28th April, 2011.

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Hey guys!

What times we are now experiencing. Each day feels like a love fest. The vibration on the planet is so high with love. I have never been simply enjoying life as much as I am now. I get guidance from spirit to continue filling the earth and all i meet with love. I feel the call to create networks such as light grids, etheric crystals into the earth's core and deep within the recesses of the planet with love.

It is so simple. I feel so energised. I wish that more knew that they can also do this. I feel that love is our destination even though it is already here. This is what I feel that we as light servers work to create is more love all throughout the planet. I am finding souls in my locality are so much filled with love and even in this past week. Sure you could say it is the amazing weather that we are having. People's hearts are more open. I feel this with my intuition.

I felt so sad to hear about jose and sai baba. These things just happen. We can read into them but they do just happen no matter how much we may ask why. We cannot know. These two sterling hearts contributed so much to the world, the and the unfolding of the planet earth. I have learned recently about the fifth dimensional stargate of the heart and i am using this in all earthwork now.

I am aware of being in a flow. I am going with this flow with my heart. My passion and my life's blood is spreading and creating love. I received the card yesterday of and it said to work my magic. I have found that it is like a key unlocking a treasure trove of insight when i follow the guidance and i begin intending with the light work. Spirit tell me that the ascension process is accelerating bigtime. Wonderful. Who wants dark days. Noone does. Sure they happen now and again.

I think we have all seen enough of these. I am never troubled by the dark or evil. I simply dont feel this and i dont fear it or feel threatened by it. Sure there is corruption and there has been a matrix operating up until now. This is all changing now. The energy has vastly accelerated in the past week. I can feel new stargates that have opened in the cosmos. We are in a big time of letting go on a worldly level as well as a personal level. We can only move forward in love now.

I have an angel card that i live by and it simply says 'Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.' If you feel into this statement with your heart's intelligence you will feel rest and yes that this is indeed so. I feel that there is so much reading into stuff especially channelings or writings about secret governments and conspiracies. Sure this stuff does happen. However I say you dont have to let it instill you with fear. I dont mean to sound like i am preaching and i will keep to my simply sharing experience.

I used to feel a bit of panic around reading some reports about supposed world powers and the matrix but now i realise i am in the 's seat and i can openly accept or reject what comes my way. As my good friend stan says; Its not what happens its in how you deal with it!' Anyway I do feel that there is an unstoppable current of love currently reshaping this planet with divine intelligence. Thank the divine for this grace. Its timely indeed. I feel we have been through enough.

I will leave you for now. I send my blessings and love. I am going to rest and play some more now. I feel my true nature shining through these days and i delight in feeling myself more wholly! Hallelujah!

My love and regards,


Blessings, Mark.

Mark Stearn. Building the New Earth.

' not how you connect with the silence, as long as you do!'
'Be sure to take time to rest and play today for this is the love of' your true nature!'

~ Mark Stearn.