you done? You have destroyed the world in their name. They weep for you.

If you profess to Love me, then Love me! Why do you kill in my name? My name is Love, not death. You have caused so much suffering in my name, I mourn for those who died in pain. They are with me now. Is it easier to kill in my name than to Love?

Stop bickering amongst yourselves; I am here, in you. I care not for the labels you give me or the rules you have assigned me, they have caused too much suffering. I am the Lord your God and I command you to Stop! Is that what you need to hear? Stop it. Stop fighting, Stop debating my words and listen to them. Put down your books and your pray leaflets and learn to love me. I am the world you see. I am not the temple you hide in, I am the face of the homeless. I do not want your communion wafers or your blood wine. I want you to go out and Love, be kind, be compassionate. All you do I feel, when you Love others, I feel Love. When you hurt others, I feel their hurt. Why do you profess to Love me and stab me from behind? Am I not worthy of your Love? I created you, was that not enough? I gave you free will and look what you have done with it. I still Love you.

My brothers and sisters who profess to Love me, Lay down your arms and stand up! It is time for you to hear my word again, that word is LOVE!

Why do you fear me? You should fear yourselves. All that you do in this world, to this world will be felt on your soul. Don’t you understand, if you cause suffering, you will feel suffering. If you Love, you will feel Love. It is now spelled out for you.

Come, mighty nations, gather up the weak nations in your arms. Show them Love. Heal them, feed and shelter them. They are truly the Children of God. Show your fellow mankind Love and you show it to me. Feed my people, cloth my people, shelter my people, give them strength when they have none, show them kindness and Love and you are showing it to me.

Look deep inside yourselves, don’t you really want Love? It is your true nature. Stop denying it. The more Love you give the more you will feel, the more we all feel. Stop killing your world, your people and start loving it so we can heal the pain of humanity and bring it back into line with divinity.

I care not who you are or where you’re from or what you were taught to believe. To become one with me, your creator again all you need to do is Love. You can be one with me now in this physical world by giving and being unconditional love. I will always love you even if you cannot seem to embrace me or your true self in this life. I will never abandon you. I love you unconditionally. You are all my children.

Do not give up this world for the next, know that this world is part of the next, all worlds are one. Finding peace here, you will find peace everywhere. It sits waiting for you to discover it, patiently, quietly, whispering ever so softly, “come Home.”

Stop dreaming of a better world and create one. This could be the better world if you would stop destroying it. Train yourselves to Love again. Put down the hatred and lies, you have always been Love. It is within you to give.

You are not alone. I am within you always. I will never leave you even when you shut your eyes to me. I Love you all and I will end your suffering at the end of days. Grow, take life’s lessons and learn to Love again.

Do not be frightened of death, with it will come the great calm. Judgment Day is near at hand, for it is your death which is your Judgment Day. Though I wish you could see the suffering you caused others in this life you do not have to to earn my love. My love is free to all. When you rejoin me in death I give you the opportunity to review your life, to experience how your actions caused others suffering or joy. This will be your Hell or your Heaven. Some have seen the error of their ways in life. They have suffered the pain of the other in their guilt. If you truly understand what you have done in this life you will be forgiven when you come to me. But if you have not understood what you have done then you will experience the suffering the other has gone through on account of your actions when you stand beside me. You will feel how that suffering has effected the whole world. Then you will truly understand the error of your ways and I will forgive you. I know many do not wish to believe this, some want to believe hell is eternal. It is only the memories that are eternal, not the pain. I am not cruel or heartless, I am pure unconditional love. It means I love you despite your shortcomings, it means I will always love you so you never have to give up hope. I will never abandon you to your suffering even in death. I suffer with you and will take away your pain. Your suffering in life or in death will not be in vain and you will all be brought into the Light. After you are renewed again in my love, some may choose to return to life to cleanse their soul of their past. I always give you the gift of life to learn and grow from.

You suffer in life to learn. I know it sounds cruel but it is the motivation many need to learn what love truly is. To be in the darkness (of suffering) one can see the light of love they wish to create in their lives. It is why many choose to suffer. That choice is subconscious, your soul, and I your creator bring to you what you need to learn to serve your purpose that you came to Earth to serve, whether that be a lesson in humility or a life of fun and leisure. All that comes to you is necessary in your evolution of the soul. And though many cannot understand why you receive what you do, in time or in death you will understand with clarity. As an example my writing these words has suffered chronic illness and pain for most of her life. These experiences taught her great compassion, empathy, kindness and patience. It forced her to turn her life around from drone to , coach and counselor which is what she always wanted all along. Though she did not know her purpose until all her experiences lead her to it. She opened her eyes, heart, mind, body and soul to fulfill her purpose. Still she is learning as all of life is a lesson but now she can see the path where before it was covered in darkness. In the darkness she saw the Light of her soul. In her soul she found her purpose. In her life she created herself anew. And now she lives to serve as I the Divine always serve you. So read the words of the message but worry not or worship not the her path is set before her as is yours. She is not perfect in many ways, she is human in the realm of duality, she struggles with her darkness and knows she has a road of lessons to learn true freedom in love. But she has chosen to be my vessel and is on the path which she knows will lead her to me.

Open your eyes, your heart, your soul and AWAKEN!

You do not need someone else to tell you what and who to be. Who you are is within you, what you can become is within you. My love and voice are within you. If you still your mind and listen there is a quiet voice that can be heard by all. It is the voice of your soul that is connected to Me. Even the of these words does not matter, her name is of Spirit so as not to be confused with an idol to be worshiped. She allows me to speak through her but you could have easily stopped reading after the first line and the message would have been clear. The only law is true unconditional love.

I am the Creator and I love you all.

As channelled by SoulFire