All minds, addicted or not, are capable of obsession. What has really been going on is a transition or more like a weaving back and forth of experiencing the joy of life as a meditative extended moment, or more frequently lapsing back into the lack of awareness of the moment by focusing on obsessive thoughts. What really has been going on is a disconnection from the moment by focusing on elements of the past and the future. To some degree the organism has become aware of the process and how it is happening. We say this gently. The goal is not to stop doing something, but rather start doing something. The goal is not to stop obsessing, stop compulsive behavior, stop responding to addictive impulses, but rather start responding and not reacting so much to situations. By that we mean become conscious as soon as possible after an event which changes our state. If we feel a shift in the subtle nature of reality, a twinge of anger, a jolt, a sudden changing of the mood, it has become a time to become conscious of the reaction that is occurring, and shift towards a more responsive response. At each moment in time we may or may not be doing something, also, we may or may not be conscious. The goal should be to start becoming conscious, fully conscious, of the present moment and to be doing what we are doing. Calendars, day planners, scraps of paper, notebooks and so on, can become our tools in managing a life. But a life spent in constant obsession about what we could have done, should have done, might do, or will do, generally is somewhat like pushing down on the accelerator while in park and expecting to go somewhere. The engine makes a lot of noise and the rpms rev up, but the car sits idly. As weird as it may seem, such activity solves nothing, any more than idling the car gets us anywhere. This is wholly different than using the time and to write something down.

Indeed, we find ourself reexperiencing the same mental patterns over and over again, but in useless places, like showering. We have given no justice to either showering or to our thoughts.

As for channeling today, already we have enough faith in the process to know that it will happen. This in and of itself is remarkable progress because it represents an internal shift away from fear. We did not sit down wondering whether or not we would channel, it was more like we wondered what and how much it, us, would have to say.

We wondered how the channel is changing, and so we went back to our first compilation and read a few ditties, only to be shocked at the evolution of the process. But as we said before, we can  begin anywhere, and we can begin right here, right now anew.

We know you are afraid still that we will never get to the level of Seth, or , or Ramtha, or even Urantia, but, that again is not our purpose. We are here for you. We are here to liberate you. More precisely, we are here for ourselves, to liberate ourselves. To liberate ourselves from our obsessive thinking, and from the feeling that we haven’t and aren’t really living. Now is the time, and there is no other way to say it.

Whenever we realize that it is now, then now is the time. The constancy or the unity of the moment is expressed through the idea of now. We do not need to understand life, or time, or any other physical process, instead, we can accept the gift of the moment and trust that somehow we have been given the tools we need to not just survive, but rather thrive in the moment.

The real issue is whether or not we are going to continue to evolve and whether or not we will have anything “worthy” to say. That is the joy of channeling perhaps, discovering that whatever we say, whether during the first few oddball channels, or later on, was an experience worth having. Whether or not life is really worth living is a choice of the entity, and we feel confident to say that it is in fact always a choice.

So we sense your anxiousness to move on with the day, so, go do it.