14 May 2011   Channeler:  Cosmic Awareness

Saturday, May 14, 20112012 Zero Point , Zero Cost

Lotus lily messages have been arriving to pull all from chaos-shadows further into solid Light levels. Collective Ascension is underway. These loving messages are freely shared with those who magnetize themselves to them as a result of dedicated Soul Path Work. The lotus lily leaves and blossoms literally rise above the waters at this moment, these words will uplift you and assist you to rise above your natural Earthly circumstances. Enlightenment symbolized through a lotus flower, rising from darkened waters to clear waters of Source. This message IS for you. This is to inform you that you have been chosen by Light Family affiliates to receive a heightened and advanced Soul DNA Attunement through these words, AND also through a lilli Full Moon Master activation on May 17th. Realm Beings are sending a message to all of you now. Soul attunements will be put forth for ALL WHO CHOOSE at no charge to all those who choose freely to receive them for the next months ahead. Wesak festival energies of this month of May are master realm initiation moments not to be overlooked.

Now is the time. Place your sacred glass of water on your altar and drink it up! Full-hearted intentions must be clear. Therefore to clearly insure your own personal intentions your fellow Light emmissaries ask that you please send a photo, privately to lilli, that resonates with your beingness and which also includes your name or a 'frequency' name of your choice. This is for commitment and to anchor the Golden energies solidly into 's core. This opportunity is beyond this world, fantastic, and it comes to you WITH THE DEEPEST LOVE for the greater good of all involved, on and off this earth. It is ONEheartedly, a message of LOVE and of PEACE.

Through Higher guidance a collective activation will take place through the help lilli . Simply join in only if this resonates with you, for this is not for sceptics or those in doubt. There must be 100% heart-to-heart commitment, and obviously the Light hierarchy will filter through all Lightbodies for Truth. Golden Light Soul Activations are a gift to this world, and this informs you that they are now available due to the tremendous collective compassionate Light inflow work you have all done personally and together as ONE. This is one of the many rewards you will receive.

You are joyfully honored. lilli vehicle, as part of the ONE PLAN, has been prepared for this Golden Moment for over 20yrs, and the collective call is now. Honoring all Life, this Beingness is fulfilled through all incarnate souls. Light encodements will arrive quickly and intensely from here on out. Partake in these unity preparations through free will, and know then that smooth sailing is your chosen vehicle. Deep within your Golden Soul, I AM the very voice which calls you forth, drink from the living waters, and be renewed in Presence, to the Omnipresence of Soul Snowy peaks await you, as this crystal core wand touches and activates all anja points, Blossoming Golden Lotus crowns a blessing, to follow, in deepest gratitude, lilli