The following is knowledge that I have received through the Holy Spirit and I felt this knowledge should be shared with all. The Holy spirit told me that I should tell my about Mother and as it is the "Simple Truth." I have had people ask me "Why do I say Mother and God?" Do I believe in more than one God? These questions are valid because of what we have been taught through the writings of man.

The Truth is there is one God, one Source of and within the one God or one Source of there are two vibrations or energies. There is the masculine vibration or () and there is the feminine vibration or energy (). Both of these vibrations or energies can manifest in physical form.

I will never forget the first time Mother and Father God came to me in meditation. They came to me because I asked them to. Mother God came first and then Father God came to me. I have never had such an outpouring of emotion in this lifetime. My body was shaking uncontrollably and tears were streaming down my face. The energy and the love that I felt from them cannot be described. Mother and Father God told both Brenda and myself that they don't want to be worshiped, they simply want us to know them, they want us to know and feel the love they have for us, and they want us to love ourselves and all living things. For love is who we truly are.

The Mother God vibration or energy has always been with us as well as the Father God vibration or energy. Through the teachings and writings of man the Mother God vibration has been suppressed. Recently, through more awareness, the Mother God vibration is being felt much more strongly now. This brings great pleasure to Father God.

Within each and everyone of us is our and through our we are connected to Mother and Father God and the Holy Spirit. Unblock yourself and open up to your true self within for this is where the answers and the Truths are. Let your command your heart and mind for your 's true nature is compassion. Your will never judge for it only knows compassion. Compassion, not judgement, will make heaven here on earth.

The "Simple Truth" is Mother God, Father God, and the Holy Spirit love you and you love Mother God, Father God, and the Holy Spirit. Father God and Mother God are love and we are love because we are their children. Our whole beingness, our whole existence, is to be the love that we are. Being the love that you are is the key to everything.

Brenda and I ask that everyone seek their own Truth. Do not rely on someone else to tell you what your Truth is. We know that your Truth and our Truth may not be exactly the same but within your Truth and our Truth there will be many constants. Building upon these constants is what will make heaven here on earth. Peace, joy, and happiness will come to all when we make Mother God's and Father God's reality our reality. Their reality is the true reality and everything else is just illusion.