by Larz


Freedom comes when we finally let go of the past and the future and truly exist in the spacious, specious , the of now, the eternal of the herenow. The freedom felt today was glorious indeed, but only the glimpse into a much larger world of freedom. By accepting constraints can we find freedom.

For a long time we have been trapped and locked in self-defeating powers. We have always been one, but like newborn babes, we must treat our little ones kindly and gently. The little chicks will peck out of their shell, their hard womb like prison, and the will emerge into the larger when it is ready to see the light. We cannot force the eyes open in some mechanical way, that would only serve to damage and destroy the very tender tissue. Instead we have to coddle, protect and serve, like a truly gentle policeman, the very new life from which we’ll spring. As we are birthed into our greater self, as we more fully accept ourself within the universal construct of our , do we find it easier to give others the type of unconditional love that they too need to grow and prosper. We cannot give away except what we have to give. Therefore we first unconditionally accept ourself, and that creates the beginnings of being able to unconditionally give ourselves.

But the real freedom comes from moving away from the /reverse thinking of the Western mind. The West is preoccupied with progress. Life is meant to be some sort of ever increasing bounty and wealth, we amass fortunes, our laws improve, our understanding improves, our technology improves. We are getting better and better, each and every day, in every possibly conceivable way. Anything less than that won’t do.

But the reality is our life doesn’t work that way. We become obsessed with the past, fillled with resentments, anger, bitterness and regret. We relive old events all over filled with guilt and shame, or quiet rage, or despondent attitudes towards our lack of good fortune, our lack of grace, the terrible turn of events, of things gone awry, of opportunities missed and squandered. And so we turn our negative past towards a negative future. Knowing that the good days, which weren’t good, are already behind us. We have become conscious too late, and we are fearful that the non-good times are unfortunately over. Fear replaces faith. We are miserable in all respects and from all perspectives, and most of all, we are too busy thinking about and calculating the past and future, to even remotely sense the present.

So when we begin our journey into present moment awareness, we begin our journey away from the darkness. The darkness was never there. We never were in the past, nor shall we ever be in the future. Instead we are right where we have always been evolving in the ever expanding present moment, continuing to experience the ever unfolding now. It has never not been now. We have never been anywhere but here.

The within is a constant guiding and has never left us, but we did not hear it because we were not listening for it. We will hear the of our higher power, the universe, call out to us, guide us, point us in the right direction. The path unfolds before us and we take the middle way. We turn neither right nor left. We stop turning. We proceed neither forward nor backwards. We stop moving. We neither rocket up nor tunnel down. The six dimensions of space expand and unfold all around us and we take the seventh way, the seventh heaven by going no where at all. We find ourself where we have always been, here, and we know the time it has always been, now.

The many aspects of ourselves that we met are merely that, aspects of ourselves. And we begin to view the river of life as truly a river, a beautiful sight indeed and a place to enjoy the cool rush of water around our feet, to bathe in it, to enjoy the mossy green plants oscillating, undulating in the stream of life. We do not pluck them, rip them from their roots, scrape them off the rocks. The silver glistening trout dart by us and we delight in their icy water abilities, at home in their clear world of life filled water. The water shines and the rainbows are bright.

We saw a triple rainbow today, but, more importantly, it left a trace on our retina, it moved our spirit, it captured our soul. We, who were chastised gently for our ADHD, kept quiet to ourselves, and enjoyed the day from a perspective unique unto ourselves.

For a change, we were not wishing for some other perspective. We did not need to be younger or older. We did not need to be stronger or weaker, blonder or blacker, bigger and stronger, or smaller and more muscular. We were exactly where we were and we started accepting. The grace of the moment took over ourselves.

Normally our rhythm is off. We thought about it and we found ourself off. But then we left go, surrendered, released, swayed to the ocean breeze, delighted in the senses of our soul, and we found ourself being in the moment, clapping in rhythm, spreading the joy of good cheer and the gospel of hope.

We who were dark have found new light. Relative to our dark self we shine ever so brightly, and others can see it in us. We are the radiant center of joy, the beacon of light, the icon of serenity, the idol of good cheer. We are an emblem of peace and acceptance. And we cannot let go enough, we cannot release enough.

We still shimmer back and let go the glistening trout. We dim, we lose our luster, and then we surrender again. We find ourself doing what needs be done, being where we need to be, letting people enjoy their own prisons, for they too can choose to join us, they to can find the pathway to peace.

We give of ourselves gladly, and we let go. We stop resisting and the river of life flows around us. We no longer chase after an ever fleeting shadow,. The time of youth are chasing others, and we sense the charm and innocence of youth, we sense the beauty of the moment, we sense ourself. And we perceive the universe as a gold and glorious construct. We begin to realize the universe is what we make it out to be. And we do not hide this from the others, we do not cherish it for ourself, gathering it up and stowing it away. We begin to lose our fear that there simply isn’t enough to go around, that if we have then others shall want. Others shall look at us with blind and greedy eyes, determined to take what should be theirs, so we grab on ever more tightly, only to watch the river squeeze through our grasping hands, grasping at something that cannot be held, but can only be non-resisted. We begin to understand.

Today was a day in glory and in truth, a day in which we heard the call to share our message of peace and of joy. We know that today is the day that the lord hath made and we rejoice in at. Amen!