3 may 2011

During March and April 2011 I kept perceiving the symbol of the five-pointed star for the month of May (5th month) 2011, and very much for the 5-11-11 , and for all of .


Night Two begins on May 2 and runs through May 19, 2011. According to the keyword for Night Two is “reaction”. Keep this keyword in mind and heart as you read this and also in relation to the Pluto retrograde phase we’re now in. Also, the in Taurus happens on May 2, 2011 at 11:51 PM PDT.

The midpoint of Night Two is May 10–11th. So, 5-11-11 is the monthly 11-11 portal with 5 energies, but it’s also the midpoint of Night Two! So what does all this mean? Good question. I can only share what I’ve perceived to date about all this but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Things are moving and changing so fast now that it’s hard to tell exactly how certain things and events may finally manifest here in this dimension. With this one I’m sensing two primary timelines and ways this could manifest. I’ve not felt this old polarized BS so strongly in the earlier 1,2,3, and 4 months of the 11-11 portals and I suspect it’s another reason why I’m seeing the symbolic five-pointed star in relation to the May 2011 energies and global humanity.


In January 2011 I wrote about  the Nine Eleven Override. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/nine-eleven-override/   Some of us Starseeds have been working on this from other dimensions and our High Hearts since the start of 2011. (I was glad to hear also mention this recently.) At the start of 2011 I perceived that certain humans and other-dimensional non-human Beings were going to use the approaching ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 event on the VERY potent 9-9-11 day and portal in 2011, all the way through to the VERY potent 9-11-11 day and portal this year. Double 9′s and an 11 and two days later a 9 with double 11′s!

They want to plug back into and reconnect the decade-old 9/11 event and the violence, warring, lock-down, fear and hatred it created in humanity in 2001 into the current 2011 timeline to derail and distract more of humanity (not just in the USA but around the world) from utilizing the available Energies and 2011 portal days each month—especially from 9 (September) through 10 (Oct.), 11 (Nov.), and 12 (Dec.). The Dark Ones and the humans they control try to reconnect into past timelines and energies just like this to perpetuate past emotional energies while creating new thoughtforms to keep humanity trapped in a lower polarized level of consciousness producing the same fear and hate-based emotional energies. Why? So humanity will be preoccupied and distracted with manufactured negative stuff so they’re unaware of—and therefore don’t take advantage of—the incredible Ascension energies available now to evolve beyond this level of manipulation and control. This is why it’s so important to take personal responsibility and know where YOUR consciousness is and what it’s focused on and why.

However, many Starseed Lightworkers plus many positive other-dimensional Beings/Others/Starbeings/Lightbeings have been working on overriding this lower emotional reconnect and energetic bypass the Dark Ones and their humans have been working on inserting into the important 2011 timeline and Ninth Wave phase. What a time we live in! What a time the rest of 2011 is going to be for every human alive on Earth. Time is short now so don’t waste it or your valuable consciousness and emotions on negative tactics designed to keep you from waking up and getting and staying free.


On April 9, 2011—4-9-11 Pluto went retrograde at 7° Capricorn. Pluto will be retrograde until Sept. 16, 2011—9-16-11 when it turns direct at 4° Capricorn. Pluto retrograde is the time when humanity goes through the inward turning energies, the inward looking, personal reflecting, reworking, reviewing, reliving and deep honest re-evaluating phase. Remember Calleman’s keyword for Night Two is “reaction”.

Interestingly—or maybe not—Osama Bin Laden was killed by and this was announced by Obama late last night on May 1, 2011—5-1-11. It’s not necessary for me to go into detail about this and the reactions of many Americans over the death of Bin Laden, the claimed creator of the 9/11 events. Just turn on the TV and you’ll see and FEEL it unfolding for yourself. All I ask of you is to discern for yourself, read between the lines, trust your inner FEELINGS and pay emotionally detached attention to all that tries to manifest into reality from 5-1-11 forward. But don’t forget about the Override, or the five-pointed human star symbol, or the Sun in Taurus receiving annual energy downloads from the 5D Pleiades in late Taurus. Lot’s going on this month both high and low.

This isn’t a single happening; it’s a multiple timelines happening that’s going to try creating fractures or other probable realities and timelines out of what’s happened and happening. This was done with 9/11 in 2001 and it’s trying to happen again at another level in 2011. The phase between 5-1-11 and 5-11-11 (the 5-11-11 portal AND the midpoint of Night Two) is probably going to be rather interesting and full of different timelines vying for your consciousness, your emotions, your attention and time, patriotic sales pitches, emotional drains and manipulations etc. Be wise and don’t get played by anyone in any dimension for any reason. Every month in 2011 we’ve been tested and attacked and this is another TEST to see how well we can maintain the higher frequencies and consciousness we’ve reached and not fall vibrationally due to some hard-sell red white and blue whatever. There’s more going on than first appears so see how much you can perceive and discern on your own. Stair steps towards 11-11-11 with plenty of dangerous pot-holes, dark hidden highwaymen at the ready, and  a few carefully crafted detours alone the way. Don’t get distracted and keep your High Heart on what WE are creating and how we’re Overriding these  negative probable realities and timelines trying to manifest. The choice is yours about where you’ll allow your consciousness to go or not go…or be manipulated and redirected to go.


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