26 May 2011

Selene Aswell

I AM Adama of .Most of you know me as High Priest of , survivor of Lemuria, Ascended Master. But I am also, simply, Earthling, as you are.
I encourage you all to take some time to savor that word. Earthling. Delicious isn’t it? The word declares your home, , while acknowledging your to all beings here. Dolphins are Earthlings, as is Gold. Russians, prostitutes, and carbon dioxide are Earthlings.

What would happen if you stopped referring to yourself as American, Latino, Bisexual or Vegan and started thinking of yourself as Earthling?

Beloved of Earth.

That is what you are.

My friends, I love you, as does every of your family here on Earth, whether you all feel it or not. So, just for today, or any day you choose, try introducing yourself as Earthling. Try the word on, wear it like a proud pin. Fly the flag of Earth from your poles. Sing the songs which help you remember your connection to all things. And the around you will shift into awareness. Watch how the people you introduce yourself to respond. Because, of course, they are Earthlings too.

That, at least, is one thing you do have in common with every other being on the planet.

We Telosians will be with you pioneers of . We will remind you to use this perfect word to describe yourself. We will whisper conversation suggestions when someone questions your choice of identification. We will delight with you when someone says, “I’m an Earthling too!”And you will spread peace. By declaring yourself an Earthling you become an of goodwill on Earth. You become a for the Earth your mother. You become a realized member of the largest family you have had the joy of knowing (so far!).
With this image I leave you:
As the Earth turns, all peoples: humans, animals, bugs, trees, stones, mountains, winds, oceans, the invisible ones and the ones you don’t yet know about all live and dance together in delight for their remembered status as family. Every molecule of everything smiles. Everyone sings, “I AM Earthling. This body connects me to you and you to me. I am love and you are me.”

Blessings upon your Name
Adama of Earth