So did you have any epiphanies about what it means to be a . Lets move on. I don’t mean you should get involved with, but that may be in your scenario for integration service. No I’m saying lets move on to what really is going on here.

We hear a lot these days about the terrible things we have done to the . And that is true. The has made sacrifices beyond most of our current ability to comprehend. We (our bodies anyway) are composed completely of the physical materials of . Its important for us to develop a deep appreciation for this. You would not have a if the Earth didn’t supply the materials for it. We have all collectively spoiled the purity and life forces of these Earth materials, and incorporated them into our own bodies. Where is the wisdom in that?

It is not a sacrifice for the Earth to provide you with building materials for your body, any more than it is a sacrifice for you to provide these materials to your own body. Part of the Earth’s sacrifice was to allow us to destroy her body! She did this because it allowed for a situation, that created a dynamic, that allowed for an unprecedented evolution of consciousness in this universe.

Whats important to realize is you have also made significant sacrifices to take part in this amazing process. You agreed to come into a of extreme limitation and have no memory of your agreement or purpose, so you could help raise the for the whole system! We will explore at some later date why it had to work this way, but it is some what similar to having to continually work a muscle,with progressively more weight, to get it to grow.

Something else that is important to realize now about being a light worker is you are here in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth. This is part of what you forgot and part of what it is time to fully remember now! The Human body has DNA that has come from all the billions of in this Universe of light. Your DNA holds all the of everything that has occurred in this Universe. for you (if you choose to take this path, and you did make this choice or you wouldn’t be reading this now), means creating your own Universe. You ascend to a position of Universal Creator. You require all the information held in your DNA to do this. Earth in this current paradigm is the only place in this Universe of Light where the Bodies contain DNA from everywhere in this Universe. So The Earth’s part in the symbiosis was to provide you with the materials to compose the DNA of your body. What is your part of the symbiosis with Earth?

Do you remember what we discussed in the last post? Your DNA has the capacity to store and redistribute the Higher Frequency Light that is catalyzing our . The   means something different for the Earth than it does for you. You will  eventually be leaving this Universe composed of light and creating your own Universe. The Earth, on the other hand, will be remaining in this universe, and will become a star with her own solar system. (What does this tell you about who you are, considering you are assisting the earth to make this specific ?) The Earth needs to incorporate the Higher Frequency Light in order to make her . Unlike you, the Earth doesn’t have her own DNA to store and distribute this Higher Frequency Light. So how does she accomplish this? You do it for her!