By 3/30/11

Ever since the first image of Serene Branson report was live over the airwaves, speculation has been running rampant that something about the outbursts seems to be more than meets the eye. And with the number of confirmed cases continuing to rise, these theories are sounding less "out there" by the day.

Earlier today a rumor started spreading across the Internet like wildfire that Judy was incoherent during the taping of one of her shows in front of a live audience. Within hours that rumor was being followed by news reports to the same effect. The started saying sentences that didn't make any sense in relation to the case and suddenly said, "I need to stop." After paramedics were called, the and host of the popular show "Judge Judy" soon recovered and cited medical troubles as the cause, and expects to be back to filming soon enough. And though the show is no stranger to unusual incidents (fans of the show remembered one other occasion that ended up on where the studio began to shake during one of the tapings) this latest incident may have been the strangest of all. And the fact that it is so closely following so many others may lead some to believe that there may be a link between the incidents.

A number of theories have been raised following the incidents, but the official story remains that the incidents are all part of a of coincidences. The timeline of events starts on January 18, 2011 when Sarah Carlson from WISC-TV in Madison suddenly broke into a of words that indicated to those around her that she was suffering from severe and sudden disorientation. The disorientation continued for several seconds while she talked about a lawsuit brewing that Wisconsin had just joined. Later Carlson declared that the incident was a medical issue and not to be concerned.

Next, the event that made the phenomenon mainstream occurred on February 15, 2011 when Serene Branson from KCBS LA suddenly broke into a series of unintelligible words during the Grammys. Branson later cited a migraine aura and told viewers it was nothing to be concerned over. The event made Branson a household name within days.

The next month, Global Toronto Star Mark McAllister became the next victim of sudden onset on-air disorientation during a broadcast about the war in . McAllister's case was the second to gain widespread public attention and the first to draw a link between the incidents. After the incident, McAllister similarly reported after undergoing examination by paramedics that it was nothing to be concerned over, but said he would be talking to his doctor about the unexpected event.

After that, Judge Judy on March 30 suddenly had her incident of live disorientation, and though the incident was never broadcast it occurred in front of cameras and in front of several witnesses. After stage managers called 911, the 68 year old was told to stay overnight at the hospital for tests.

So what is the conspiracy? Theories range from an experiment using broadcast to the sun itself, but the only thing the more interested among us can agree on is that we will be seeing more of these before it ends.