27 April 2011

Ray Dawn

Hello to you, it is the Sirian Councils of Light and Truth Eternal to speak with you in this way..

We are here to bring tidings of Joy to each of you, to each of your heart spaces, to lift you from the you so see upon your beings..

These burdens that are so represented by the problems or disturbances in your life are not really problems, but opportunities for expansion.

These opportunities are here, are present in each moment to allow you to make choices in what you want to experience, in the parameters you so see as time and space.

We have to tell you that it is quite more bendable than you are willing to perceive!

In this so much more joy can come into your lives in any moment of your choosing!

What, you mean you can so choose, “but what about this and this or even this?”

Yes, learn to understand this “but what about this”&;
Who is speaking of this?

Is it all of you? Or is it the part so deemed necessary to live upon this earth?
Yes and is this part so needed to be in total control of your choices?
Is this part seeing the whole truth of your nature in each moment?
Probably not!

Why is this so? Well it is quite the story is it not?
In this story is a message that is quite simple!

This message is Love..
Love is the choice and yes we hear you say- “heard that before!”

Yes and you are hearing it again and again these days so it seems!
Yes and this Love that we speak- is everything- all is love!
Even the disturbances are love-yes for these disturbances allow for growth and is not love allowing?
Love is very allowing here upon the Earth for all is/ has been allowed upon this sphere!

Is that changing at this time upon the Earth?
Yes it is! For there have been decisions made by all of your souls and all that is to upgrade this system!

These choices have been made from the beginning; it is only now that they are coming to fruition upon your beloved sphere.

We want each of you to know the power of love is what causes existence-all existence-yes!

For all is in existence by the power of love, it is at all levels of existences for it allows the choices to be made, it is the substance, the strata of all matter and particles of light and darkness…

The dark has been given a bad wrap so to speak; because the dark allows for growth, for change, if there was no dark there would be no game or no resistance to allow for growth. The dark is also the depths, the void and in all voids are all possibilities, beyond your imaginations grasp…

We SEE all upon the earth coming to these conclusions, in this a new timing is set forth in this experience you so deem your daily lives here- this experience is expanding moment to moment-opening, allowing forth more –Love!

We say to each of you to Open forth all possibilities, loosen the hold on what is possible and allow this expansion not only in your hearts but also in all that is upon this world-in all matter here!

We say again to each of you-Love is the answer and in that- Love is the power to heal All!

We do not tread lightly upon that statement, it is powerful, the power of Love!

It holds no bounds-in that it is all possibilities-choose this for each of you, choose for your timing upon this earth to be open to Love…

We greet each of you with an open heart, with a loving embrace, for we are your star family, we are here to be with each of you to provide support and familiar memories of who you are beyond this sphere!

We greet each of you in the memories of your hearts nature-in memory of this Love that is You…

Open forth this wellspring and allow its flow in your form to heal all, to expand and to allow the trust that will bring you home…

We are so happy to see a brighter day, each day you open to love you open all possibilities for All…

We greet you in kind and in the openness of the flower, it seeks not anything, but allows the naturalness of its nature to unfold to perfection!

Be like the flower and know all is well dear ones, All is Well!

We thank you…

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!