7 April 2011   Robert Shapiro

Hi everyone, from most precious Zoosh through Robert Shapiro from the latest Sedona journal, talking about a active now and also talking about Vertical time, meaning one is able to jump through the timelines and how on January 11th, 2011 they hooked us up to this vertical timeline. Also below this channel as it is connected, have pasted part of a newsletter of a chap called Tom T. Moore referring to the above channel of Robert and the Vertical time issue. Quite fascinating. Robert Shapiro has written so many wonderful books and below have also given a link for a book he is offering for free on one of his sites. Embracing all in Pure White Source Light, Fredaricka

From the Sedona Journal of Emergence April 2011

The Stabilized Passageway To the Eden Version of Earth Is Ready

Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

26 January 2011

All right. Zoosh.

Oh, welcome!

Now, it’s very important for everybody to focus not so much on the ending of the way of struggle and strife on this planet but rather to focus, meditate, envision—whatever you do; whatever works for you—on the benevolent version of earth that is coming closer. that benevolent version of earth will essentially provide you all with little hints of its existence over the next three to four months. sometimes you will look up in the sky and say, “Oh, what’s that?” it will seem almost like an overlaid image. At other times, you will see that kind of overlaid image that is there and then gone—just for a split second when you are looking at something else. this will usually not happen when you’re doing something important, such as driving a car or operating machinery or something like that, unless you are pulled over and parked or unless you’re taking a coffee break from that machine— that kind of thing—because it’s not meant to distract you from life’s important ventures. But it is meant to remind you that the world upon which you are now living—the time sequence you are living in, the dimension that you occupy—is shifting, and as a result, the time of struggle and strife is drawing to a close.

Now there have been so many things that are upsetting, such as the sudden death of animals and the poisoning of the oceans, even when it was well meant to help the oil disseminate, as it was with the release of the chemical by the oil company in the . But that caused a poisoning in the ocean. i know they didn’t mean to do that, but this poisoning is affecting the oceans globally. And while it may not be obvious that the oceans can globally affect lakes and rivers and the water in general, it is so. Human beings, of course, can drink filtered water—taken from its natural state or its polluted state, filtered by your water companies, and delivered in your home taps in a way that is safe for you. Or you can purchase filters and so on. i do urge you, if you’re not sure about the water that comes out of your tap, to get a filter—even though if you’re in a big city or even a small town, chances are it’s perfectly safe. But if you’re not sure, get a filter and drink the filtered water. the issue here is that the animals, of course, do not have

filters on their water, for the most part, unless they are pets or even farm animals. But the issue of pollution is so overwhelming now, not only because of so many people on the planet and so much crowding and so on, but also to gently prod you, you might say, to sort of release your grip on this old struggle-and-strife world. this is not being done by beings who are trying to harm you. it’s rather that it is being brought to your attention more. so i’m not saying that the cause of the pollution or any of the struggle and strife between peoples is caused by spirit beings. rather, your means of knowing of these things, the news of such events, the technology, even phone calls, is what’s going on for you now. You can know almost instantaneously when something happens on the other side of the world through many good, quality news services, to say nothing of eyewitness reports. All of these things do cause you to feel a great deal of dismay, and i sympathize with that. However, it is important for you to let go—so practice letting go a bit, okay? If you’re not sure how to do it, this is the simplest way: Just grab on to the arms of the you’re sitting in sometime (turn the ringer off on your phone, and try and do it at a time when there’s the least amount of distractions) and grip the arms of your , if you can—or if your hands are not working too well, tuck your legs under the and pull. in short, grab something, even move your legs together and push, and then gradually let go. And as you’re letting go, exhale, and while you’re exhaling, simply say, “i give up,” like that. All right?

Now, i know that it’s not in your nature to say that you give up, but you have all had to do that at one time or another, because you were at the end of your endurance, perhaps, for some physical activity or something else. there is no shame attached to this, all right? You need to be able to give up, and sometimes the thought of letting go can be a bit vague. so that’s what i recommend.

it will help immensely if you do that, because the more people who are able to do that letting-go exercise—say, once a week or even twice a week, if you like—it will make it that much easier to transition from the polluted struggle-and-strife planet to the benevolent ease planet: the same planet, just at a different dimension. Here’s the big change going on for you: it’s not about moving gradually through some decimal point—“You’re at this decimal point: 3.47, 3.52” and all the other kind of comments that have been made before. it is possible to make the switch quickly. i’m not saying that it will happen instantaneously, but it is possible, and it is important to make it as possible as you can. so here is also a living prayer you can say: First ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you—and with these things, always say the words out loud, all right? if you’re in a crowded situation, or if there are other people present, you can whisper; that’s fine. Again, try to have as little distraction

as possible, then say:

Living Prayer

“I am asking that my shift and the shift of all

others to the benevolent planet of ease, also known as Mother Earth,

now take place in the most benevolent way for all.”

Or if you prefer, you can say this version:

Living Prayer

“I am asking that I now be able to easily and comfortably be on the benevolent ease version of

Mother Earth in the most benevolent way for me.”

try to use one or the other of those living prayers. If you wish, when you’re asking “for me,” you can also add, “and my family and my friends,” or something like that. You can do that, but really the i don’t recommend you do that is because it won’t work for the others. everyone has to do it for themselves, and their own language is perfectly acceptable. You each have to do it for yourselves, because no one can bring you along. You have to want to be at such a place. Now know this: there will be no struggle or strife in the benevolent ease version of Mother earth. there will be no disease there. there will be an easy lifestyle there, and everyone will be comfortable. i know it sounds like heaven as it has been described in various books, and it’s not unlike that. i must tell you something else that might surprise you: it depends up on how you look at it, but looking at it on the experiential time level, which is where i am at the moment, that version of earth is about, oh [chuckles] seventy times bigger than the version of earth you’re on now. that’s why everybody can go, and when you get there, there will already be a lot of support in place. there are people living there now who are ready to welcome you. some of those people are your future selves, but you’re not going to have to give up your current self. they will welcome you, help you get settled, and show you the ropes, so to speak—how to live there and how to be there without any struggle, without any strife. Competition will not be necessary nor is it encouraged. And you will have a good life.

there is room for everybody, and you will be able to continue your current birth expansion to the point at which the population of earth, that earth, will reach about eight or nine billion. then it’ll just stop, meaning that there will be an understanding that children will need to come less frequently because of the necessary balance that is needed. the death rate will also balance equally with the birth rate. However, life on that planet—especially for people born there, but even for people who migrate there—will be extended so that you’re living comfortably until you’re about 147 years old. For people who are born there, though, life will be about 250 years or something like that. i need to give you these little glimpses so that you will understand, roughly, that we’re not talking about some vague thing that may happen. it is happening, and you need to give it some attention in the way i’m suggesting. i will simply say that you need to try and let go of the struggle- and strife-polluted earth, because what’s going to happen on this level of earth will not make it be a friendly place for any beings. When you leave (and actually, it’s kind of beginning now, as you may have noticed), earth will exercise her own capabilities—her personality, you might say. she uses volcanoes, earthquakes, and all of these things, especially rains and winds, to clean herself and to wash herself. she might even experience another ice age, but i don’t expect that. i would expect her surface temperature to rise and for there to be more volcanoes, because ultimately it is what comes out of volcanoes that does the purifying. so this will go on with heat and steam and so on, and you really won’t be able to live here. But it’s not meant to eradicate you from earth; it’s meant to just remind you that Mother earth is on her own clock, her own schedule, and you need to sort of let go. i know you were born and raised here, and this is the home you know, but you need to let go, because the newer version of earth is waiting, and life will be so much better there.

In my lifetime?

One hopes. the whole point is to make it as possible—as quick, you understand—and as immediate as can be, so that’s why i gave the recommendations for the exercises. Other people are also giving exercises, and those are perfectly fine, but i wanted to add my voice, because i feel it’s really important now to understand what is going on. i do appreciate that the entire ascension movement is entirely about moving to a higher dimension of earth, and almost all of those exercises are perfectly valid to use in this situation. But remember, if you’re practicing “ascension,” understand that everyone must go at once. so nobody is to be left behind, okay?

What is the impetus for this sudden urgency? Is it the state of the planet?

the state of the planet. the issue of the pollution of the oceans is really catastrophic, but it won’t affect you in your home that much, because of water-processing plants and the care that goes into the modern city. Whether big city or small town, there is great care that goes into protecting and supporting the local citizenry through clean waters, good sewers, and so on. this is wonderful, but of course the animals do not live in that world unless they are pets or, in many cases, farm animals. so you are seeing in the animals what would happen to human beings if you didn’t have this infrastructure, these people working in these places to make your water clear and pure, to take care of the sewers, and to bring you —in short, people in various public service jobs. if they weren’t doing their jobs, what is happening to the animals would be happening to you and to all human beings.

We are publishing a channeling in the March issue from an ET who said that on 1–11–2011, the Creator, our sun and four other suns, four planets in this solar system, plus people meditating all over creation created a pathway at an intersection to this new place. Do you concur with that ?

i do.

Can you say a little more about it?

there’s not that much more to say about it. the fact that you can make the leap has everything to do with it. You can make the leap now, but you will all have to try and do this together. And i recognize that you cannot do these things simultaneously. For some of you, quite obviously, the leap will happen during your sleep state. For others, it will happen when you are awake. For still others, you might find yourselves driving down the road in the car, and suddenly you will be in some completely different space. it will feel warm and loving, and many of you will feel wonderful. At first, you’ll wonder if something happened and you died and are in heaven. But no, after a few moments you’ll certainly be in this other place, and it will be wonderful.

Explain a little more about the process. We’re in a car, and suddenly we’re in a new place. Do we still have the house and the car and the clothes and the family and everything that was here or is everything different?

Many things will be different. You will still have your beloved friends and family. i am not prepared to say that you will have every single product that you currently own. On the other hand, you’ll be happy, you’ll be completely safe, and you will enjoy all the people you meet, and they will enjoy you. You have to decide whether products are more important than safety, happiness, and fulfillment.

Okay. Is it a completely different kind of life from what we know here, or . . . ?

it is a completely different kind of life from what you know here. if you’re asking, “is everybody going to have everything that they’ve got now?” and are hanging on to that for dear life—no, you won’t. But you won’t miss it one bit. You won’t need to make a living. You will be able to do the work or the things you like to do in the most benevolent way, and you won’t have to work for money. You will have everything you need to live well—everyone will. it’s going to be a lot like heaven, only it will be a real, physical life. it won’t be in spirit; it’ll be a real life. You will know yourself as you are, but your world and your environment will change. You’ll have other things you can do. You won’t have to make a living. You won’t have to struggle. remember, it’s not about struggle and strife. Most of you really don’t realize how much struggle and strife happens in your daily life, because you’ve adjusted. You’ve been conditioned, yes, but you’ve also adjusted to the pain and discomfort level. there won’t be any pain there; discomfort will be unknown—and almost immediately forgotten to have ever existed.

Well, there are so many questions one could ask, but I don’t think you want to answer them all right now.

Well, i don’t want to give you all the details, Melody, because if i give you the details, people will not make the effort. this is entirely about believing in the value of benevolence and ease for all beings. if you do not want benevolence and ease for all beings, you might find it difficult to make this leap. You have to let go of your prejudices and your anger. so when you’re doing the letting-go thing, don’t say, “i’m letting go of my prejudices; i’m letting go of my anger.” Just do letting go: “i give up.” Do you understand? Just do that, and it will happen; things will fall away. if you do that regularly, over time you will notice that your prejudices and your angers decrease. it won’t decrease so much that you will be unsafe in various situations; you don’t have to give up your knowledge or your instinct, okay? But you do have to let go of the old chains that tie you to the past. it is that past—even though in the past there has been some good learning—that is holding you there, weighing you down, and also contributing to your pain and your struggle.

Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

So the Explorer Race will go out, not from this planet, then, but from that version of Mother Earth?

We’ll see. Most likely, but we’ll see. the reason i am making an issue about this, the reason i’m suggesting that it’s important to practice your letting go, is that it may be possible to make the leap before “years and years down the road.” i realize that it will take a while for word of this to get around and for other people talking about it to get around and for folks to accept that it might be possible, that it could be possible, and so on. But even so, get started now, because the benefits of letting go and doing a letting-go exercise serve much more than making the move to this other version of Mother earth. it also serves and will serve your life in the most benevolent way. Good night.

Wait—let me ask you something else. Are there pyramids, constructed pyramids, in a country called Bosnia? I’ve never seen so much “yes and no” and “this and that” and “it’s a hoax” and “it’s real” as when I looked it up. Are there real pyramids there, 600-foot-tall pyramids made of manufactured cement or something?

You’re talking about pyramids being underground, actual pyramids that happen to be covered with soil; is that it?

Yes. Actual real, created pyramids—five of them, one of them taller than the Great Pyramid in .

i will say this (i’m going to be a little vague): At least one of them is a real pyramid. And i want to also bring your attention to—though you may already know this— your attention to the fact that that whole area has been a source of struggle and strife and wars for years and years and generations and generations, going way back. Partly, for the people who live there, it’s because they’re on the way to everyplace, and when you’re on the way to everyplace, people see things they like, so that’s problematic. But yes, at least one of those is a pyramid.

[The following is in response to a question on another topic:] And when did that happen?

No, Melody. We can’t do markers anymore. You’re not in that calendar anymore. the calendar you’re using now with the years and all that business is a complete joke. You’re not in that anymore. it’s practical for “Monday, tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, Friday, saturday, sunday,” but it’s completely . . . you can struggle with a line back about 200 years and say that calendar’s really still legitimate, but from there, forget it. And it’s really becoming less so every day, so it sort of becomes a dotted line before it gets to that 200 years. it becomes a dotted line about 3 years ago. so when you say that, it’s just impossible to give you an answer like that. You really must let go of those questions, even though they are completely logical. the trouble with logic, you see, is that the logic that you use nowadays is completely linear, but you, as a human being, and all other human beings on the planet, are not linear anymore. Did you know that? You have already connected to vertical time. that is the only possible way that the article i just gave has any relevance at all. it cannot have any relevance at all if i tell people that they must try and make a leap to this other version of time, this other sequence of time, this other version of earth, if there is no possibility that you can do it! But since you’re already connected to vertical time, well . . . it is possible.

Okay. I’ve never heard of vertical time. I’ve heard of vertical wisdom. What is vertical time?

Vertical time is what allows beings to traverse from one time sequence to another, which is what everybody does when they fly in their ships. You see their lightships in the sky and so on. Do you think they came by ticking off the miles? No, of course not. they came by moving through different dimensions, you might say—different time sequences (which is a so much better term,

but okay; everybody accepts the word “dimensions”). By coming through these different sequences, they are able to traverse vertical time, and vertical time allows you, through various portals that are stable, to move from your sequence—meaning where you are, how you live, your people, your version of the universe, if you would— into other sequences for certain amounts of time, certain amounts of experience, okay? so when the ships come here, they can stay here only so long; they don’t hang around forever. they stay until they start getting the feeling of being uncomfortable. Now, the beings themselves cannot tolerate that, but the ship itself will start to get that feeling, all right? And when the ship gets that feeling, it will signal that it’s time to go. Or if the beings are distracted and the ship just goes bing—it will no longer be there, and they’ll suddenly notice that they’re back in their own time sequence. they will laugh and say, “Oh, well that’s all there is to that! Maybe another time, but . . . the end.” in short, they’ll make a joke about it and go on with their lives. But that’s really how it works.

You are now connected to this vertical time, as all human beings are, which is another reason you’re all starting to have some really wild and crazy dreams. some of you are dreaming about things or even experiencing things in those moments of waking up and remembering things. sometimes they’re not so good; sometimes they’re crazy. sometimes they seem violent, and when you wake up, it’s “what was that all about?” You might wake up with your heart thumping. i’m going to tell you what that’s about. it’s not that those things are coming; it’s like you’re setting an ordination, in a way. You’re setting something up to try to change the past of the level of sequence that you’re on now. You’re trying to change it, to leave it a better place for whoever follows in your wake. You’re not attached to who it’s going to be, you just . . . it’s like you want to rush to sweep up the porch because company’s coming. so many of you are involved in projects. these are the kind of projects that you usually do after life, but since you’re moving or are going to be able to move from one sequence to another—or one dimension to another, in other words— you are trying to sweep up the porch, so to speak, before you go. You’re not all doing that, but some of you are, and that’s why your dreams are totally nuts sometimes, okay?

Now i know that some of you think that these dreams are prophetic. Generally speaking, they aren’t prophetic. the way you will be absolutely certain that they aren’t prophetic is that if you remember that something you’re dreaming about (whether it happens at the deepdream level or when you’re waking up, kind of going through the stages you go through when you’re waking up) is a news event—it’s something that actually happened, or you can look it up, say, on the internet and say, “Hey, this actually happened!”—then you can be darn sure that you are involved in a project with many others to try and recreate the events of that time so that it

will be more benevolent for those who follow in your wake on this dimension of earth, even though it may be millions of years into the future because the level of earth you’re on now will have to go through this whole cleansing process. Nevertheless, that will take place in time, and so hopefully earth will not only be cleaned up but the psychic condition, you might say, meaning the energy of earth, will also be cleaned up to welcome the souls of the beings who will incarnate on that version of earth in that time, when it comes—even though you’ll be long gone, now living on another planet.

That’s great. So can we say that the 1–11–2011 connection that you talked about, the connection to the next dimension, the pathway . . . was that the connection to vertical time?

Yes. Now, that’s not widely known, but it’s very important to put it out, and it just so happens that in this experiential moment, it’s all right to say that. Now, there’s another side to that dimension of the wild and crazy dreams. Some of you are having incredibly benevolent dreams that you wake up from, and you say, “Oh, i want to be there!” And that place that you want to be . . .

Is where we’re going.

As long as it’s really benevolent and everybody looks really happy and you feel wonderful there, that’s where you’re going.

All right. That’s wonderful. So we are connected to vertical time!

that’s right.

Is there any purpose in talking to those other four suns who helped make the connection? Are they from the area in space where our sun was before it migrated here?

i don’t think so, no, but it’s very typical for suns, as true lightbeings, to be allied with other suns. All over the universe, suns are completely allied. they’re like a single family. And in other places, it might interest you to know that . . . you know, you experience the sun as something physical, but of course at other levels it is something completely different. Do you know that if you go up a few levels, so to speak, in various planets or sequences, that the sun does not give off heat? Do you know why?

No physical matter?

You don’t need it. But the sun does give off light, all right, and the sun . . . this is just for fun, but since we’re yacking, here’s the example: At a different dimension, the sun is completely cool. it is cool heat, and it gives off bright light. You know, because you’re a scholar, perhaps, that the sun in other dimensions gives off this heat and so on—it’s overwhelming, and you couldn’t get anywhere near to it. But you can literally walk through this version of the sun. if it’s a big sun, it might take a while. if it’s a small sun, it doesn’t take so long; maybe it just takes what you would now consider to be a day. so you can walk from one end to the other, for instance, if you are a scholar and you decide you want something and need something. Generally speaking, though, your need wouldn’t be urgent the way needs are here on earth as you now experience it; it might be something simple you’d want, and you’d say, “i’d like to have the experience of walking through this sun that will allow me to become receptive to and magnetic toward . . .” you know,

whatever it is you want. so by the time the journey ends, you’re either much more likely to come into contact with whatever it is you’re seeking or desiring to be around than when you started, just to give you an idea.

Is that the sun that will be at the version of Earth we’re going to?

No, it’ll still be warm. You’ll need that, because you’ll be physical.

That’s right. Okay. What about the setup of that event? Did the Creator plan it long, long, long ago, or did something just go into sync and allow it to happen?

No, you can be certain that monumental events, when they happen, are always planned by Creator. so you can be certain that this was planned by Creator. Want me to check with him?


Okay. [Only a very slight pause.] Yes.

Did you know it was going to happen?

it’s possible.

So despite what we did, not because of what we did? Let’s see . . . if the date was set up long in advance, then it was like the alarm went off or something?

it’s just the timing, yes, but the formula has to do with the number of beings, the need, and the opportunity. it’s as simple as that. that’s the formula. Granted, there are millions of other factors that go into it, but that’s the core of the formula. You have to remember that generally speaking in the rest of the universe where there’s no struggle and strife, the simple statement of “all needs will be met” is true. Needless to say, nobody there needs anything horrible to happen to themselves or anybody else, so all needs will be met. Need a chocolate ice-cream sundae? it’s right there. However, the cows don’t have to give the milk. it’s just there. so no, natural time . . .

Is experiential time.

simply, yes. experiential time. Vertical time is a passageway. Just think of it as that. it’s a passageway. that’s how you use it. You don’t always have it; you have it when you need it. When the ships come, you understand, if they’re meant to be here for some reason—you know, to be seen in the sky and have people talk about them; “What was it? What was it?” and that whole business—they need vertical time in order to come here. And when the time comes that they need to go, they need vertical time to get back to where they came from.

Can we equate that to the wormhole in stargate?

No, because that’s fiction. the reason i don’t want to connect to fiction is because different people view fiction in different ways. the one thing you can be absolutely certain of in current fiction is that it has to do with danger and excitement. so of course it does not relate to that.

Okay. Then I’ll take that question out, but . . .

No, it’s all right. You can leave it in. And the reason you can leave it in is my answer. My answer is important because it’s important for people to know what they find appealing about fiction: danger, excitement, and resolution. People find that exciting now, but you won’t find that exciting at that next level. As a matter of fact, excitement as you know it will cease to exist. it will only be benevolent excitement: “Oh! What’s that flower?” or “Oh! Who are those people? i can’t wait to meet them.” so you might be excited, but there won’t be any danger, and the resolution will not be required in the way you have it now. resolution will be fulfillment.

Okay, so they made a connection to vertical time, which is a passageway, or as the being said, a pathway. So we have to use it when it’s there, right? Or is it that they made a connection so that when we need it, it will be there?

Closer to the latter. they made the connection in a stabilized way—stabilized so that it can’t be messed with, okay? And it can’t be accidentally triggered. it’s not going to be that you’re walking down the street someday, you trip, and suddenly you find yourself on this other planet. [Laughs.] You’re going to have to want to go, okay? so there’s that. that’s the main thing. it’s stable, and it will be there when you want it, when you need it.

I am so grateful. This is such a wonderful thing to be able to share with our readers and all people.

Okay, good night.

Good night.

herewith from Robert Shapiro a free gift of his 112 page book of Benevolent Magic
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4/2/11 by Tom T. Moore


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Here I have to explain that Zoosh is a Creator, like the Creator of this universe, and as I have mentioned several times before there are billions of creators. Zoosh was attracted to this creation and likes to be known as the "end of time historian," and will be with the Explorer Race until we take over for the Creator of our universe. He was first channeled for me by Robert Shapiro, and I got to know him as "Uncle Zoosh." I later communicated with him at times myself. I decided to ask him about a channel he did for Robert in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, where I write a monthly column this month. He was following up on a previous channel where another entity had said four suns and our sun formed a trapezoid along with 4 planets from our solar system, including one we have not discovered yet, and created vertical time for us to reach the fifth dimensional time line. I told you this universe is much more complex than any of us can imagine.

Uncle Zoosh, please explain vertical time, and why we went on it 1-11-11?

Yes, Tom. I will attempt to explain it for your readers, which I might add are growing in numbers you are not aware of yet. Vertical time, as you discussed at the dinner table this past weekend, cannot be explained as horizontal and then tipping vertical like the table knife used. Time for you is in a loop, or circle, so it cannot be straight like the table knife, yet that was the best reference you had. You are in a loop of linear time, yes, but in order to reach a more benevolent time line there had to be a connection, which was just established on the date mentioned in January, thanks to the assistance of 4 other suns. This was not an easy task, and took great energy and focus if you will.

So vertical time is a corridor of time to connect you with the higher focused time line. And to answer your question, yes, it was done for all time lines, both higher frequencies and lower frequencies than your time line. So on a 3rd dimensional level if you can imagine a tube suddenly appearing on your loop of time and connecting to another loop of time, that would be another way to imagine it for your readers. Naturally its purpose is to take you out of that loop of time and put you onto another much more benevolent loop of time into the fifth focus as it is termed.

So how long will we be in the vertical time tube or time line?

Yes, several months of your time—but not too long. This vertical time tube or line is quite short you see in comparison to the one you’ve been on for several thousand years. The next one you will be on will be for several thousand years too you see, but at a much higher frequency allowing much more growth, but that discussion has been made many times. Suffice to say you will connect in several months.

You said in the article that everyone is going together through this vertical time line and everyone will arrive at the fifth focus together, yet, elsewhere in the article you mentioned some people would be driving and suddenly find themselves elsewhere while others will enter the new timeline during their dreamtime and so on. It sounded as if it would not happen on the same day or 24-hour period, but separately. Please explain.

Yes, I can see where you arrived at that conclusion Tom, but in reality everyone will arrive within a few minutes of each other—not one here and there. Some will notice the difference immediately and others it will take some time before they begin to feel a real difference.

And yes, your souls are setting this up so that it will take place towards the end of December of 2012 as you mark your calendars. So I think I have given your readers sufficient visualization of what is occurring at this moment.

OK, Uncle Zoosh, thank you for coming and I do wish you a good life. Any other comments for my readers at this time?

No, only to keep your focus on benevolence Tom in their daily lives. This more than anything results in a benevolent future for you all. I do encourage them all to continue to request these benevolent outcomes in their lives, as you have had explained to you before about how it puts them on a higher level vibrational rate.

Ok. I wish you a good life.

Good life Tom and anytime you wish I’m available to you or anyone of your readers who meditate to connect to spirit.

Thank you for the offer.