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Sunday, 1 May, 2011  (posted 17 May, 2011)


Or… not?

Everything changes all the time and we can predict future and events. The same way we can predict the past and know what is happening on simultaneous timelines and dimensions. Things are never the way we may think. The only constant is change, and even that can be something we hold on to. As if change will bring us the relief we might need. 

All is well in . Right now.

I always considered hope as one of the most important feelings. It’s almost a metaphor for life. Hope means we play a game, that there is a beginning of something and an end. A finish line perhaps and when we cross it we are the winners. It suggests there is a vision for the future, something better than our state of being right now. When I have cold feet, I hope they get warm soon, cause I don’t like cold feet.

One day I got bored of hope of tomorrow, of later. I simply got bored and perhaps a little bit frustrated with the timeline. It all became so predictable. Human behavior, systems, feelings, thoughts, universal laws, beliefs, chaos and freedom. They all are cycles. They function in a certain way. Some are logic, some illogic, some look like magic, but are simply a result of cause and effect. Even when we don’t think linear and go for the new, things are pretty predictable. Nothing is as predictable as the unexpected.

There are natural cycles on different waves. You can tap into that, and even without being intuitive you can just use your mind and know what happened and will happen, based on current behavior and cycles.

All is well in creation. It’s a network of cycles, dimensions that interact, cross each other in a fun way. All the dimensions, waves, flows, cycles have their own rhythm. Their own song, so to say. You can look at it as unique algorithms but then with new numbers, and equations, symbols that we normally don’t use on earth in our linear systems. They interact with our unique waves.

As souls we have one song, but when you listen to all the notes, you discover other songs that create the orchestra of our being. Hope is the desire that things will be different in the future. Forgiveness is giving up the hope the past would be different. What if we forgive hope? Sounds like a free pass to the now, in where we stop pretending timelines exist.

When we stop pretending we live in a dense material dimension called earth, we create space. When we keep telling our bodies and it needs to integrate changes it gets programmed that way. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in where we detach spirituality from our bodies in a way. We use to ‘heal’ it. that comes from somewhere else than here, and it's of a higher vibration than our flesh and bones, some say.

I wonder, how can something that is the higher vibration ever, create lower vibrations? How can anger be less cool than laughter? When opposites are just illusions, we create new spiritual illusions. We label dimensions with numbers, pretending 3D is a lower vibration than 5D. In my eyes it all is divine, pure bliss.

I don’t even bother to learn the law of attraction or to learn other spiritual laws. Why would I even make an effort to create something in my life, while the unexpected, the now, the flow brings me all I need and more? I choose to not create with old universal rules. It can be done and is cool, it doesn’t feel like something for me.

With every creation I want to manifest, I limit the unlimited flow of live that always brings me more beauty and abundance than I can imagine.  The only limit is the one I put on it. Most of the time that is my stubborn self that wants things to be done a certain way, but is just a trap of the timeline.

When we realize there are no steps, cause there is no road, no time, you simply sit and expect  the miracles to fall on your doorstep.  Even better:  you know you are living the miracle right now. 

I don’t like rules, laws or any other rigid system. I like to reconsider my beliefs, and the truths I hold on to tightly. Spiritual awareness can give us comfort, at the same time it can create a bubble, in where we focus only on what we think is reality. It’s a great creation tool, that makes that we can create our own happy bubble. But what if, reality can be more than we ever could imagine? What if we don’t have to create heaven on earth, cause it’s already here. Than every attempt to create it, would be creating a bubble inside total freedom.  It’s for our beliefs that thrive on anything that needs to be fixed, healed or manifested.

A great tool could be to ask yourself: what if everything, the secret of life turned out totally different than I believe? What if everything, the secret of life turned out to be exactly what I believe?

If those questions don’t move you at all, and you think: whatever, than you don’t hold on tight to your believes. If these questions make you feel afraid or comfortable you might have rigid beliefs. Which is totally cool and great to be aware of, so you can choose what you want to live by.  If you believe in free choice of course.

Once in a while we need to dust of our reality, or the multiple realities we play in. I often think exact the opposite of other people. It doesn’t matter if it are my best friends or strangers. I always seem to have a different view in the moment. Those views aren’t mine. They simply are a change of the camera view. I don’t own my beliefs, insights or opinions. They come to me in the moment. When we see others in perspective, their behavior and feelings, knowing that it’s just a partly manifestation of who they are, we can look beyond. We make deep contact with every soul we meet.

We don’t have to create a fight, argue or be on the same page, cause we know in this now moment, the greatest of all potentials is manifesting. Always. Also when you are in a bad mood, grumpy or feel depressed, that is divine also. That is no positive thinking, or putting a sugarcoat on feelings, it’s just the way it is, when you choose to experience life that way.

Positive thinking is a game, the law of attraction is a game inside a game. You can lose yourself in games as soul on earth, in spiritual, multi and inter dimensional games. Playing is one of the things we seem to love as humans and souls. The game always comes down to: knowing who you really are, knowing your soul, and knowing all is well in creation. We have to do something to keep ourselves busy, so we go on a hunt for healing, for spiritual development and in the end, you end at the beginning: that you are, where and always will be a pure divine essence. We can make it complicated, but that is all there is to it. The rest is the area in where we play the game.

So creating your own game would be a logic result. I love to jump from game to game, from dimension to dimension to play, stir stuff up and leave people behind in confusion, cause they realize the laws their game was based on are fluid as water. It’s a great great game to unravel the bigger picture, knowing it can be applied on all things little. And the most fun thing is that once you think you have it, you understand it, it changes. Games inside games inside games and that times infinity. What a fun thing to unravel. It’s all about the bigger picture, the context, inspiration and a vision for the now. A vision for the future would be too much credit for time, so let’s make it a vision for the now.

Is there an ultimate game? Is there an ultimate context? Or is manifestation a collection of bubbles, or a bubble of galaxies, , planets, races and beings? Perhaps as big as infinity likes to expand itself. I don’t know if I ever will unravel the secret of the universe. Sometimes I think I have it, that I have the secret to all that is. I get really excited from conspiracy theories especially about hyper dimensionality, about timelines and parallel universes. Cause I always seem to have a vision about the context in where the game took place, or still are taking place. I love to connect the dots, filter out information and imagine or foresee, remember scenarios that took place in different timelines.

It’s really weird but I don’t relate to much about the obvious spiritual stories like Atlantis and Lemuria, about being a starchild or another race. O yeah I love the stories and games and can imagine and feel how those games where running once in time, about how it affected my wiring, being and perhaps soul. But why stick to that, when there is so so much more to discover next to that? There is an infinite library almost to read, reread and where we can write new stories.

Bubbles stay intact as long as we play along, as long as we decide we want to conform to the game. But when we jump to other bubbles, something weird happens, we create an opening. Sometimes this goes with chaos, conflict, other times with a silent departure.  In the opening we offer the chance for others to look beyond also, but most of the time the bubble closes again and continues its game. It will not always see where you are going, it creates a story why you aren’t there anymore. And the bubble plays it’s part as system, planet, galaxy or whatever.

Play your part proud, be yourself and know all is well in creation.

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