4 April 2011

through Paschalis Kazakopoulos | , 23 Mar. 11

Beloved of God&;s work, I welcome you in the arms of the Mother. Surrender now like you let a child in the arms of his mother. Let me embrace you, transmitting the energies of the Light in your essence, in the core of the Light that you are.

Beloved, you got so tired from the noise of the world, you got tired from supposed love, supposed happiness, the theaters of control. Come , come in your heart, to this wonderful and brilliant path your own soul has paved beloved, and walk it.

Walk it beloved. I will be with you in every step since you walk on this path. On the path of your heart, the obstacles will be pushed aside because simply there will be no obstacles. Obstacles are created when the soul is not prepared. You are prepared, suffice you walk the path of your core’s essence of the Light that You Are.

Come beloved, the time has come, the call was given and this is your moment, your time to play important role in your reality. Becoming the expression of Love in your life and all these you name as problem, obstacle, difficulty, worry, will just leave, they won’t exist as you walk on this path of your own soul; you will recognize them as illusions and not as your own reality. Then you are on the right path. Let your heart, let your heart beloved breathe in this, opening the path for the luminous presence that You Are.

There are times where you think “How can I move in a world full of temptations, full of meanness, depravity”. You can beloved, because your heart can do it. Bringing the Love, all of these are falling apart in her course. While you bring Love in your consciousness and this is becoming one with the essence, with your cells, with the blood running in you and is feeding you with Love, Wisdom and Power to move forward.

We tell you beloved ones; your eyes will see a lot, many things your ears will hear. Don’t let them mislead you, look in your heart, close your eyes. Come in this balance and ask “Does this belong in my reality? If yes, what can I do about it, since it asks for my love? If no, how can I release this emotion or this situation through my own love?” And as soon as you complete this process, embrace all its extensions with the created coming out of your heart and wrap it like a rose wraps its petals. And let them there in love and become Love yourself.

The collective consciousness of your country (Germany) will  be shaken from a scandal that will come on the surface. This will create several extensions in your society and will affect radically the foundations of the church. Embrace people who won’t know from where to hang on. There is a lot of work to be done here while the unity of the Light is about to prevail on the energies of chaos. Be prepared for this, and how to be? While you align every day with the guide of your heart, may it be the which will be leading you in life and not the mind which is feeding only with illusions to be able to exist.

The logic you need to connect with, I call it with Jesus “super-logic”, the super-logic of the heart. It is the universal field which is connected with the universes of the universes and is found within you. There is a portal in there beloved. Don’t search outside, it is there. From there it will lead you on the path of the sacred marriage with your I Am Presence, while the energies of the twin flame of the integrated Christ are coming with momentum and force and establish with Love, Wisdom and Power in your heart now. You can already feel it. It is this which transforms you, opening the door of your spirit’s freedom within the universes of the universes where your heart is expanding.

It is a Light celebration beloved, let it exist; celebrate this existence, today, here, now. Because the Mother is embracing you and the Father supports your energy. Feel it now, release yourself from all ties, let them go and call the brilliance of your Self, your glorious . Affirm out loud, “I Am that I Am”. And as your breathe in, inhale the word “I Am”.

“I Am that I Am”. And breathe in “I Am”. Breathe it in and now feel in your heart that field. I am sure you can do it, the heart recognizes, the heart listens. Relax, and feel it. This is significant. While you do this practice for what you are; breathing in the “I Am” as if you intake the word, this is like your own soul affirming that You Are. You can create your own Christed reality.

Through the Love of the Cosmic Mother, I spread the energy of Shekinah in the river of your heart… Welcome beloved!

Mary Magdalene.


Channeling from Mary Magdalene through Paschalis Kazakopoulos| 23 Mar.11, Germany

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