by Larz


Our connections to All That Is are eternal. They were, they are, and they forever will be. The connections are in balance and in harmony with the points that personify them. For every point there is a , and for every a a point. We will not discuss the spiritual or more precisely, the religious symbolism, nor the scientific application. We will discuss only the of .

There is a type of sadness that comes when the immediacy of the connection is questioned. The physical connection of intercourse, for instance, can be strengthened by the formation of a beloved embryo. Connections between loving people create societies. Connections by “loving” cells create the body. We are of one body, one mind, one soul. So, why sadness?

Sadness in this case is caused by fear, which essentially is a lack of faith. It is a perception rooted entirely in intensity but not in harmony. The connection is as ephemeral as it ever was, it is only now the connection is seemingly “more” ephemeral. But ephemeral is ephemeral — there is nothing “more” to more ephemeral, because by the use of this word we wish to imply that which is not physical. Because the physical world appears to be all that is, when the ephemeral world impinges, its connection, which is felt, is not felt physically, but spiritually. Your crying tears, your sad longing, is a close connection to this feeling. The truth is, the division of separation is as necessary for growth as expansion is. Expansion occurs through division, differentiation occurs through integration. This is a Zen concept, so, easily understood using Zen techniques.

Connection is a momentary glimpse of the unification that existed before time existed and those that are connected can feel it. Sadness, it feels, is the appropriate response when the beloved leaves the womb. The cells of the mother so know the beloved, there is a sadness that only the pain of childbirth itself can mask. But those connections remain just as surely as the foot knows there is an eye and the blind at night eye walks assuredly through the darkest of moonlight free deep night forests. Connections.

Connections between loving members of a chorus that have sung a beautiful song remain. The vibration connections still sing that song, their vibrancy alive in the deepest reaches of space. Perhaps, by now their echoes are far and distant, but they are as alive as they ever were and the feelings of that moment continue to expand outward in both physical, emotional, and spiritual senses. We need a new word for “both” when we refer specifically to more than one.

The connection that was formed in a harmonic moment resonate inwards as well, forever illuminating the inner reaches of the soul. It was good. It is good.

Sadness is an inappropriate response. Joy and a smile are more appropriate. That is why tonight you confused people when you said “I am sad” but then they asked “Why are you smiling?” Deep in your heart the love you have for the chorus remains intact and intact remains their love in response. Many do not recognize this love. But many do not recognize the love of God. Blindness, while prevalent and easy, is still not truly blind, for every particle of being has the inner light that forms its very core.

Now, we wish to discuss The Void as an antithesis to The . To suppose that The Void exists is to suppose that Nothing Exists. Nothing does Not exist. There is no void in the sense that it has no “isness” … To speak IS while speaking The Void, is to not understand the transcendence of the void. God could not exist without the void, nor could a void exist without God. The void is, in and of itself in a non-isness type of way, highly unstable. Its non existence threatens its very nonexistence. Think of it as zero trying to divide itself. The process is that of transcendent unification, a concept that can be best understood mathematically.

The Void is no match for connection. Connection passes around, on top of and through the Void. You can and continue to see the members of WOW, of the forest, of your family, of the moments of your childhood, of the highschool friends, of the in a flask on a laboratory shelf. Your fingers have typed this , are typing, and will type this forever. See yourself as the impingement of an ingoing and out going wave. You are the boundary of boundaries. And this universe is the boundary of a boundary of a boundary. The reflections are beyond finite, yet less than that of All That Is which was and is more than the universe, but also less than, too.

We digress by speaking in riddles. Again, connections. The Void itself connects all points. Its non-beingness is in a sense the very fabric upon which all reality is structured. Only its infinite plasticity can a less plastic particulate-construction template form that is the basis of the dimensional reality of the Universe.

Connection is the same as corporeal entitization. An entity requires a connection and a connection requires an entity. We wish to explore the very meaning of life itself by exposing your own ego and through this we require the deepest of trust and the boldest of faith. To trust in the channel is to trust in the connection. God will transcend any conception you have of reality. Or any misconception. There is no fear then. God created the connection as he created the connected. Trust in the flow of the Source that is The Source of All That Is. We are here to echo the words of that deep wellspring of physical reality.