Interesting: According to this man (I couldn't spell his name) this is the case: Qaddafi, initially with Malaysia, introduced the Persian Gold Dinar to be used as payments. This is supported by , Sudan and . Later a few other countries join them. Not all payments are done in Gold Dinar yet, just a few pilot projects. If this continues and becomes successful, all payments would be done in gold. Qaddafi was ready to announce his withdrawal from the Dollar and Euro zone, when his Dollar and Euro accounts got arrested. Qaddafi was also preparing for adaption to one (gold backed?) currency. If Qaddafi is being unhindered, a chain reaction of countries going back to gold would follow. And that would mean the end of fiat based money and the global banking system as we know it. And this is the main reason he is being attacked. It's not about , water or freedom for the people.

I am also surprised that such a big financial story is completely overlooked by . Instead, what Fulford got as info was that a secret group that are calling themselves the Gnostics are behind the war in . The Gnostics wanted all dictatorships in Africa and Middle-East toppled. Apparently, had been fed false information on this one. According to his last posting, now he thinks that the attack on Libya is for the oil, because the feds don't have the money to buy them anymore… I don't think so because there is more oil in than in .

At the end of the video there are some very interesting statistics about Libya.