Well hello again folks! I have a couple things to share with you, mostly, some VITALLY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for creating what you want of your lives:



My name can be translated to the Flame of God or the Light of God. It’s true that I’m one of the more fun angels (at least that’s how some of you perceive me; it’s a secret but Michael can really get down and dance!). That’s because I’m lighthearted! The light of god is in your hearts, even in your darkest moments, and that godlight is what makes fun happen! It’s where smiles spring from.

So crack open your hearts like you crack open a good book of jokes and let the out! So many of you are thirsting for laughter, it’s heartbreaking (which ultimately is a good thing, in the sense that it lets more and more of that light out). Smile at yourselves the way you automatically smile into a child’s eyes. Children are full of because they haven’t yet learned that they’re “supposed” to be serious. Who wants to be serious??

You know what serious leads to? Heavyhearts.

And from heavy hearts come sadness, antipathy, anxiety and sundry other notfun crazies. From heavy hearts comes coldness, glazed eyes, and addictions. “Problems” arise with no solution or hope in sight. . . you get my drift. I don’t need to tell you all about your notfun lives to get you to understand what I mean, because I can see how well you understand it. You understand the notfun VERY well. So well that you’ve forgotten about fun— how to have it and what it’s good for.

Let me tell you a good belly laugh is better medicine then Prozac dreams to be! And the only side affects are more, smaller laughs, and that delicious pain from smiling SOO much. If you smiled more, your muscles would be more used to it, you know.

So practice. Practice smiling. Stand in front of the mirror and make silly faces at yourself. Practice that punch line until you get it just so. Spend time with children, observe how they play with abandon. I’m not telling you to become that creepy old guy watching the kids at the park. Instead, borrow your niece or nephew, get a couple crazy awesome super soakers, split into teams (kids against adults sounds fun!), decide on a prize (pizza for everyone?), and have fun!

Seriously. Have. Fun.

You’ll feel lighter. Your problems wont seem quite so bad. And your bodies may be feeling a little tired, but your heart and soul will be more invigorated then you’ve felt in a long time!!

And when you’re feeling ready for a super soaker league, I’ve got an angelic team who can’t wait to play with you!

With love and fart jokes,