24 May 2011

Channeler:  Linda Robinson

's Monthly Message



Greetings My ,

I greet you in and Light.

You have often heard the statement that the Light shall set you free. This statement has meaning far beyond the earthly connotations.

The Light has a soothing quality, for it harkens back to ancient times and continues far into what you perceive as the future. It is the Light that first began to awaken the of humanity, and it is the Light that will carry you on journeys and to heights far beyond your greatest imaginings.

Let the Light soothe your Soul and remind you that time is endless. Love and Light surround you wherever you are. The Light is a reminder that we as Light Beings are always with you. We can soothe your hurts with a gentle balm of warmth. We can bring you encouragement filled with brightness and happiness. We can remind you that you will continue throughout eternity and that we are with you throughout your journey.

The Light in and of itself has a transforming quality. It continues from the visible into the invisible realm, or that space which is of a much higher frequency. It is this Light which allows you to continue along your path into the higher and higher dimensions beyond that which you can imagine.

As you traverse along your path of Enlightenment and ascension, you begin to incorporate all of the higher frequencies of Light with the higher concentrations of Adamantine Particles of Light. This allows you to resonate at higher and higher dimensions, for your consciousness has expanded and allowed you to receive this magnificent blessing of higher frequencies of Light.

The Light that glows in your is an eternal flame of Love. It is the Light that can soothe your cares and concerns and bring you hope of a new tomorrow. It is the Light that connects you to all eternity, for it is your Divine Spark that came forth from All That Is. When you focus on the Light within, it grows stronger and shines brighter. It radiates around you and gives you warmth. It continues to grow until your radiance and magnificence shine forth for all to see. It illuminates not only your path but also the path for those around you. You become an inspiration for all with whom you interact.

Feel the Light of Love in your heart center, for this is where the Eternal Light of the Divine Spark resides. Focus on this Light, and feel the warmth spread to all parts of your Being. It will surround you in a bubble of Love, caring, inspiration and guidance. It is the part of you that endures for all times and beyond time and space.

Picture yourself gliding along a beam of Light and gathering all of the attributes and benefits of each part of the Light. Feel the blessed peacefulness that bathes your Being with the wondrous colors and energies of all through which you pass.

Let the Light be your inspiration to carry you to your highest levels and beyond. As you traverse the Universe, remember that the Light will guide you along your way and provide you with guidance and gentle whisperings on your path.

Beloveds, know that the Light will ease your way through change and will help you to take the next step on your path. Turn to the Light, and feel the peace and calm that reside within it.

Know that the Light is eternal and that we are always with you.

You are greatly loved in the Light.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel

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