11 May 2011

I am . It is a great honor and privilege for me to speak with you my beloved.

I am here for this season that you hold so dearly and I hold so dearly. For this is truly a time for the celebration of the Consciousness. This is a time of great love being shared by many. It is also a time when many people bring into their consciousness Mother and . This is truly a time of sharing and caring. It is my greatest wish that the feelings you have during this period of time would stay with you not only for today but for every day and forever.

Today, we here in see such an outpouring of love and this brings about a great celebration on the Other Side. More and more people are bringing into their consciousness the reality of God and this is a wonderful thing and truly a blessing for all mankind. Throughout all of my teachings when I was on earth as Jesus the Christ all I ever taught about was loving God, loving ourselves, and loving others. All of my teachings were about love. During the short period of time while I was on earth as Jesus the Christ I was able to help many see the true reality of Mother and Father God. There has always been this great search by human beings to find God. They believe that God is outside of them selves and this has been false teachings. The true teachings are that God is within each and every one of us and God is outside of us. God is everywhere. God is in and of all things. This is the great One , the All That Is.

We all come from the same creator and that which created us is love, pure unconditional love. Love without . Many of my teachings have been, through misinterpretations, turned into meanings that are not truly what I spoke. Any interpretations of my teachings that show or anything other than love are false teachings. Many of the teachers who have followed me and taught that God punishes you, these are false teachings. Mother and Father God are pure unconditional love. This means they love you without . They love you without limitations and conditions. They simply love you as I love you without , limitations, and conditions. When you open up to your heart and learn to align the intelligence of your mind with the greater intelligence of your heart, you will know this to be true.

So during this season, Mother and Father God and I are sending to earth and to all human beings this great of love. Knowing that you will feel this and you will know that we truly love you and you will also know that you truly love us and I include in this all of those who are in Spirit. This great of love that we send to earth now will begin to increase over the next year and even two years. This will help to bring about more and more human beings to reawaken to their Soul and to knowing who they truly are. As this occurs there will be greater and greater compassion and love brought forth on earth.

So my to you during this Season and as we look forward to The New Earth unfolding that is to be compassionate, to be loving, and to share with and care for each other. There is a great consciousness movement coming about. This consciousness movement or change is from one of fear and judgment consciousness to one of compassion and love consciousness. This is truly the . This will help to bring about the great reality of Mother and Father God on the earth. This change in consciousness is what will bring about the New Earth. There are many teachers on earth today who are giving this same . The reason they are giving this same is because it is the truth,

So I ask you today, to look forward to with great anticipation, the coming days of your lifetime here on earth. There will be great peace, joy, , prosperity, and abundance for all who are on earth. All you have to do as a human being is to accept this and to allow it to be. It is Mother and Father God’s will for you to have faith and consciousness and it is also Mother and Father God’s will for you to treat each other with love and kindness and to share with and care for each other. This is your will also and as more and more of you reawaken to your Soul, you will become more aware of this will you have. The one commandment that I gave to you while I was on earth was to love God, and love your neighbors as you love yourself. I don’t think I could have said it any simpler than that. If you do this you will bring about this great peace, joy , prosperity, and abundance for all and this is truly what you call heaven on earth.

I ask you today to stop looking at the difference in all things and all people and to start looking at the sameness in all things and all people. You will truly see there is much more sameness than there are differences. Look for your happiness inside of you for that is where it truly is. Once you find this happiness inside of you, you will create it outside of you. For those Souls who knew me 2000 years ago, they know how happy I was during my incarnation on earth and this is the same happiness I wish for all of you today, tomorrow, and always.

So it is with the greatest love for you my beloved that I come here today to speak with you. It is with the greatest honor and respect that I have for all of you my brothers and sisters that I deliver this message. Love each other, love yourself, love God, and share with and care for each other. This is my message when I was on earth and the same message that I have for you today. I love you all so very much. You are truly my beloved. I am Jesus of Nazareth.